Monday, January 16, 2017

Horoscope Of The Week (Jan 16 to Jan 22)

Find out what fate has in store for you. Stop troubling that big brain of yours, instead use your eyes to read how the week from Jan 16 to Jan 22 would pan out for you. Fasten your seatbelts as we shift through the gears & tell you what really lies for you. 

ARIES: You would be dealing in excess of money as new opportunities would keep coming your way which only means more money for you. You would have to dance attendance on your seniors as well as be gregarious for your own good. You will on hand to celebrate some deserved time off with your friends & family. You would be reaching for your woolens, such would be the speed of the air fused in love that shall literally blow you away. Understandingly enough, students would not be able to give in their best as they would seem a bit distracted. Health would not put you in a state of distress but something after 20th Jan could. 

Love Predictions: This week would yield you bitter sweet results. If your partner lives away from you, the results are going to be all the way more sweet for you. The start of the week advises you to keep your tongue tied and your emotions in check. Be precise and do not fool your partner. By the mid of the week you could have some minor issues with your lover, but try to turn a blind eye towards it, in order to live a stress free life. The week would end on a sickly sweet note as you’ll be blissfully in love with your beloved.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Feed chapati to a dog, daily. 

TAURUS: Family life could cause you to swell & dwell a bit but it’s probably not that big a deal. Little niggles here & there could pop right up at work, but you are advised to stay put. The truck load of money coming your way shall meet an immediate exit as you won’t be able to hold onto your income. You could be bothered a lot this time out, more emotionally than physically. Relationship could throw you many curve balls your way, heads up on that. Deal with this whole situation with a cool head or things could spiral out of control. After 20th though, your income shall be on its way up but your compatibility with your partner could see a sharp decline. Partnership shall prove to be more than just satisfactory.

Love Predictions: You’ll be busy in your work, which would give you less time to spend with your partner. This might create some problems for you, as your partner won’t be able to understand your situation. At the beginning of the week, you’ll be in knots over an issue, which would make matters worse with the lover. The mid of the week promises better results. You’ll be able to squeeze in a bit of time for your partner. By the weekend, you might be a little edgy and act jumpy, but it’ll be great if you could work a little magic on your relationship. 

Fortune Star:

Remedy: Feed fodder to a cow, daily. 

GEMINI: Your domestic life shall not even have a hair out of place, such would be the smoothness in your life. Your planning will prove to be spot on & you shall get the full backing from your partner as well. Siblings could take a looking at, your life would be peaceful to sum it all up. You need to keep yourself under the scanner after 20th as your aggression could prove to be the architect of your own downfall. 

Love Predictions: This week would be bitter sweet for you. You’ll be a little anxious. The start would be a little mellow; for those in love with a colleague, the week looks great. For the married couples, you need to stay a little cautious as your neighbours might try and tarnish your image in front of your partner. You need to be transparent in your relationship and make sure that you remain loyal towards your partner. Be humble and patient towards everyone you meet. 

Fortune Star:

Remedy: Offer durva grass to Lord Ganesha

CANCER: The start of the week could catch you off guard due to which you would be little jumpy as well as edgy. Your religious pursuit shall keep on rising even though your health could take a tumble for the worse. Relationships could get tricky for you as the week progresses but you would be able to bear it. Things would change quite drastically after 20th as you would shun off all the the things that had been pegging you back. You could shell out a fortune for your partner. 

Love Predictions: The week looks great, but you’re being advised to keep your wayward thoughts at bay. Take things slow in your relationship and understand your partner and their needs. At the start of the week you need to be extra careful and mellow down the harshness in your attitude. By the mid of the week things would start taking shape and you’ll be in for a ride. The week end harbingers few challenges, but with the help of your partner you’ll be able to wade them off easily. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: hand out blankets to the needy on Saturday. 

LEO: You could have a new place to crash pretty soon as a change of place is almost imminent. This term would bring you profits in abundance. You shall continue to march upon the new path of educational learnings/findings that you so enthusiastically set up on. Your health could come down like a ton of bricks as need to watch carefully for your well being. Be a little patient when talking to people as they could find it a bit hard to get the hold of things. 

Love Predictions: The week would be great for you. Abstain from taking too much stress and spoiling your love life. You need to focus on your lover creating memories with them. The starting of the week could be a little stressful’ you’ll be on the edge because of your partner’s health. The mid of the week would see you going out for a nice dinner of lunch with your partner. The week would end with little problems coming your way as chances are that you’ll be having a tiff or a debate with your lover. 

Fortune Star:

Remedy: Offer water to God Sun.

VIRGO: The natives will experience the bliss in this week. At home, you’ll have cordial relations with everyone. You’ll feel blessed due to all the love that you’ll garner at home. A short trip is on the cards for you. You’ll have plenty of time on your hands and will spend it on strengthening your intellectual prowess. This week you might consider about taking off to some foreign land. Children might get agitated easily in this duration. After 20th of Jan it's advised that you keep tabs on your anger and start managing it. 

Love Predictions: It’s important that you understand that love is sometimes harsh and requires patience. Its advised that you understand your partner and make sure that there's no miscommunication between you two. You’ll have to forgive and forget your partner’s mistakes. Singles must stall their process of finding love on social media and focus on empowering oneself. The mid of the week will be brilliant and you’ll be in high spirits. The week would end on a brighter note as you’ll be able to spend quality time with lover. 

Fortune Star:

Remedy: serve a cow religiously. 

LIBRA: This week your main focus would be on your lover and your relationship. You’ll have issues understanding your partner and will try to make up for it with gifts. You’ll have a very lively approach towards life. Your socialising nature would help you befriend many new people, and you’ll be more interested in partying the night away! After 20th of January slight fever and headache might bother you. You’ll be great at communicating your thoughts to people you care about. Marital life will be great and you’ll get the support of partner.

Love Predictions: If your love life had been going smooth, it’s advised that you do not use bitter tone and sarcasm with your partner. Playful banter is alright, but refrain from saying anything mean to your partner. If the past week had been a tedious affair for you both, it’s advised that you try to make up for this week. Spend as much time as you can with your partner and do not take anything for granted. The mid of the week is a little dull for you but the stars would align in such a way that your week would end on a bright note. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: offer red flowers in a Durga temple.

SCORPIO: This week there will be lack of peace at home, You’ll be determined to strive harder and achieve big things. This week you can set up meetings with new people, who will help you in the long run. Your inclination towards learning new things would drive you towards education and you’ll do wonders in it. Your work life could be a little too hectic for your liking. Chances are that you might face some challenges at work. Someone might spew a conspiracy against you, so be aware of that. 

Love Predictions: This week would yield you bitter-sweet results. You’ll be in knots over when to meet your partner. If you’ve been thinking of confessing your love to anyone, the time advises you to stall your plan. The beginning of the week looks great, You’ll be able to spend quality time with your lover. If you’re in love with a colleague, it’s important that you keep the relationship in wraps, as chances are that it’ll come out in public. The mid of the week will be brilliant for you, but the week end will give you mixed results. 

Fortune Star:

Remedy: feed gram and jaggery to monkeys.

SAGITTARIUS: This week you’ll apply intellect and make decisions that are both wise and practical. You’ll be quick on your feet. Full of energy and vitality, you’ll make sure that you keep everyone on their toes. Short trips are possible for you in this duration. You’ll get glory and recognition for all the hard work that you’ve put in in the past weeks. At the domestic front, you’ll be content and harmony would prevail. Serene attitude will land you in great places as people would be keen to befriend you. You might like solidarity in this duration as you sit in peace and think about the happenings of the week. Your expenses might increase in this duration, as you’ll start spending on comforts and luxuries. 

Love Predictions: This week will give you great results in love related matters. If you’re in love with a neighbour, the time advises you to stay cautious and keep your relationships under wraps. People might play the devil’s advocate in your relationship; do not give them that power. The beginning of the week advises you to go on a short pilgrimage in order to smoothen out your relationship. In the mid of the week, you might be too preoccupied with work to focus on your relationship. The week end will be great for you, as your partner would take time out and create memories with you. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: plant a peepal tree on thursday.

CAPRICORN: The week harbingers joy and jubilations in your life. You might consider about going for a long pilgrimage. There might be slight tiffs and arguments at home; keep your calm and refrain from any debates. A good news can be expected from foreign sources. The period would see you expanding your social status. You’ll remain at the top of your game in this week. Your younger siblings will flourish and you’ll make sure that you let them know how proud you are of them. In the period after 20th, you are advised to drive carefully. The week would also increase your inclination towards occult studies. 

Love Predictions: The week doesn’t look much good for the married couples. It’s advised that you keep a check on on whatever comes out of your mouth. Be precise and clear about your thoughts. It’s necessary to understand the value of love in your life and respect it. Abstain from bickering with your partner. A little issue must be resolved immediately; do not hold any grudges. The beginning of the week will be dull and decorated with little specks of banter and debates. The week end would straighten all the matters and smoothly sail out your love boat. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: plant a shwetark plant in a temple.

AQUARIUS: The week will be hectic for you. You’ll have to up your game in order to achieve results. Your stress might increase due to too much work pressure. Your approach might include sensuality in love affairs. The week looks great for love relations. Decision making might seem hard for you. The silver lining for you this week would be, that you’ll be able to increase your communication prowess. Some unexpected gains can be expected this week. health of spouse will give you hiccups. Your income would increase, due to which you’ll be able to accumulate wealth. Expenditures might increase, as you’ll start focusing more on comforts. 

Love Predictions: The week looks great for love affairs. Although, it’s advised that you abstain from any major display of affection, due to the fact that it might tarnish your image. The week would hit off on a bright note, with you and your partner in a cheery mood. Married couples are advised to keep their partner’s feelings in consideration while taking any decision. The mid of the week will be great for you; be extra cautious about your behaviour. By the week end, you’ll garner respect and love from your spouse and will function on it completely. 

Fortune Star:

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa. 

PISCES: This week you’ll make wise decisions that’ll yield you great results. Marital life will be great. You’ll be in a blissful mood throughout the week. The week would give you moments wherein you’ll reflect upon your life and retrospect. Your partner will be understanding; you won’t have a hard time dealing with little ups and downs in your relationship. At work, you’ll do great as you apply intellect and rationalism in correct proportions and then take a decision. At home, you’ll give your family quality which would help you run a smooth household. Steer clear off wayward thoughts. After 20th of January, chances are that your aggression would increase. This week all your toils at work will see the dawn of glory and recognition. 

Love Predictions: The week would produce you mixed results. The week would start on a romantic note with specks of playful banter. Comparatively, the mid of the week will be extra special for both you and your partner.You’ll experience your love grow and turn into something more beautiful. Married couples will be on the cloud 9 in this duration. Due to so much good happening for you this week, it’s advised that you keep you love in wraps from strangers. Someone close to you might try to tarnish your image in this week, so be careful. Weekend will be a little less happening, but you’ll find ways to make it memorable. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: meditate to ease off the tensions and anxiety in your mind. 

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