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Astrological Prediction On Delhi’s Assembly Election 2015

Concluding anything about Delhi’s 2015 assembly election result is definitely not easy. For the position of Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal is giving a direct challenge not only to Kiran Bedi, but to Narendra Modi as well. “Pt. Deepak Dubey” will tell us about who is close to win Delhi’s Chief Minister title.‘

Unveil future of Delhi’s assembly election 2015 through astrology.

Coming to any conclusion about Delhi’s election this time is not an easy task. This very fact is making this election extremely interesting. Looking at the present conditions, concluding any result is not possible. This time I have also tried to implement my astrological views on this election. Generally, we discuss only the main leaders of the elections, but this election is unique. Here, while on one side is Arvind Kejriwal, BJP’s Chief Minister anticipatory candidate ‘Kiran Bedi’ is on the other side. However, this time we cannot directly discuss only about Kiran Bedi and Kejriwal. Neither we can come to any conclusion like this, as the real battle is between Kejriwal and Modi and not with Kiran Bedi. Kiran Bedi is just a symbolic candidate and main impact of this election will be seen on Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi. Looking at the present situations, I have tried to make astrological discussion. As Congress is quite tender, I have not discussed it.

Let us first see Arvind Kejriwal’s, Kiran Bedi’s and Narendra Modi’s ascendant birth chart (Kundali), present Dasha (period) and Antar Dasha (sub period).

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें...

Planetary Position Of All The 3 Leaders During Birth

Arvind Kejriwal

Kiran Bedi

Narendra Modi

Here, birth details of Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi is explained according to However, Narendra Modi’s birthchart is not according to his popularly known birth date of September 17, 1950 and is according to my calculations, i.e. September 17, 1949. Further, I want to clarify that birth charts are explained on the basis of facts related to the known names of the above mentioned leaders. I do not guarantee its accuracy.

Vote - Ascendant Transit On February 7

Arvind Kejriwal

Kiran Bedi

Narendra Modi

Note: Moon will travel in zodiac signs Leo and Virgo. Hence, due to empowering ascendant, Change in Moon’s sign will be seen.

Election Result - Ascendant Transit On February 10

Arvind Kejriwal

Kiran Bedi

Narendra Modi

Present Dasha & Antar Dasha Of All 3 Leaders

Dasha (On February 7, 2015)

Arvind Kejriwal: Jupiter’s Mahadasha, Venus’s Antar, Ketu’s Pratyantar and Jupiter’s Suksham Dasha will prevail from From 4 till February 12.

Kiran Bedi: Sun’s Mahadasha, Mercury’s Antar, Jupiter’s Pratyantar and Rahu’s Suksham Dasha will prevail till February 7. Sun - Mercury - Saturn and Saturn are foreseen on February 10.

Narendra Modi: Venus’s Maha Dasha, Mars’s Antar, Saturn’s Pratyantra and Moon’s Suksham Dasha are foreseen till February 7. Whereas, Venus - Mars - Saturn and Mars will prevail on February 10.

Discussion According To Birth Chart, Dasha & Antar Dasha

Arvind Kejriwal: Saturn is the lord of ninth as well as tenth house in the birth chart (Kundali) of Arvind Kejriwal. It (Saturn) is aspecting ninth house and ascendant by sitting in seventh house. Ascendant lord Venus and Mars, both are posited in the tenth house in the transit. Conjunction of Sun and Mercury is there in ninth house, Jupiter is exalted in third house and is directly aspecting ninth house.

Kiran Bedi: In the birth chart of Kiran Bedi, lord of ninth house is Venus and Mercury is the lord of eleventh house. Mercury is presently in transit in the ascendant of Rahu. Mercury, being the lord of tenth house is posited in the eighth house from it, i.e. fifth house. Venus, being the lord of ninth house is posited in sixth house and is creating Bhagya Bhang Yoga. None of the benefic planet is there in the centre. Though Rahu and Ketu are posited in centre, but Rahu posited in ascendant spoils the ability of thinking, understanding, and speaking. It also gives negative influence.

Narendra Modi: In Modi’s birth, Mercury is the lord of ninth house, whereas Moon is the lord of tenth house. If Dashas (period) are to be discussed, Modi’s Mahadasha (major period) is the strongest at present. This fact is very well known and need not to be said. In transit also, Modi’s birth chart has exalted Jupiter and centered Sun and Moon. Mars and Venus posited in fifth house are increasing the chemistry between intellect and power.


After analyzing the birth chart of all the three contenders, according to the planetary conditions, birth chart of Kiran Bedi is extremely weak if compared with birth chart of Arvind Kejriwal. If birth chart of Kiran Bedi is analyzed alone, her victory was impossible. However, as her role in the election is not that prominent; therefore, Narendra Modi is the only opponent. On this basis, his victory is sure. Though BJP might win this election, but competing in this election is not good for Kiran Bedi’s future.

If we presume the seats, we will find minor difference. As Moon is the lord of tenth house on February 10, victory of Narendra Modi is possible. However, this victory is not easy, as stars of Arvind Kejriwal are extremely powerful. To summarize all, it can be said that BJP might form the government, firstly due to a very negligible margin and secondly by using all the tactics.


Kiran Bedi: Political career is not good.

Narendra Modi: Victory is possible either by hook or by crook.

Arvind Kejriwal
: It seems he will emerge as the winner even after losing. (His winning chances can’t be neglected.)

If we talk about seat, both will get more than 30 seats.

By Pt. Deepak Dubey

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