RR vs SH on 27 April 2013 – Astrological Prediction (Astro-Numerology)

By Acharya Raman
RR Vs SRH is on 27 April 2013.
Rajasthan Royals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad on 27 April 2013 : Astrology Prediction!

Much awaited tournament series IPL has begun. All are interested in knowing the winners of each game and for Astrologers also it is a good time to test their skills. I am using KP HORARY system as described by Lt. Shree Suresh Sahasne Ji in his book.

The Horary question that I asked is who will win the match between RR and SRH today. I am now using a different system which is based on Bala of the ascendant to finalize the winner. As the Lagna (ascendant) changes every two hours, so will the fate of teams batting first of second. This system will tell that team batting either first or second will win or lose irrespective of their names etc. I am asking this question on RR behalf and it is the first team.

CHART-1 has total 87 points.

CHART -2 has 88 points.

In both the Lagnas (ascendant) the score is almost same. Hence, it is very difficult to tell the winner. Still since evening lagna has one point extra then the afternoon one ,It also has more points for 3rd house also so I will go with it.

WINNER: Team batting second will be the winner in todays match and since I have asked question on RR behalf, RR will win if they batted second.

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