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Weekly Love Horoscope (December 29, 2014 - January 04, 2015)

Know how the coming week is going to be for your personal life. Read future of your love for the upcoming week through “Pt. Hanumman Mishra’s” predictions. Weekly love horoscope is based on your moon sign.

Read your weekly love horoscope from December 22, 2014 till December 28, 2014.

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Beginning will take such a turn that you might have to live away from your beloved. Though you will be in contact via phone, still you won’t feel contented. Mid of the week will take away all such complaints. Things will become better than the best. Weekend is also good, make sure to speak sweet.

Love score: 2.5/5

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For Taureans, this week will begin on a very appreciable note. You will give proper time to your love life. Time is good if you want to propose someone. However, you might have to go away in the middle of the week. Hence, you won’t get time to spend together. Don’t worry, as weekend will resolve all the differences and you will enjoy a romantic personal life.

Love score: 3/5


Week will begin with lots of work load, due to which you will find difficulty in giving time to your life. However, if you are in love with a colleague, time is in your favor. Middle of the week looks promising for personal life. But, you might feel uncontented in the weekend.

Love score: 2.5/5


Beginning of the week is quite entertaining. You and your sweetheart might plan an outing together. If you are in love with a colleague, you will come closer to him/her. Middle of the week will blossom for romantic love. No matter how much work load you have, you will take out quality time for personal life. However, things look a bit low in weekend.

Love score: 3/5


Lions will feel a bit low in the beginning of the week.You might get no chance to meet your sweetheart. But, this unfavorable phase will disappear in the middle of the week and you will get good news regarding love life or your beloved. You will strike perfect balance between personal and professional life in the weekend.

Love score: 2.5/5


You will get mixed results in love life this week. You can resolve the differences with serious efforts. Love life will intensify further. However, differences might come up once again in the mid of the week, due to some incidents. But, weekend will restore back the love and affection.

Love score
: 2.5/5


This week will begin with a bang. Little tiffs are possible, but on a positive note. Things will improve in the mid of the week. If you have fallen for a colleague, it’s high time to confess your feelings. Weekend is not favorable. Avoid taking risk in love life at this time.

Love score
: 3.5/5


Your plans will get success this week. If you have plans to meet your beloved, you can surely execute the idea. If any tiff is going on, it will come to an end. This time is good to meet your sweetheart. However, stay a bay from taking risks in the weekend and be in your limit.

Love score: 3/5


Beginning of the week looks weak. Due to some domestic issues, you might act frustrated in your love life. However, mid of the week is extremely good. Your emotions will be valued. You will open up your heart. If you have plans of going anywhere during weekend, don’t forget to take advice of any female well wisher.

Love score
: 3/5


Starting days of the week seem excellent. You will get the courage to express your feelings in words. Whether you want to go out or try something recreational, time is good. Mid of the week is less favorable, but weekend is again good. You will feel contented.

Love score: 3.5/5


Beginning of the week looks good, but your foul language might spoil the things. Try to avoid this attitude. Don’t argue over financial matters. Mid of the week looks good. You will get to spend good time together. Weekend is also fine. You might arrange a meeting with your beloved at a friend;s place.

Love score: 3.5/5


This week looks average for you. You will act emotional in the emotional days. Though your feelings will be valued, but don’t go emotional in matte of one sided love. Stay at bay from talking wrong and ruining relations in the mid of the week. Weekend is favorable. Going for a movie together is a good idea.

Love score: 2.5/5

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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