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Karwa Chauth - Puja Vidhi & Muhurat

Make the most of this Karwa Chauth. Keep fast, adorn yourself, be the God and Goddess to each other, and let the love spread in the air…

Karwa Chauth celebrates the love and trust of married life shared between the husband and wife.

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Puja Muhurat
05:38 pm - 06:56 pm
Moon Rising Time (New Delhi)
08:21 pm

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Just as Valentine's Day is popular among lovebirds, Karwa Chauth is very special for the ones who are married. ‘Karwa’ means earthen pot and ‘Chauth’ signifies four. It comes on the fourth day of the Hindu Kartik month.

A Glimpse On The Rituals Of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth celebrates love and affection between husband and wife. Wives observe Nirjala Vrat (Fast without even water) and pray for the long life of their husband. Mother-in-law offers Sargi (food) to their daughters-in-law, which is taken early morning before sunrise. In exchange, Baya (gift) is offered to mother-in-law by the family of daughter-in-law.

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Be At Your Traditional Best

Wearing new clothes and adorning new jewelry is a kind of fondness women are born with. And Karwa Chauth is one such day when they get the chance to flaunt their beauty and look best. The attraction of this day is Solah Shringar, makeup consisting of 16 essentials.

(1.) Maang Tikka (2.) Mangalsutra (3.) Mehandi (4.) Bindi (5.) Bajuband (6.) Bichiya (7.) Bangles (8.) Sindoor (9.) Kajal (10.) Kamarband (11.) Nose ring (12.) Ear ring (13.) Rings (14.) Gajra (15.) Payal (16.) Perfume (Itra)

Karwa Chauth Puja Vidhi

  1. Gather at the Puja Venue in the evening and decorate it with mud (Kahia Matti).
  2. Put an Idol of Goddess Parvati.
  3. Karwa Chauth story is narrated by an elder women.
  4. Assemble Karwa and Puja Thalis, Roli (sacred thread), Diya, Rice, Water, Mathadi (home cooked eatable).
  5. Pass these Thalis from one woman to another in circle while singing the traditional song.
  6. Give this Thaal to the eldest member of the family and get blesses of marital bliss and prosperity.
  7. After Moonrise, have a glimpse of your husband through a sieve and then look at the Moon to offer prayers.
  8. Husband then break fast of their wives by feeding them with sweet and water.
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Song Of The Day

For the first six Pheris, following lines are sung:

वीरो कुड़िये करवाडा
सर्व सुहागन करवाडा
ए कट्टी नया अटेरी ना
खुम्ब चरख्रा फेरी ना
आर पैर पायीं ना
रुठ्दा मनियें ना
सुथडा जगाईं ना
ले वीरा कुरिय करवाडा
लै सर्व सुहागन करवाडा

For the seventh Pheri, these lines are sung:

वीरो कुड़िये करवाडा
सर्व सुहागन करवाडा
ए कट्टी नया अटेरी नी
खुम्ब चरख्रा फेरी भी
आर पैर पायीं भी
रुठ्दा मनियें भी
सुथडा जगाईं भी
ले वीरा कुड़िये करवाडा
लै सर्व सुहागन करवाडा

Surprise Your Wife With The Right Gift

Win her heart once again on this Karwa Chauth with jewelries, beautiful apparels, make-up kit, or any personalised gift she would really adore.

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This was all about Karwa Chauth and the traditions related to it. Observe this divine festival and strengthen your marital bond forever.

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