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Weekly Horoscope (February 16 - 22, 2015)

With the weekly horoscope for February 16, 2015 to February 22, 2015, you will get to know how this week is going to be. Read your ascendant sign based predictions written by ‘’Pt. Deepak Dubey’’ and discover your future possibilities for this week.

Weekly horoscope for February 16, 2015 to February 22, 2015 is here.

(February 16 - February 22, 2015) Week at a glance:

Note: These predictions are based on your ascendant sign.

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Expenses are likely to increase a lot. Avoid disputes and arguments. Don’t let these problems reach to the court, otherwise mental as well as financial complications are possible. If you drive yourself, keep an eye on its speed and examine it properly before driving. There are good chances of going abroad; hence, if you are planning for the same, go for it. You may get into a new love relationship, but this will not last for long, so don’t get too sensitive. Time is extremely favorable for education, competition, and job interview.

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid disputes on the road. Worship Maa Durga and keep your mother happy in every situation.

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Behave properly with father and higher officials, otherwise relationship may spoil. If dispute related to ancestral property is there, maintain your patience for quite some time. You will not be able to gain anything from haste and controversy. You will gain nothing beneficial other than wasting your time and efforts in this matter. Time is favorable for getting financial gains. Results of all your actions will now come in a very meaningful manner, this will let you gain money and profit from more than one sources. Disputes will arise, but will end soon. Stay cautious about your child’s health. Pregnant ladies are required to take special care of themselves.

Remedy/Treatment: Keep your father happy. Worship Lord Sun. Feed milk and Roti (bread made from wholemeal flour) to a calf.

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You are likely to buy a new vehicle this time. This week is going to produce very good results for politicians and social workers. Their position and fame is likely to increase. This week will bestow you with everything other than favorable results in personal life. You may not feel very satisfied in personal and domestic life. This week will increase your efficiency, it will fill you with new enthusiasm and energy. Actions of your child will increase pleasures and happiness. Seniors will support and appreciate at workplace.

Remedy/Treatment: Spend time with family members and make donations for pacifying Venus. Have some cardamom and anise while travelling and offer Kheer (sweet rice porridge) to any student.

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Lots of benefits will come if you are working away from your birthplace or from foreign. Success will come in every work if you keep on working in the right direction and with full dedication. Time is in your favor, you are required to take a step forward toward your goals. If any planet is forming Raja Yoga in your birth chart and if current Dasha (period) is also of the same planet, you will get its full favor this time. But, this week might not remain favorable in matters of children and education. Health problems of your child may trouble you.

Remedy/Treatment: Keep on moving ahead, you will surely get success. Worship Lord Ganesh and Lord Sun, offer Besan Ladoo (sweet) to children.

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If you are in a relationship from a long time, it is very likely that your beloved will pressurise you for marriage. Although luck is in your favor, but some planets are not in favor. Disputes and tensions are possible in family life, try to stay calm. Seniors will support you at workplace. Ups and downs will come in lives of politicians and social workers. Time is average, so it would be better to resolve your problems with your courage and all you have. Blind faith and dependency on anyone is not appropriate this time, try to stay restrained.

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t think about starting anything new or for job change, time is not appropriate. Offer jaggery mixed with wheat flour to ants.

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Some spiritual activities are possible. Your inclination will increase toward spirituality. Your daily routine will make you feel tired and you will feel desperate to get some rest. Income will remain average and time is not appropriate for starting anything new or for making any big investment. It would be better to relax and let the things keep going the way they are. Some trouble may come from children, especially take care of their health. During this time, you may not get support of someone who you are dependant on and whom you once supported a lot.

Remedy/Treatment: Someone closer may cheat you, so be careful. Feed Roti (bread made from wholemeal flour), especially during the night.

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Cooperation and support will come this month in external affairs. Financial problems are likely to create some troubles and your attitude of delaying it is not at all appropriate. Delaying will not end the problem and will increase it further. It would remain better to discuss it with any senior and find the appropriate solution. Time is good for importers-exporters and for foreign affairs and travelling. Don’t do anything in a hurry, everything will come out in favor if you move ahead in a planned manner. Stay calm and also don’t trust your servants. You will get the loan on time, if you are trying for it for any work.

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Saturn, donate black sesame seeds and jaggery at any religious place. Don’t eat sour food products.

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Patients of blood pressure and heart problems are advised not to take any stress, as it may put adverse effect on their health. Some unnecessary expenses are possible. Health problems of any family member will create financial and mental troubles. Demands of children will increase, but don’t worry, try to refuse unwanted demands with love. You are likely to go away from life-partner for some time. Disputes are possible with neighbours, but try to avoid them. Your intuition will increase this time.

Remedy/Treatment: Offer some gift to your servants. Exercise regularly and if you are addicted to smoking, abandon that.

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Family happiness and wealth will increase. Long halted important domestic tasks are likely to get completed this time. Family atmosphere will remain prosperous. You are likely to gain benefits from any friend or through an influential member of the family. Your intellect will remain great and your present deeds will create some great results in future. You will be able to defeat enemies on the basis of your intellect. Success will come in legal matters. Time is very favorable for business expansion. This week, your interest will increase a lot in religion.

Remedy/Treatment: Time is favorable, discard laziness and accomplish your work with full energy. Perform Abhishekam of Lord Vishnu and chant Vishnu Sahastranaam.

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Happiness is likely to come from children, especially if you have a girl child. Time is extremely favorable for job change, because your intellect and decision making power will remain great this time. Get support and blessings from female natives and try not to get into any dispute with them. Your efforts will dominate on your destiny this time, this means that you will not give up in any situation. Your enthusiasm will remain on its peak. Success will come in education & competition. Overall, it is a favorable week in which you will get the desired results of your deeds.

Remedy/Treatment: Offer any dress material or perfume as a gift to your mother or sister. Worship Lord Shiva and donate gram lentils as per your ability.

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This week is favorable for financial matters, but weak for domestic and family matters. Throughout this year, you will face tough times with life-partner and the same kind of situation is possible this week. Constant ups and downs will come in your relationship, you need to handle it very carefully. If birth charts were not matched appropriately before marriage or if the situation of planets responsible for marriage is not favorable, it would become difficult for you to maintain the relationship. This kind of situation will also remain for those who are in love, so you are advised to be extremely cautious. Money may come from some unexpected sources, especially during the mid week.

Remedy/Treatment: For pacifying Jupiter donate things like yellow cloth, yellow fruits, Ladoo etc. to any religious place. Go for the Vedic Shanti (pacification) of Jupiter, if it is not favorable in your birth-chart or if you are going through its Dasha (period).

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Effect of Mars, Ketu and Venus on ascendant will increase your desires a lot. Your interest is likely to increase in luxuries and sexual activities. This week is not appropriate for domestic life. Lots of disputes may occur due to position of Rahu in seventh house. If problems are already there and you are going through the Dasha (period) of any malefic planet, it would become difficult to maintain the relationship. Take care of your relationship with business partners and stay restrained. Long distance and foreign work related travels will produce fruitful results. Good thing about this week is that your mental strength and endurance will remain great.

Remedy/Treatment: Keep your desires under control. Worship Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. Make donations for pacifying Mars and offer vermilion to Lord Hanuman.

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By Pt. Deepak Dubey

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