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Mars Transit In Aquarius - Know It’s Effect On You

The blazing planet, Mars will transit into Aquarius on December 11, 2016. Widely known as a malefic planet, the masculine and assertive Mars will be the harbinger of hefty changes in the traits of the 12 zodiacs. Read along to find out how this Transit will affect you and those near and dear to you.

Mars will move from Capricorn and enter Aquarius on 11th December at 16:55. Being a naturally malefic planet, Mars affects House 4th, 7th, and 8th from its position. With this Transit, Mars will directly affect Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Virgo. The other signs will also be affected but not in such a significant manner.

Know the effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius in your Zodiac:

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Note : These predictions are based on your ascendant. To know your ascendant, click here: Ascendant Sign Calculator


Being the enemy sign of Mars, some troubles can be expected. Monetary gains can be problematic; business will flourish, if Antar dasha or Dasha of Mars is going on.


Hostile relations with Mars might breathe in differences with father and senior officials. Pregnant ladies need to take good care of themselves. You might become more courageous and take up difficult tasks.


The transit is a harbinger of tiffs and friction in your life. Your hard work won’t be enough to achieve your goals. Expenditures will rise. Familial relations will have to suffer.


Natives with weak Moon in their horoscope will face short temperedness. Income might fluctuate. Physical harms can come your way. Siblings and children can be a reason for your stress.
To know more about how your sign will drift with this transit, Click here.


Due to moving into the enemy sign, Mars will yield you malefic results. Love life requires your attention. At office, you might face competition. Keep tabs on your temper.


Keep your temper and tone in check. Due to weak luck, you might end up overspending. Don’t stress over petty issues. Decision making will prove to be a challenge for you.


Professionals working in media related vocation will yield generous gains. Children and education might create problems for you. Vacations and trips are possible, which will manifold your expenses.


Easy money might come your way. However steer clear off the money which comes from wrong sources. Domestic life will be disturbed in this duration.


Loans will be repaid. Enemies won’t even think of coming anywhere near you. Relationship with your father will improve for the better. Rash decisions must be avoided.


Avoid getting aggressive. Finances will experience a hike. Luck is inclined towards you. Familial bliss will be keep you high spirited. Stay away from making hasty decisions.


Transit is not good for your financial status. Keep tabs on your temper; due to Mars becoming your ascendant you might become short tempered. Inquisitive nature might get you into trouble. Relationship with spouse needs an attentive ear and a caring heart.


A trip is on the cards for you. Loans will be repaid. Enemies will steer clear off you. Relationship with partner needs your attention. Health will remain satisfactory.

NOTE: The above mentioned prognosis is a general horoscope. These predictions are set on the Ascendant and not on Moon sign or Sun sign. Based on the position and present Antar dasha and Dasha of Mars in your Horoscope. If you’ve any special questions or requests, feel free to consult our Astrologers.

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Antidotes to to avoid malefic impact of Mars:

  • Hand out Chana or Masoor dal, red clothes, and/ or copper utensils.
  • Paying homage to Lord Hanuman will ease the malefic effect of Mars.
  • If possibility of taking debt is there, perform Mangal Stotra Paath on Tuesday under any special Yoga for 1008 times.
  • In case of Mangal dosh, chant the below mentioned mantra on tuesdays.
“ॐ क्रां क्रीं करौं सः भौमाये नमः’’

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