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Vastu For Office: Turning Point For Money

Vastu for office proves to be an influencing method that turns loss into profits and bad times to good times. So, if you really want to improve the chances of good luck in your life then imply the changes as per Vastu Shastra principles and see the luck turning in your favor. Let’s see how Vastu can help us in our office...

Vastu Shastra: Ancient Architectural Science 

Vastu Shastra is amongst few of the ancient teachings of Indian civilization. It is a bridge connecting mankind and nature. It makes a suitable environment at the place of living or work resulting in betterment in everyday's life.

Vastu for Office

Vastu for OfficeVastu has been considered as a wheel of fortune that turns money in your favor. So, by applying few of the Vastu Shastra techniques at your office, the profit and increment in your income will be yours. Components like location, exteriors and interiors of office, staircase, seating arrangement, reception area and many more; has to be taken in account if you want all the positive energies to flow in your office.

Tips On Vastu For Office

Most of our time is spent at office and that turns it into an important place in our life. It is recommended to implement Vastu Shastra at the time of construction. But, if the office has already been built; Vastu is still open for you to implicate benefits. Below are the tips mentioned to consider in mind while you are setting up an office:

1. No Obstruction At Entrance: In order to advance the number of opportunities, it has to be certain that there should be no obstruction at the entrance

2. Keep Central Part Empty: The central part of the office space should be kept empty. A circle should be made by the cubicles you are working in and be sure that no work is done in that circle. Since, circle indicates an unending figure so always avoid working within a circular area.

3. Reception Area: The reception of the office should be made in the North-Eastern part of the Office as it is the direction of birth and revival or new opportunities as well.

4. Images Or Idols Of God: Keeping pictures of God increases the chances of good luck and prosperity.

5. Staircase: While constructing staircase, keep in mind that the stairs should be constructed towards South of the building.

6. Eating Area: The best locations for the pantry are South-East or North zone of the office since food is the way of taking in energy. This may create positive energy.

7. Coloring theme: Bright colors should be avoided as per Vastu Shastra. Try using white, grey and blue. While choosing color theme, remember that they help cheering up the mood of the person

8. Washrooms: The location of washrooms should ideally be in South-West or the North- East direction while designing office.

9. Senior Management Seating Area: It should be ensured that the managers and directors must be seated in West, South or South-Western area of the office.

10. Accounts Department: Accounts Department is an important part of the office as it is related to money matters. Office Vastu strongly recommends that it should be placed in South Eastern part of the Office as this direction indicates prosperity and can bring more returns.

11. Natural Impact of Water: Water indicates the flow which can take all worries with it. So, try using flowing water. They should be kept in North or East corners of office. An aquarium is also good and keeping 1 blackfish and 9 goldfish is an added benefit. 

Hopefully, this information would definitely help you bringing wealth at your place. Just by applying few changes in your working area surely you would get the positive outcome in your business or office. We look forward to help you the best possible way we can for reaping benefits.

‘Vastu for Office’ is amazingly interesting and profitable to attain tranquility and peace of mind. For further information on Vastu you can refer Vastu E-book. Also, you can personally consult our Vastu expert Pt. Hanuman Mishra.

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