Friday, August 18, 2017

Rahu Transit in Cancer, Beware of Malefic Nature

Career and Profession on priority during this transit. The astrological viewpoint of Rahu transit in cancer is here. Get to know how will it affect on your life, career and familial aspects.


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Rahu is considered to be a malefic planet in vedic jyotish. It is transiting in cancer sign on 18th August 2017 and will remain posited there upto 7th March next year. Let’s know the aftermath of this transit and its effects.

The given predictions are based on your Moon Sign. You can know about your Moon Sign by using our Moon sign Calculator

Aries: There are chances of change in residence and job. Familial life may witness some disturbances. You should pour some attention on your mother’s health... Read More

Taurus: A good news from your life partner is on the charts. You may go on small trips in this duration. Siblings may go for an abroad visit. Keep a tap on your father’s health… Read More

Gemini: Professional life may take you away from home. A lot of challenges are waiting for you. Your partner’s health may need your attention during this transit. Also, pay some extra attention while driving… Read More

Cancer: The period doesn’t seem to be favourable for marital life, but career will blossom. You may get into some disputes with acquaintances. Focus more on your decision making power… Read More

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Leo: You may go abroad or on some long trips. Students may face some big challenges. Your expenses may rise. Also, try not to be involved in frail affairs… Read More

Virgo: Your self confidence may get you success and prestige in the society. You may also witness some big achievements in life during this period. Try to spend as much time with your partner as you can… Read More

Libra: Disputes in official matters on charts. Your professional concerns may rise. Familial life may also witness some disturbances. You may need to stay away from home due to some official tasks… Read More

Scorpio: You’ll be blessed to get a great news during this transit. Long trips on charts. Your love life will blossom and you may spend a lot of quality time with your partner… Read More

Sagittarius: Disputes may kill your house’s peace. There are chances of welath loss but sudden gains may also happen. Drive safely in this particular period… Read More

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Capricorn: Promotions and profits on ncharts, especially for service class people. Your marital life requires more attention from your side. Lovers may get married in this duration… Read More

Aquarius: Judicial affairs may end in your favour during this transit. Students indulged into competition exams may get success. Career opportunities will also reach you… Read More

Pisces: Strong chances of rise in income. Your interest towards psychology may increase. Pregnant ladies should remain cautious in this duration. Mind your steps on professional grounds… Read More

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