Sunday, August 6, 2017

Weekly Horoscope – Welcome Raksha Bandhan with Weekly Predictions

Success will be in your kitty this week! Read the Weekly Horoscope predictions based on Vedic Astrology, to find out about your love, career, and every other important aspect of life. 

The below-mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate your moon sign through Moon sign Calculator


This week would be a roller coaster ride for you. Your personal and professional life would be average and you'll live a mundane life. Lack of communication might create a bridge in your relationships. In the meantime, the decline of mother's health can also bring you stress and anxiety. So take care of your mother's health. Financially, you might consider buying a new property this week. Take care of your health. Lack of mental peace can be there. It may be a little difficult for the students to focus in studies. Because of this, they may not get the desired result in the exam. This might affect their overall health, so be cautious. Changes in the nature of children can be seen. They can be more tuned in this time. However this week will be good for your siblings. You will have to do more to get success in the field of work and due to these efforts, you will also get good results. In the career, you may have to face ups and downs but in the meantime do not lose courage and be patient.

Love Predictions: This week is generally favorable for the love affairs. On one hand, if there is a chance to move around and go places, there may be a little bit of love and affection that could cause hindrances in this. In the early days of the week, you will be able to reconcile with a lost lover. You will work hard to maintain a balance between work and love. There are high chances of you increasing your intimacy with a colleague. This could turn into a full fledged romance later on. There is a good chance of being way too much in love in the middle of the week but the weekend may be somewhat weak. A little bleak end to a fabulous week.


REMEDY: Donate 7 coconuts on a Wednesday evening.


This week you might get a chance to go on a trip with loved ones. Due to your hard work and efforts, you might get success in your work field and you will get numerous benefits. This week you will also get the opportunity to eat various delicious dishes. The happiness in your family environment will remain intact. However, due to any misunderstanding, the happiness of your house can be interrupted. You might have a dispute with your mother. Try to keep your relationships cozy with her. You might feel tired at your workplace, so take steps to overcome this fatigue. You might find some good news in the weekend. During this time your income will increase. Students will work harder in their studies, which will benefit them in their examination. At the same time children will spend this week with ease. Apart from sports, they will also concentrate on their studies. You will feel for some good charity and religious activities. This week your siblings may face some sort of problem. This week you will get to see your adventurous look.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: There will be many lovely things this week. Sometimes there might be incidents that would require you to react in a harsh manner, but it will be your true test. Overall, there is a bright chance of you attaining good results in the cases of love. The beginning of the week is average but the middle best remains to woo you! There are chances of getting mixed results in the weekend. 


REMEDY: Worship Maa Durga and offer her white sweets.


For the people of Gemini zodiac sign, the beginning of the week will be a bit slow, while in the middle, you may have to face ups and downs. You will get relief in the weekend. You might have to face a loss of money, so think of wisely using it. You can also complain about mental stress. Do not let this stress dominate over yourself. With the power of your will, you will rise back up from facing bigger challenges. This week, your father's health might be a little weak. So take care of his health. Hard work will be required to get the desired result. Your siblings can have some kind of problem. You will perform well in the field of communication. Your contact with newcomers will be made. At home you will find peace in the home life. Students will also perform well in their studies. Children will feel the need of your love and you will try hard to fulfill their needs. Do not use bitter words in your language.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Week is favorable for love affairs but it will be better if you do not plan to go to a new place. Keep transparency in love. In the early days of the week there will be less favoritism, therefore it is advisable to remain completely limited. Better results are available in the middle but the weekends are going to be quite fun.


REMEDY: Feed green fodder to cows daily.


During this whole week you will see a fluctuating situation, therefore, pay attention to your health. Your spending on materialistic amenities could increase this week. There can be a boost of wayward thoughts in mind. There could be stagnation in the nature of the children. While studying, the students, would find it a tedious job to concentrate on their academics. It will be a bit difficult task to meditate for them. The atmosphere of unrest in the home life can turn you irksome. During this time you might complain of mental stress and agony. However, you will be more busy because of your work. Give a little attention to your eating habits. Avoid foods that are potent enough to harm your health.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will be mixed for love affair. If the love partner is close to you, there may be some obstacles in the meeting, but if the partner is far away, you may get to meet them. Early days can be quite fun, but there are some weaknesses in the middle of the week, although the success of the weekend is going to improve as you double up your efforts.

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REMEDY: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer him boondi laddo as prasad.


Be careful about your health this week. You might consider going abroad for travelling or any long distance trip. You may be unsatisfied about your family life. Because of this, you will not be able to focus on your other actions too. Maternal health can also be foreseen to decline. Students will get good results in their exams. Children will happily spend weeks in the comfort of their homes. A meeting is possible with friends or relatives or you can go to the movies or for any entertainment option. Better efforts will give you success and your income is also likely to increase.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Participation at work can be more this week, which can affect the love life. In such a situation, avoid being irritable due to office related exertion. At the beginning of the week, there may be a little bit of fun and after that love will be enjoyed. Weekend can be relatively weak, so be modest in your dealings. Try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in your schedule.


REMEDY: Pay homage to Sun God and donate 7 types of cereals.


This week will be positive for you. Maintain your sweet relationships with women. Because your collision with them can cause problems for you. This week you can consider going abroad. Take care of your children's health. Their health can be somewhat weak. At the same time, students are advised to work harder in studies. You will get father's cooperation in the house. At the same time your family life will be happy this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Weeks can be helpful in case of love, that means if you want to move forward with the intention of changing love into marriage, the week can help you, but if you are passing time it is not appropriate to lead on your partner into nothing. The start of the week is good, the middle is mixed, while weekends are signs of gloomy days spent in bed.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Vishnu daily. While doing so chant the mantra, “ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय”.


This week there will be a peaceful atmosphere in your family. However, there will be a slight possibility of small disputes in the house.Your mother will enjoy the the pink of her health. Due to a petty issue, you might get hot under the collar. This will aggravate the things, due to which you might have to focus on keeping a calm attitude at all times. Due to kids, there is a possibility of disputes arising in family. Students may also have to face difficulty in concentrating in their studies. There may be a probability of rise in your expenses by the weekend. Meanwhile, you will have more faith in religious activities. Your income might rise. Those who are in the business area, may get rifted with their partner.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you could get a proposal from a far off place. You might find someone intriguing on the social media. Emotions could keep you bothered at the beginning of the week. In these circumstances, it will be beneficial for you to take things slow and smooth. The middle of the week advises you to stay modest in your approach, as your love will strengthen. The weekend would give you brilliant results, that’ll make you glow with glee!

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REMEDY: Plant a peepal tree and water it regularly.


This week the people of the Scorpio zodiac sign will be determined to attain their goals. You will get the help of your brothers and sisters when necessary, but they might have to face some health issues this week. Father's health might also get weak, if proper care is not taken in consideration. There may be a sense of dissatisfaction in your family life. Due to heavy work load your routine will be occupied. You won’t get much time to spare for yourself. Students will study honestly and the children will realize their responsibilities in the family. You will be profitable in the financial sector. There are chances of tremendous growth in your income. Elder brothers or seniors will be looking forward to help you in getting success in your endeavours.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week can be average for love. Due to decline in your health status or mood, dedication for love will diminish as the week progresses. Don’t let this dull the charm of your love life. In this way, take care not only of your own but also of the health and feelings of your beloved, to have a great day and week. The beginning of the week will be entertaining. The median can remain average, but in the weekend better results can be found.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva and donate wheat or ground wheat flour in a Shiv Temple.

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There is a strong possibility of your long-time desires getting fulfilled and seeing the light of the day. Your tasks might get complete this week. You will be attentive towards your family and friends, and will be determined to achieve your goals by hook or by crook. Your interest will rise in religious activities. Due to your efficient communication style, you will get some good news. Students of Sagittarius zodiac sign will work hard in their studies. Children might be of a bit naughty nature, but will be your source of bliss. People who are in business will get benefits ringing in this week. There might be a possibility of transfer or change in the job.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Although the week is favorable for the love affairs, but for work and love both will require your equal time. If there is a bias with one of the two, then the matters can get worse. The start of the week is good, you can go out to have tasty and spicy food or fast food with a partner. By the middle of the week you’ll be able to enjoy and go out for entertaining activities. There may be mixed results in the weekend.


REMEDY: Apply a turmeric tilak on your forehead.


This week you will need to pay special attention to your language style. Do not use words that can hurt someone's heart. This might portray your image in a negative light, and this could affect how you interact with people and perceive them, but your relationships will get bitte in case you don’t rectify this issues of yours. There are steep chances of you having some kind of issues with your business partner. Do not argue with anyone. Your interest in religious activities might increase. Apart from this, you can also visit a pilgrimage this week. This week will be favorable for your siblings and you will also get support from them if needed. You will get results of your previous work this week. As a matter of course you will get positive results in this. Also for children and students, there is also a good sign of good living this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: If you reiterate every conversation in your mind for the umpteenth time, things will never get better for you. In case you and your partner, both suffer from trust issues, then chances are that you'll be doubting each other's feelings. Stay wary of this situation and try a to believe in what your life partner says. The start of the week could keep you emotional, but as the mid of the week rings in, you will have better chances of succeeding. By the weekend, you will get great results in love life! 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shani and offer him blue flowers.


Your mind will be a little distracted this week. You might face difficulties in making this decision. You might face some kind of unforeseen fear in your mind. There might be some possibility of a steep rise your expenses in the beginning of the week. Therefore use your wealth wisely and cautiously. Be careful of your enemies. This week your enemies might also increase. If you are participating in any competition then this time will be very favorable for you. Apart from this, even in legal affairs, you would be able to get great amount of profits. There will be happiness and peace in your family life. Students will work hard in their studies and they will garner good results in their exam. Those students who are thinking about higher education will likely get success in the same. Children will also be happy this week. This week there might be possibility of you to go on a foreign trip. You will work more in your workplace. It would be good for you to take care of your health in the meantime. Keep an eye on your business partner and do not sign on any unread document.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will give you good results in love life. Singles will find their soulmate in their vicinity in this duration. At the start of the week, you might not be able to spare time for your lover. The middle of the week would be great; you'll be able to speak up your mind with confidence. The weekend could turn out to be a bit brighter, if you figure out the effective way to deal with things. 

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REMEDY: Worship little girls and offer them kheer and mishri as prasad.


At the beginning of the week, the natives of the Pisces zodiac sign would get financial gains. However, by the mid of the week your expenses are likely to sky-rocket, due to which you'll start shelling out more than ever. Your family life will be blissful and happy. With this, you are advised to take care of your health; insomnia, nausea, and eye – related illnesses might trigger your annoyance. Your child's health could suffer this week; take good care of them and make sure that you do not mistreat them. Students could face some challenges in academics. Take care of your father's health. This week your income would be satisfactory.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be great for love life! Especially the start of the week would be brilliant; it would give birth to new passion in your relationship. In the middle of the week, refrain from getting annoyed at little things or getting hot under the collar at petty things. The weekend would bring cordiality in your life. In this case it, will be beneficial if you absolve these issues with better communication.


REMEDY: Tie raw turmeric around your wrist or arm.

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