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Acquaint yourself with the Weekly predictions for the Christmas week (December 19- December 25)

Weekly horoscope 2016 from December 19 to December 25 is here and so is Christmas! Prepare yourself to celebrate the week of love and happiness. Share the warmth of Christmas throughout this week with your kith and kin.

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You might have to work a little hard to get desired results as this week is quite demanding. However, getting restless won’t do any good because things will automatically be fine as the days pass. Have faith in your family values and try to do some Puja or any spiritual activity to have peace in your life. 

Love Predictions

The week would bring in favorable encounters for you. Although there are chances that you might behave in a rude manner with your partner. Abstain from doubting your partner’s feelings. You might act in a boastful manner, which could build a dam between you and your partner. The mid of the week would make matters a little smooth. You’ll be in a light hearted mood and enjoy the time with loved ones. Married couples will be in irrevocably in love with each other. Weekend looks bright as compared to the weekdays. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Be careful in the beginning of the week.

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The natives of this sign are going to get mixtures of good and not so good times. There are chances that you might face some challenges in your career but it will make you more confident. Prioritise things in your life and make sure that you are not dating someone who isn’t emotionally detached from your relationship. Avoid being in haste, and enjoy this week as a successful one. 

Love Predictions

The week would yield you benign results. You’ll be peppy and cheery this week, which would brighten up your days with love. Some natives might act a little shy in front of their partner. The beginning of the week will find you in stress. You’ll be all worked up on the way your partner treats you. Overthinking the matters would only worsen them. The mid of the week would be like a breath of fresh air. The problems that you’ve faced will find them in the trash. Students might fancy someone in this duration. The weekend promises a blissful time with lover.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Hard work will bring success at workfront.

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The week would be off to a great start, as you’ll successfully throw off your rivals. Pending tasks will get completed and your personal life will be full of passion and romance. Be careful while driving and follow traffic rules. If any legal matter is going on, it will end in your favor. 

Love Predictions

In order to achieve transparency and honesty with your lover, you’ll have to work very hard. Refrain from indulging into any erotic activity. It’s better if you talk lovingly with your partner to ease the mood. Maintain the secrecy of your relationship while you’re out with your lover. Your emotional vulnerability will be on an all time high in the mid of the week. Choose a safe and secure spot to meet your partner, as there are chances that someone might be keeping an eye on you. The end of the week will be on a sweet note. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Please the almighty to increase auspiciousness.

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Almost everything will go in your favor if you can refrain from being too emotional this week. You have to take care of your health if you’ve been taking it for granted. Children of the family will bring in happiness. However, the couples might not enjoy this time much. The ones who are into business will enjoy benefits. You might go for outing with family or friends. 

Love Predictions 

The week doesn’t look much promising in love affairs. In order to get good results, make sure that you abstain from a stubborn attitude. While you’re out driving with your partner, pay heed to the speed limit. Keep a check on what you speak and when. Be sweet while talking to your beloved. You might plan a vacation or a short trip by the mid of the week. Albeit the weekend will be blissful. You’ll be able to spend quality time with lover.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Keep a tab on your emotions.

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The week presages you to come out as a winner. You’ll get triumph over all those who’ve wronged you in the past. There are chances that you might not enjoy your personal life much. So, it will be good if you can keep yourself away from new relationships. Sleep properly and stop over thinking. Business will flourish if you are into a joint venture or a partnership. 

Love Predictions

The week is unfavorable for love affairs. You won’t have a much great hand at love. It’s advised that you stay loyal and true to your partner. Health must be taken into consideration. You might be exasperated and frustrated this week, which would hamper your relationship. The beginning of the week urges you to keep a control on your emotions. The mid of the week would be gleeful with the end being the most favorable for love. Enjoy the weekend out with your partner. Plan a vacation or a sweet getaway. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Tackle domestic issues carefully.

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Be confident and do not let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your goal. You might go for a short trip during this week. Your personal life will go a little boring this week but nothing as such can be assured. Spiritual activities or charity might take your attention. The natives might spend money on home decor or might buy a vehicle.

Love Predictions 

The week will give you mixed results. Abstain from confessing your love on social media or internet. The beginning of the week would give you ample chances to meet your partner an spend time with them. A mode of contact would always be maintained through telephonic means. The mid of the week advises you to keep your emotions in check. Howbeit, you can act all lovey dovey with your partner in the weekend to strengthen your love with partner. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Be careful for your gadgets.

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An average week for you is predicted. The financial life needs to be handled very carefully in the starting of the week. Make sure you do not hurt others with harsh words; talk politely with others. You will be confident in the middle of the week and it will be seen in your work. Everyone at workfront will appreciate your passion work which can sometimes be a pressure. 

Love Predictions:

Keep transparency in your relationship to be in the good books of your partner. The week would be benign. Pay heed to what your partner says and thinks. Don’t let them be insecure about you. The week would begin on an ecstatic note. You’ll be wearing your heart on a sleeve in this duration. By the mid of the week you won’t be able to meet your partner much due to your busy schedule. The weekend will straighten your plans and smoothen out your relationship. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Take financial matters very carefully.

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Emotions, if not controlled, might make you a weak person. So, do not let this happen and use your mind instead of heart wherever required. Do not speak harshly with anyone and try to be sweet. You can go for a movie or anything just to freshen up your mind. In this week, you have to ignore any kind of addiction and also having meat. 

Love Predictions

The week would give you gleeful moments to cherish forever. Work pressure might get a bit too much for you to handle. Take some time out for your beloved, otherwise you might have to handle their sour mood. If you’re in love with a colleague, the time advises you to stay cautious and keep your relationship in wraps. You might be under surveillance of your neighbours. The mid of the week will be favorable, but be prepared for a dismal weekend. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Use the best of your intellectual skills.

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It is suggested to ignore spending on useless things and start managing your finances wisely. You might have to travel unnecessarily in this week. The middle of the week will bring betterment in your life. There are chances that you might spend lot of time online. You will feel an amazing change in yourself by the end of the week. 

Love Predictions 

The week would sail smoothly for you, although your adamant and cocky nature might get you in trouble. Refrain from letting it get to your head. If possible, visit a religious place at the start of the week. The mid of the week would see you fall head over heels for someone. If you’re in love with your colleague, the chances of you two going steady will be high. The weekend will be the most blissful time for you. Partner would be in a jovial mood and will make sure you know how smitten they are with you.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Try to cut down your expenses.

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The starting of the week looks lucrative for you making your financial life stable. So, the only thing you have to work upon is to balance your personal as well as professional life. Lovers will have the opportunity to spend quality time together keeping everything perfect. However, there might be some disturbance in the weekend. 

Love Predictions

The weekend would be benevolent for love life. For all the lovers in a long distance relationship, the week would give you a chance to unite. The beginning of the week looks dull. Beloved might be stressed over a petty issue, which could sour the mood at home. The mid of the week will bring back your relationship on track. Although the weekend looks brilliant. Singles will encounter someone that would appeal to their taste. A colleague would develop fondness for you. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Strike balance between personal and professional life. 

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This week is in full support of you. So, just keep your dedication alive and your professional life will flourish. You are suggested to take decisions very carefully so as to ignore things that can harm your image. You will enjoy awesome delicacies with your friends. Avoid useless expenses and do not stress yourself. You will feel self satisfied as the week ends. 

Love Predictions

The week comes chiming with lovely bells for you. You’ll be crazy in love; your infatuation level would see a hysterical hike. Partner would be ready to adjust and cooperate with you on every matter. You’ll be smitten by their persona and decision making prowess. The week would start on a sweet note, as you’ll be able to see your partner more. Although it’s advised that you maintain decency in your relationship. Mid of the week might get mundane and dull but don’t let the spark of your relationship die in this duration. With continuous efforts you’ll be able to reach new heights in your love life. Weekend will soup up your relationship with partner.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Stay away from mental stress.

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Journeys will prove to be beneficial in this week and the religious side of yours will be seen. You will have peace in your life. The ones who are doing business will have new opportunities that will bring profits. You will enjoy fame and name this week. Your elders will support you whenever you need. You will complete all tasks on time. 

Love Predictions:

The week will yield you diverse results. The beginning of the week might make you dubitable towards your lover, which would give birth to conflicts and tensions between the two of you. The mid of the week will straighten out things. Natives who’ve been trying to get married will hold aces in this duration. By the weekend, your stars will turn dim, and you’ll have to maintain decency in your relationship. Make sure that you respect your partner’s wishes and desires.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Doing charity and donation will bring goodness.

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