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What Is KB & How Is It used?

 KB AstrologyShri K. Baskaran (KB), the founder of Bhaskara Astrology, has exhibited (without doubt) a valiant effort to find out the unexplored hidden truths from Vedic astrology to KP Astrology, for his Sub-Lord & Cuspal Interlinking Theory as further refinement in the field of Astrology.

In KP system, our revered Guruji Late Prof. K S Krishnamurthy pioneered a new method of Astrological Predictions by way of his discovery of cuspal beginnings on a scientific basis. He has divided every star by replacing the traditional classification of 4 Padas or quarters numbering 108 in the orderly manner of Vimshottari Dasha System. But, this traditional approach does not satisfy the growing thirst of knowledge, as the modern scientific human mind was very keen on predicting the complex events of life. Thus, he identified 249 divisions of 27 stars and named them as SUBs through his dedicated further discovery. KP method was an immense improvement in the field of field of Astrology.

The spirit of enquiry aroused by Prof. KSK has led to further research in the same line. Shri K. Baskaran (KB) has carried out one such research in respect of the starlord of the sublord of various cusps, their interlinking with other cuspal points, the result they indicate with great detail.

It is clear that Shri K. Baskaran has adopted Placidus house system, as well as Shri KSK’s Dasha, Bhukti, Anthara concepts from these points his approach clearly indicates that it is new and he is the pioneer in this venture of Cuspal Interlinking Theory. (KB Theory or Baskara Theory). 

Salient Features Of Bhaskara Theory

  1. The author’s way of handling the 12 houses within a house as inbuilt, and further the same 12 houses are reclassified as Lagna (Ascendant) related and Lagna unrelated matters which are totally amazing and outstanding creativity from his master mind.
  2. The house significators for nodes Rahu & Ketu are also defined explicitly which is an exception from other systems of Astrology.
  3. His way of handling the qualities of Kaalchakra with reference to the Characters and Elements of the Natural Zodiac is a model to all other followers in the System of Astrology.
  4. Distinguishing quality of birth Moon and the mobility of Moon along with DBA.

Hence, Bhaskara Theory has its roots and has emerged from Tradition as well as Meena R. Gopalakrishna Rao’s Kalamsa, Placidus method of house division, Newcomb Ayanamsa, Shri KSK’s research, Seshagiri’s moving Moon and many more, all have had a role in shaping Bhaskara Astrology.

As this is an enhanced version of KP, Baskara theory will not only be helpful to all KP followers but to all those who are interested in giving accurate predictions.

Basic Concepts Of KB

Though certain rules are applicable before modifying the prediction to add colours, following points are the crux of his theory, during the application of cuspal interlinking:

  1. Find out the cuspal beginning of all the 12 houses.
  2. Consider “Kalamsa” or Bhukti Lord of concerned house. Let us say House No. 5 for child-birth.
  3. Find out the star-lord and Bhukti Lord (sub-lord) for the concerned Bhukti Lord. (Here in our case, it is for sub-lord of 5th cusp). Presume it is Sun. Don’t go for its houses of ownership and residence. Instead, search for those cuspal points in which Sun is posited either as star-lord or sub-lord (Bhukti Lord).
  4. Note down these house/cusps.
  5. Are they 1, 2, 3, 5, 9 & 11 to 5th cusp? If “YES”, child-birth is assured.
  6. Are they 4, 6, 7, 8 & 10 to 5th cusp? If “YES”, child-birth is either denied or delayed.
  7. It is fate. It is called as Inter Cuspal links, the crux of this theory.
  8. In natal chart, presume Jupiter, the Dasa Lord is posited either in the star or sub of the concerned “fifth cusp – Bhukti Lord”. If fate is favourable (Inter-Cuspal links), then the client will have a child. In the span of 16 years of Jupiter Dasa, whenever the Dasa Lord Jupiter transits either in the Star or Sub of the concerned fifth cusp Bhukti Lord, it would materialize. It is mind. It could otherwise be called “Inter Cuspal Links”.
  9. By confirming what fate had assured and then correlating the same with the mind, we can predict for Dasa, a Bhukti, and Anthara or a Sookshma period. 
  10. This is the crux of Bhaskara Theory (about Fate and Mind). It will work as per certain derived rules. 

Based on the given rules, it is easier for any type of prediction. Hence, this Baskara theory of astrology is applicable for everyone and is also suitable for prediction of every department.

To know more about Baskara theory and to clarify your doubts, if any, you can contact our subject expert - V G Subramanian

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