Saturday, April 13, 2013

MI Vs PWI on 13 April 2013 – Astrological Prediction (Astro-Numerology)

By Acharya Raman
MI Vs PWI IPL match is on 13 April 2013

Mumbai Indians vs Pune Warriors India on 13 April 2013 : Astrology Prediction!

Much awaited tournament series IPL has begun. All are interested in knowing the winners of each game and for Astrologers also it is a good time to test their skills. I am using horary branch of Astrology and a system which is mix of traditional Astrology, KP and Numerology. The system used is quite similar to the one taught by Lt. Shree Suresh Sahasne.

The Horary question that I asked is who will win the match between MI and PWI today. I am asking this question on MI behalf and it is the first team. Here is the analysis:

Match 13/4/2013 MI Vs PWI

Place: Bombay
Date: 13/4/2013
KP Ayanamsa: 23-56-44.94


The match will begin at 16:00 on Bombay ground. 1st team is MI and 2nd IS PWI.

I have used KP System Numerology which takes only the numbers of the signs into the account of the ruling planets and omit the signs whose Lord is retrograde.

Thus the numbers are:

Ascendant Lord = Mercury = 9
Moon S. S. Lord = Ketu= 9
Moon Rashi Lord = Venus = 9
Day Lord = Saturn = 21

The resultant remaining after calculation is 1 and so team 1st (MI) should win.

Winner: MI will win this match.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank u sir... hope so MI will win this match..

M@nd@r said...

Today Mumbai may loose or will loose in Super Over, although it will give best performance.

But hoping mumbai 2 win....

Hardik said...

Sir , aapke sab prediction mai home team ki hi jeet hogi aesha hi kyu hota hai?

Unknown said...

Fake hai ye numrology.....inke har prediction home team k fever me hote hai........if u dnt beliv see all his prediction

Unknown said...

I agree with smegh. Fell flat on my face ystrday wen I supported DD based on this prediction. Ditto for CSK vs Punjab..

Unknown said...

2nd bat win 2day

Acharya Raman said...

For any prediction between a set of two I or anyone has to take a 1st and second candidate.I take my basis of listing of official IPL SITE,and so does many others .pls visit it and if you feel there is something wrong complain to IPL management ..I cannot help it .

Unknown said...

Good I will hope mi

Acharya Raman said...

Thank you all