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Muhurat: Some Important Points To Remember

Muhurat is a particular time of the day, which we know as an auspicious time. However, this is not true. The Muhurat is basically the time duration of 2 Ghatis, which is equivalent to 48 minutes. Read further to know more about Muhurat.

Shubh Muhurat
In accordance with the Vedic astrology, two Ghatis that means the time duration of 48 minutes is recognized as 'Muhurat'; but the actual significance of Muhurat is the time when the position of planets is noticed before getting started with anything new. This is done to make sure that the particular duration will prove out to be extremely beneficial for the concerned work. Generally, the process of checking the 'Muhurat' is carried out just to know whether a particular time period for going on with something new is suitable or not.

(Ghati is the traditional Indian value of time, which is used in place of hour. If you want to see the relation between Ghati and hour, please click here - Ghati to Hour Converter)

The most important factor required for the right judgment of Muhurat is the right learning of the subject, but then also, Sun and Moon are considered to be highly important for this astrological calculation. The factors like month, Ayan (period of six months), constellation, day, Tithi (hindu date), Yoga (conjunction), ascendant, Karan and many more are highly dependent on the speed of Sun and Moon. However, the other planets also have their impact on the Muhurat in accordance with their positions. For this reason, the calculation of Muhurat is done in a way that the concerned work or job could prove out to be extremely fruitful for the person. 

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In accordance with the principles of Vedic astrology, a particular person's future can be forecasted with the help of his exact time and place of birth. Similarly, when a person gets started with something new, it can be easily predicted that the particular task will prove out to be beneficial or not. This prediction can be done with the help of the exact time and day on which the work had been commenced. 

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At the time of calculation of the right Muhurat to get started with a particular work, it is more beneficial to even consider the birth chart of the concerned person. Overall, this astrological calculation is carried out merely to know the most preferable time for getting started with a new work or project. Adding more to this point, getting the right Muhurat by way of vedic astrology endows you with extra benefits in future. 

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