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Design Your House With Vastu Principles

Vastu means blowing away all the negativity and fetching in all the positivity. It has the strength to reward success and fame at any point of life. Nothing good in life is possible if our dwelling place is not prosperous. So, let’s have a look at Vastu for home to achieve all we are lacking. Moreover, it will help to make the corrections, if needed…

Vastu Shastra Vastu not only guides in terms of construction to provide a better life and internal peace. Everyone desires for a blissful life. What can be better than implementing the magic of Vastu in our homes first!


Important guidelines about Vastu for home: 

Pre-construction: One should always perform a Bhumi Pujan before beginning the house construction, as it is considered to be an auspicious beginning and brings a good start to the proceedings. 

House entrance: The most auspicious direction for the entrance of a home is North. 

Kitchen: The kitchen should be facing South-East, which is the direction of Fire God. The person cooking in the kitchen should face the East or North direction. All items related to heat or fire should be placed or installed in the South-East corner.

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Treasury & StrongRoom: Wealth or treasure room should be situated in the North. While keeping or retrieving cash, the individual should face toward North. 

Puja Room: North-East direction should be reserved for constructing the Puja room and Puja should be performed facing the East. One should never sleep in Puja room.

Bedroom: The main bedroom of the house should be located in the South-West. The bed should be placed in such a way that the head stays toward the East while sleeping. Sleeping with legs toward the South is not considered good. Moreover, the divine idols should not be kept in the bedroom.

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Dining Hall: Dining Room should face the West. West is ruled by Saturn and is in the way of Bhooteshwara, the symbolic representation of the hungry. 

Bathroom & Toilet: The bathroom should be situated in the North-East and toilet should be in South. If it is not possible to build toilet in South then you can shift it little to South-West. 

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Study or Children's Room: Children's room and study room, both can be located in the North-West, West and South-West. 

Doors: The Main-Gate of the house should have two panels and the direction should be North-East. The total number of doors, windows and ventilators should be even in number but should not end with a ‘zero’. The front door frame should not be painted black and cracked or old doors should be replaced.

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Staircase: The staircase should ascend clockwise and should be in South-West. The steps of the stairs leading to the entrance of home should not be cracked.

Interiors: Light colors should be used for painting the house and bright colors should be avoided. For the decoration of house, paintings depicting war, owl, pigeon, crow and sad faces should not be used.

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