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Venus Transit in Aquarius, Know the Effects

Venus’ transit will bring economic prosperity for natives, and contribute positively in bringing forward radiance and love. Read how will it affect your horoscope!

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus planet is considered the determining factor of beauty, music, dance and other activities associated with art and culture. It also determines lust, passion and other worldly desires. It is also the ruling lord of zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. It remains in an exalted position in Pisces and in a debilitated position in Virgo. Mercury and Saturn are known to be friendly planets but the Sun and Moon are its grave enemies. A particular planet remains weak in the company of its rival planet. If it conjuncts with a friendly one, it becomes powerful. Venus is also the ruling lord of Nakshatras like Bharni, Purva phalguni and Purvashada. 

If Venus is placed in the second, third, seventh and twelfth house in a native’s Kundali, it attains strength and brings forward favorable results. On the contrary, if it is placed in the eighth and sixth house, then it becomes weak and bears negative results in the lives of the natives. In the other respective houses, it produces ordinary outcomes. With the positive influence of Venus, natives get their worldly desires fulfilled. The native gains fame and popularity as his/her artistic skills get refined and which also helps him/her in attracting the attention of someone from the opposite gender. Venus’ positive influence also enhances intimacy in one’s life. But if Venus is in a debilitated position in one’s Kundali, then it can give birth to repercussions like acne problems, impotency, indigestion, loss of appetite and many other skin problems.

How To Curb The Ill Effects Of Venus?

Astrological remedies not only help in curbing the ill effects of Venus, but also strengthening the positive influence of Venus. The installation of Shukra Yantra by following rituals and offering prayers can make the planet powerful. Along with it, stones like American Diamond are also worn to strengthen the power of Venus. In order to gain favorable results, Chhah Mukhi Rudraksha, Terah Mukhi Rudraksha and Arandmool root can also be worn. 

Time Of Transit

On 22nd March 2019, Friday, Venus will transit in the zodiac sign Aquarius at 3:34 AM in the morning and remain in the same position until 16th April 2019, Tuesday, 00:55 in the morning. This transit will also affect the other zodiac signs respectively. 

Influence on Lok Sabha Elections and IPL 2019

This transit will affect the lives of natives in multiple ways. Currently, the nation is witnessing the storm of upcoming elections and IPL 2019. This transit will definitely influence these upcoming events. According to India’s kundli, its Lagna sign is Taurus and Venus will transit in the tenth house of this particular zodiac sign. In such a situation, Venus’ influence will give strength to the party who is in power currently and political parties or candidates with a feminist agenda will be favored during this period. Coming back to IPL 2019, this season will earn more popularity by the grace of Venus. It can be said because Venus will transit in the Aquarius, which is also the ruling sign of eleventh house as per Kaal Purush Kundali. This period indicates towards a rise in gadgets, entertainment and all sorts of luxuries and comforts. 

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Venus is the lord of your second and seventh house. It will transit in your 11th house. Unexpected sources of income will lead to an increase in your earnings. You will chase the goals of your life with full dedication. Your love life will be ecstatic. Romance and passion will add the spice that’s…..Read More


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Venus rules your twelfth and fifth house. During this transit, it will be posited in your 9th house. Your lucky stars will align themselves to make things work for you. The pending tasks which you were not able to cater from a long time will be completed during the period of this transit.…..Read More


Venus rules your eleventh and fourth house. It will be posited in the 8th house of your kundli, which signifieds sudden changes. Due to this transit, you may develop perverted habits. Do not let perversion take its toll on you. You should keep a check on your expenses.…..Read More

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The planet of beauty, Venus rules your tenth and third house. As it enters into Aquarius, it will be posited in your 7th house. This will kickstart a period during which you will do well in your relationships and partnerships. If you are in love with someone and want to take your love…..Read More


The planet Venus rules your ninth and second house. As it moves in Aquarius, it will be posited in your sixth house. As a result of this transit, you will be required to give your best shot in whatever you do. You should stop relying on your luck and start working hard in order to achieve…..Read More


Your own sign is ruled by Venus. It is the lord of your eighth house as well. Its transit in your fifth house of intelligence, children and past life deeds will fill your life with joy and happiness. You will gain success in any task that you start during this stretch of time. Also, the tasks that you have been…..Read More


Venus rules over your seventh and twelfth house. It will transit in your fourth house, which depicts comforts, luxuries, vehicle, house, mother and the present time. As a result, your family life will be peaceful. The hardships that you have been facing will come to an end during this period…..Read More

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Venus is the lord of your sixth and eleventh house. Being posited in Aquarius, it will be in your third house, which depicts hard work, younger siblings and marketing and communication resources. You will be a hard-worker during the period of this transit. You will rely on your determination…..Read More


The planet Venus governs your fifth and tenth house. As it transits into Aquarius, it will be posited in your second house, which tells about our speech, food and relations with family members. This transit will be the time when your financial conditions will strengthen.…..Read More


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The planet Venus rules over your third and eighth house. With its transit in your twelfth house, your expenses will skyrocket. You will spend for your comfort. You will be inclined towards spending a lavish life. Due to this, you will fervidly pay for luxuries. Your siblings may go on a foreign journey…..Read More

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