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Horoscope Of The Week (Jan 23 to Jan 29)


हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें 


This week might bring mental agony at the beginning for the natives of Aries sign. A substantial increase in stress and worried nature can be expected during this week. Your performance at work is predicted to be sturdy and will be appreciated. Minor issues in your marital life might keep you preoccupied. You might also indulge in a fight or a dispute pertaining to your personal or professional life. Time period before 27th of this month seems to be favorable for your love matters. Post this period, inconsequential arguments might happen.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Talking in context of love matters, then this week you might retrieve favourable results. This week would prove to be conducive as far as your meetings with your partner is concerned. However, the starting days of the week might turn out to be fragile for you, so it is advised that you must own a decent decorum in your nature. The mid of the week would be quite better and the end of the week seems to be promising for you.


REMEDY: Offer water to Sun god daily before 8am. 


This week might begin on a stressful note for the folks belonging to the sign Taurus. You might feel anxious and stressed constantly. Decision making would be a hard task for you this week. You might feel the lack of contentment and happiness during this period. Abstain from churning the rumor mill at your workplace. A hectic schedule at work might keep you occupied during this period. Your income is expected to increase in this duration. New beginnings and new relationships can be expected post 27th of this month. Your children might suffer health-wise.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would fetch you average outcomes relating to love affairs. Contemplating the situation of Mercury, it can be predicted that not only you should express your love in a decent manner but also you need to watch your mouth. In the starting of the week, you might get irritated with your partner. The mid of the week might prove to be puny but the end of the week would be better.


REMEDY: Feed a chapati to a cow, daily. 


You might feel highly devoted and loyal towards your spouse this week. Domestic harmony is expected to prevail in this period. Refrain from occasional heated arguments at home or at work. Your determination towards your work would increase during this week. Abstain from any huge investment in the beginning of the week. You might perform miraculously at work. You are expected to earn goodwill in this duration. Good news from a communication channel can be expected during this period.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be enthusiastic for you in love affairs if you are in love with your colleague and there is a probability that you will get favourable results. If you look forward to make someone a life partner then you must propose for it. In the starting days, there might be tiffs with your partner but the love graph would still rise. The mid of the week might prove to be glowing and in the end of the week a cautious attitude is expected.


REMEDY: Consume jalebi or rasgulla, at least twice a week . 


The natives of the sign Cancer might feel lethargic this week. This period might prove to be challenging for your love relation. Your icky attitude might bother your partner and might drive them insane. Brilliancy at work is expected for you this week. Your luck would support you during this week. After the 26th of this month,your beloved’s health might decline. Avoid indulging in any scam or shady business in this duration as they might tarnish your image in near future. Drive carefully this week. You can expect gains if you put your intellect and wit to use. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You might feel bewildered regarding your love relationship this week. It is advisable to spend as much time with your partner as possible and clear things out. Try to plan a pilgrimage or a visit to a religious place during this week to regain mental peace and satisfaction. Try to remain focused during the beginning of the week and put your relationship on priority. Middle of the week seems to be quite blissful. Weekend can be expected to be jubilant. 


REMEDY: Recite hanuman chalisa regularly.


This week, contradictions in your perspective might lead to tensions in your marital life as well as other areas too. You might feel more dedicated and inclined towards your family on some occasions during this week. While at other times you might feel the polar opposite. You might also think about changing vocation or residence during his week. By the end of the week, chances of indulging in sensual activities are quite high. Keep a tab on your physical well-being during this period.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week might be bitter-sweet for your love relation. You might not be able give your best during this week as domestic stress might keep you preoccupied. Though, the middle of the week might prove to be quite pleasant. You might be able to straighten things out between you and your partner. Married couples might be able to make the most of the weekend.


REMEDY: Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra regularly.


A harmonious domestic life can be expected this week for those belonging to the sign Virgo. You will be able to maintain constant touch with your lover during this period. Try to respect and value women around you otherwise, you might get yourself involved into a dispute. Abstain from behaving lazily this week. Your child’s health might get disturbed during this period. You can expect recognition due to your quick wit and intelligence in this duration. Your beloved might act a little aggressive at times. You might plan short trips with family and friends during this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Abstaining from unnecessary adamancy might give you good results for your love relationship this week. Try to avoid attracting unwanted attention towards your love bond during this period. The week might begin with mental perplexity and emotional turmoil for you. Mid of the week might turn out to be better for your relationship. The week might end on a pleasant and satisfying note. 


REMEDY: Feed fodder to cows, daily.


Folks belonging to the sign Libra would be blissfully in love with their partner this week. The week end might add some tiffs in the combination. You are expected to be highly social and friendly during this period. Personal relations might prove to be beneficial for you. Natives related to the IT field can expect glory and recognition during this period. Your partner might have to face some health issues during this week. Keep a check on your relationship with your partner and try to maintain the love and harmony. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week might give good results for your love relationship. You might spend as much time as possible with your partner during this period. Those who have freshly gotten into a relationship might get ample chances to stay connected with their partner this week. Try to keep your tone and anger low during the onset of the week. Mid of the week seems to be pleasant for you. The weekend might also prove to be charming and engaging with slight possibilities of stress and misconceptions.


REMEDY: Dust a religious place and keep it clean, meticulously. 


Under the influence of Shani Sade Sati, the natives of the sign Scorpio are expected to be in mental agony this week. Mixed results in domestic and professional life are predicted for you this week. Your income would increase during this period. During the mid of the week, minor issues with lover are a probability. You might also go on a small trip with your lover to straighten things out and celebrate your bond with them. You might get new opportunities to accumulate wealth this week. Try to acknowledge and make the best use of them. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is predicted to be fine and dandy for your love relationship. Refrain from unnecessary stubbornness and egoistic behaviour. Keep a tab on your emotional self during the beginning of the week and try not to take any decisions in haste that you might regret later on. Mid of the week is predicted to be quite interesting for you as you might plan a date with your beloved. The weekend might be refreshing as you might indulge in long and drooling conversations with your partner. 


REMEDY: Donate mustard oil on Saturdays. 


Conflicts at home and glory at workplace can be predicted for those belonging to the sign Sagittarius, this week. Try keep a tab on your behaviour during this period. Your expenditure might get downsized during this period. You might suffer from mental stress this week. Contemplation pertaining to building a home is possible during this period. A trip is on the cards. Your spouse might feel inclined and devoted towards you. An increase in your income and results from your toils can be expected during this week. A new relationship might start for few. Be patient in love affairs. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Those wanting to settle down with their love partner must try to take their relationship to the next level this week. You might get a positive response. Those in a relationship with a co-worker might find it easier to crank things up a notch in their relationship. You might not get many chances to meet your partner during the beginning of the week but the mid of the week is predicted to be better. The weekend can be expected to fare well for your love relation. You might plan to spend quality time together.


REMEDY: Meditate regularly. 


Folks of the sign Capricorn are advised to drive carefully this week as the chances of an injury being caused are relatively higher. Your income is also expected to increase during this period. New opportunities for professional gains might knock at your door in this duration. You might feel highly determined during this week and will be up for challenges. Long as well as short journeys are on the cards for you. Mixed results for your married life can be predicted. Bitterness in your behaviour might increase during this period hence, keep a check on it to live a hassle free life. Focus on your performance. Your health might decline after mid of the week. At the onset of the week, love relations might be shaky but the week would end on a sweet note. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is predicted to be pleasant for your love relation. Those in a long distance love affair might be able to make the most of this week. Spending leisure time with your partner is on the cards if you live away from your beloved. The onset of the week might prove to be quite enjoyable. The mid of the week might seem to be a little drab but the weekend can be expected to be better. You might plan a date with your partner this week.


REMEDY: Chant Shani mantra daily.


A decline in the work pressure is indicated for those belonging to the Aquarius sign. You’ll be more social during this week. You might befriend new people and will be willing to strengthen your existing relationships. Try to keep a check on what you speak this week as your words hold the power to hurt people. Spend some time with your partner and create memories with them that you’ll cherish forever. A weekend get-together looks probable for you. Arguments with seniors are likely hence, try to maintain your calm and handle situations maturely. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week might bring exceptional results for your love life. Your devotion, dedication and luck might keep your relationship in good shape. You might feel inclined towards a colleague during the beginning of the week. Try to take things slow and think your moves through before moving forward. The middle of the week is predicted to be blissful for your love relation. Though, the weekend might not be as jubilant as you might expect it to be.


REMEDY: Worship Maa Durga regularly.


Long journeys can be predicted for those belonging to the sign Pisces. Try to refrain from aggression this week. A normal domestic life but a good marital life can be expected for you during this period. Strong commitment in love and a few ego clashes might keep your week bitter-sweet. After the 27th of this month, your inclination towards sensual activities would increase. Your expenses would be downsized in this duration. Your siblings wouldn’t think before lending a caring hand when you might need them. You would perform with brilliancy at work. Colleagues and seniors would be kind and generous to you. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is expected to be mediocre for your love life. Try to plan a pilgrimage or a visit to a religious place during the onset of the month. The middle of the week is expected to bring-in good results for your love relation. You might work towards retaining the spice and freshness in your relationship. Chances of meeting your partner during the weekend seem to be low. Abstain from finding love on the social media during this period.


REMEDY: Worship lord Vishnu regularly.

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