Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Venus transiting in Aquarius, know how will it affect you and your loved ones

The planet of charm and beauty, Venus will move into the Aquarius sign from Capricorn on Thursday, the 29th of December, 2016. Symbolising creativity, art, glamour, luxuries, comforts and sensual pleasure, the Planet Venus administers a great hold on our lives. With the year almost coming to an end, the sensuous planet will change its sign and move to the whimsical planet, Aquarius. With this article, we hope to answer all your concerns and queries about the Venus Transit in Aquarius 2016.

The planet will remain in Aquarius till its arrival in Pisces on Friday, the 27th January 2017. This movement of Venus will impact our lives in umpteen ways, so the best way out will be to gauge our path and plan for the Transit.


Venus would move into your eleventh house, which symbolises comforts and luxuries of life. Business would flourish and yield you lucrative results.


With the planet of love transiting in your 10th house, you’ll enjoy a jovial time period with your partner. You’ll spend quality time in the warmth of your family’s love.


Venus will transit into your 9th house, which presages trips and excursions for you. You’ll enjoy learning and developing new skills to sharpen your creativity. 


The planet of wealth and welfare will move into your 8th house, the house of life and longevity. The period might bring stress and tensions in your life.


Venus would move into your 7th house with the transit. Promotion is highly probable at work. Singles might find someone intriguing in this duration. 


The materialistic planet would move into your 6th house, which indicates wealth loss. A dispute could also sour your mood in this duration. 


Planet Venus would move into your 5th house which symbolises intellect and education. The period would strengthen your bond with your lover. You’ll feel the sensuality and passion boost.


The planet of luxuries and comforts will move into your 4th house. Familial relations would get better. Any auspicious news could brighten your mood in this period.


Venus would move into the house of skills and labour, the 3rd house in your zodiac. This event would boost your efforts and toil at work. You might go on a short journey as well.


The significator of wealth, Venus will move to your 2nd house. A family get together is highly probable. You might fancy going out for a nice dinner with family.


The planet of love will transit into your moon sign, signifying a boost in your love life. You’ll be blissfully in love with your partner and cherish every moment with them. 


The planet of comforts and sensuality, Venus would move to your 12th house. The transit presages health issues and expenses for you. Your rivals might try to tarnish your image, so be cautious.

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