Friday, January 20, 2017

Mars Transit in Pisces

The planet Mars will be transiting in the sign Pisces on the 20th of January and will stay put in this sign until the 02nd of March. Let us comprehend the effects that this transit might have on different zodiac sign!


People belonging to the sign Aries might suffer from blood-related diseases during this transit. Try to abstain any issues that might lead to legal disputes. A long distance journey is on the cards. Read more..


Folks belonging to the Taurus sign might enjoy sturdy finances this during this transit period. Unexpected income from foreign lands can be expected during this period. A decline in the health of your children might keep your stressed. Read more..


Working professionals and businessmen of the sign Gemini can expect tremendous professional gains during this transit. Domestic life seems to be a wee bit disturbed. Refrain from excessive anger and aggression as this might lead to disrupted relationships. Read more..


Cancerians can expect their luck to be by their side during this transit period. Those trying to pursue higher studies in foreign land might get a reason to rejoice during this period. The health of your mother might need attention. Read more..


The influence of Mars might open doors of humongous financial benefits for the people belonging to the sign Leo. Be cautious on the road. Try to maintain cordial relationships with your in-laws. Read more..


Misconceptions might lead to disturbed marital bond during this period for the folks belonging to the sign Virgo. Mars might influence your code of conduct increasing anger and anxiety in your behaviour. Your professional life would be full of chances for success. Read more..


Those belonging to the sign Libra must stay cautious as possibility of a financial loss is quite high during this transit period. A decline in the health of your partner might keep you preoccupied. New goals and endeavours pertaining to your business might keep you motivated during this transit. Read more..


Folks associated with the sign Scorpio might experience stress caused due to a decline in the health of their children. Your finances are expected to remain robust during this period. Though, minor misconceptions might lead to disturbed relations with your partner. Read more..


Those belonging to the sign Sagittarius might experience stress in their domestic and marital life during this transit. You might find it difficult to maintain the understanding and sync in your relationships. You are expected to excel in your professional life during this period. Read more..


Those belonging to the sign Capricorn might notice a considerable increase in their self confidence and enthusiasm. You are predicted to have an edge over your competitors and foes. Your hard work in professional arena might lead to better results. Read more..


Aquarians can expect sturdy finances during this transit period. Disturbance in your domestic life might lead to increased stress. Students might be able to make the most of this period. Read more..


This transit might make the folks belonging to the sign Pisces easily irritable during this period. You might find it difficult to come about with your family and friends in this duration. You are predicted to perform brilliantly in your professional life while this transit lasts. Read more..

We at AstroSage, hope to have helped you in knowing about what the transit of Mars in the sign Pisces holds for you. We wish the very best for you and hope that you make the most of this period!

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