Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekly Love Horoscope (December 22 - December 28)

How much special this coming week is for your personal life? Read this weekly love horoscope by ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’ and know the fate of your love life in the coming week. This horoscope is based in your moon sign.

Read your weekly love horoscope from December 22, 2014 till December 28, 2014.

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You might go somewhere for recreation with your partner in the beginning of the week. A long distance journey is on the cards. Mid of the week is good if you are in love with a colleague, for if he/she belongs to another place, work commitments may prove to be a hurdle in personal life. Though this time is good for love life. In the weekend, you might get less chances of meeting your partner due to any reason.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5


Beginning of the week is not favorable for love and romance. Make sure not to discuss anything that might lead to conflict. However, things will improve in the middle of the week. You will behave sweet with your beloved. But, you will enjoy the most in the weekend. During this time, you will enjoy very pleasant time with your sweetheart.

Fortune Star: 3/5

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This week seems average for love. Love will intensify in the beginning of the week. No only you will give sufficient time to each other, but will also take care of each other. You need to be restrained in the mid of the week. However, romantic incidents are possible in the weekend.

Fortune Star: 3/5


Cancerians will have mixed results this week. If you find difficulty in giving time to your beloved in the beginning of the week, explain them politely rather than arguing. However, both of you will give quality time to each other in the middle of the week. Though old problems will get resolved, still don’t do anything which might create new tension.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5


Lions will have quite a favorable love life this week. You will find all sweet and romantic in the beginning of the week. Singles are likely to mingle. Though mid of the week looks good, but don't shed frustration of someone else on your sweetheart. You might annoy your partner in the weekend, stay alert.

Fortune Star: 4/5


You might get emotional in the beginning of the week. Domestic issues might affect your love life, try to avoid it. Mid of the week seems extremely good, provided you don't let ego come in between. Weekend is also good. Your effort of keeping your sweetheart happy will get success.

Fortune Star: 4/5


Generally, this week is good for love and romance. If possible, go somewhere together or go for a movie in the initial days of the week. This will bring passion in love life. Middle of the week is also good. However, if you are sad over anything, any friend can help in coming out of it. Weekend will intensify love life.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5


This week will begin on a good note for Scorpions. Stay away from foul language. Love talks increase intensity of love, try talking sweetly. Middle of the week should be either spend somewhere together, try going for a movie. It will end old tiffs. Make sure not to bring domestic problems in love ife during weekend, as it will decrease the intensity of love and romance.

Fortune Star: 3/5


Generally, the week seems average for love and romance. You will remain emotional in the initial days of the week. This will prove good for love life. If someone is unhappy from you, you might try to please them. Personal life will get less time in the mid of the week, due to domestic matter. Weekend looks better. You will get time to enjoy together.

Fortune Star: 3/5


This week says that you need to work hard to rejuvenate your love life. In the starting days, you might have to stay apart from your sweetheart due to some reason. However, mid of the week is good and your partner will value your feelings. Weekend is extremely romantic, if you don’t spoil things intentionally.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5


Aquarians, this week is good for matters of heart. You will feel contented. Your love life will get painted in new colors. However, you might have to face some distance with your sweetheart in the middle of the week. But, things will get better in the weekend. You will get love according to your desire.

Fortune Star
: 3/5


Beginning of the week is good, but it is more favorable if you are in love with colleague or senior. Mid of the week is outstanding. If you are single, you might meet someone special. Friends will also help. However, weekend is not good. Avoid differences and keep yourself under control.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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