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Weekly Horoscope (December 8 - December 14)

Weekly horoscope is here to help you plan your entire week ahead. Know what Pt. Hanumman Mishra says about your week and get your life changed!

Know your general weekly horoscope for the week beginning from December 8, 2014 to December 14, 2014.

Note: These predictions are based on your Moon Sign.

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This week will give favorable results generally. You may remain busy in works related to state or government. You will be full of energy during the early days of the week. You enthusiasm and confidence will remain very good. This will also give you favorable results in most of the matters. Mid of the week may bring in some tensions; however, weekend will again be favorable and give the desired results. We will advise you to think with mind as well with heart.Recite Bajarang Ban as a remedy.


You can gain sudden money, but take care of your health this time. Early days of the week will bring expenses due to any important plan. Small journeys are possible during the mid week, but we will advise you to avoid disputes with those who help you always. Some domestic tensions are possible in the weekend. You can go for some entertainment to keep yourself refreshed. Distribute sweets to girls as a remedy.


Carelessness is not suitable for your health this time. Also, stay aware from hidden enemies. Don’t take any decision emotionally. Chances of entertainment will arise this time. Weekend is showing the possibilities that you will get your money back, if you have lended it to someone. Also try to accumulate money this time. Weekend is going to be very favorable; hence , complete your pending tasks this time and stay in touch with your friends and relatives. As a remedy, offer a garland with red flowers in a Hanuman temple.


This week, your energy and enthusiasm will remain very good. Your management skills will improve this time, but you have to remain careful and cautious during the early days of the week. Mid of the week will give favorable results, but you should avoid being sentimental this time. Act wisely in financial and family matters during the mid week, you will surely get the desired results. As a remedy, offer milk in a Devi temple.


This week is demanding your focus on home, family life, and mother. If there is any problem related to them, try to solve it. Early days of the week will also help you in gaining profits and solution of problems, if you will do the desired efforts. But, mid of the week may not bring highly favorable results, so stay cautious. Things will improve in the weekend and your endeavors will also get accomplished.Gift some clothes to your father, as a remedy.


This week will bring favorable results generally. You confidence will become a bigger factor of gaining success, so regain back your lost confidence. Starting of the week will give success in works and respect in society. Mid of the week will bring benefits from different sources. So, take advantage of favorable time; however, stay cautious during the weekend. Doing so will lead to desired results.Offer Laddu to Lord Ganesha, as a remedy this week.


This week will be favorable for you, generally. You will remain full of energy and enthusiasm, but if you are young, don’t waste it here and there. If you are in love, time is good. Luck will support in the starting of the week. Journeys are also possible, but you are advised to focus on your work completely during the mid of the week. Your works will get accomplished, you will gain fame. Apart from this, weekend will also bring many other favorable results.As a remedy, offer sweet Kheer to some female intellectual.


This week is in your favor. Your works will get accomplished and you will remain full of energy and enthusiasm. Small distance journeys will also bring profits, but early days of the week are not very favorable. So, keep on doing your work calmly this time. Take care of your health also. Situations will improve in the mid of the week. Your efforts will show the results. Weekend is going to be completely in your favor. Your works will get accomplished by the help of seniors and blessings of elders. As a remedy, recite Hanuman Chalisa this week.


This week will give mixed results. This week you need to think and analyse about your married life and job. Don’t make any kind of investment this time. Don’t get into any dispute with life-partner or business-partner in the starting of the week. Take care of your health and drive carefully, during the mid of the week. Weekend is likely to give favorable results, journeys are also possible this time. As a remedy, gift some clothes to your maternal aunt (Mausi) or paternal aunt (Bua).


This week is going to be favorable for you. You will present your opinions in an effective way, this will result in accomplishment of works and great benefits. You will put your full energy in accomplishing your work in the early days of the week. Your opponents will also remain calm. Mid of the week is also in favor, it will bring warmth in love relationships. However, favorability will decrease a bit, during the weekend. So, stay cautious.As a remedy, distribute some Gulab Jamun (sweets) in a temple.


This week will give favorable results generally. You will make some great plannings in the starting of the week. But, don’t let misunderstandings come in between your love relationships. If there is some problem related to your children, you will get relief in that by doing the desired efforts. Mid of the week is bringing improvements in awaiting works. Domestic life will also remain happy and contented. Situation of personal life will improve in the weekend, but at the same time take all the business related decisions very carefully. As a remedy, offer clothes to poor people.


Most of the week is favorable. But, try to stay away from unnecessary tensions. Stay away from all the tensions of family life in the early days of the week. Take out some time for your loved ones and love relationships in the mid of the week. Any kind of distance from love ones will not be favorable this time. Weekend is likely to produce some great results.As a remedy, gift footwear to your paternal grandfather (Dada) or maternal grandfather (Nana).

Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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