Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meaning of "Parabhava" Samvatsar 2070 Vikrami (2013-14 AD)

By Daya Shanker

A few renowned astrologers requested me personally to say something regarding the nuances of New Samavtsar “Parabhava” as not much is clearly written about it in the classical cannons of Astrology. Acceding to their request, after sincere try, we put forth our views on this to the best of our capabilities and pleasure of my astro-fiends only in particular and all the friends on FB in general.

In literal transliteration, the word “Parabhava” means, fall of the ethical values, defiet of good ones in power to the design of evils and end of an era in general.

However, according to us, this Parabhava Samvatsar 2070 Vikrami (2013-14 AD) along with its ruler Mercury (and not the Jupiter as it commenced yesterday at 3:05:19 hours on a Wednesday), as its name suggests, according to us, would allow us to witness the defeat of many powerful self made kings as well as the kings or king like persons made by rule of Law throughout the Globe and emergence of righteous era’s foundation after much turmoil. The generations to come would take cognisance of this very year too as an important milestone not only in India but all over the world that was never predicted by any prophet before.

The present scenario is that in “Parabhava” Samvatsar, the persons in power would overdo their duties and not take correct decisions according to law. The rule of law would be defeated as no authority would take the right decision because of either sheer fear of public opinion or becoming busy in hide the skeletons in their own cupboards. This year may be termed as showcase of one of the most intellectual dishonesty we witnessed so far during last 60 years or so globally.

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