Friday, November 15, 2013

“Rajjo” - Hit or Flop?

Rajjo, the film by Vishwas Patil is releasing on November 15, 2013. Everyone is excited to know if it will satisfy the expectations. Kangana is presented in never seen before image. The movies has already received immense limelight due to her dance moves. Still the question is – will the movie be able to rule the hearts of the audience?

Numerologist, Pt. Hanumaan Mishra gives his views and reading on the success possibilities of “Rajjo”.

Rajjo 2013

The promos of Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film “Rajjo” are ruling the television screens these days. Viewers were eagerly waiting to see her performance as a dancer. However, the movie is in controversies over the issue of male actor’s age; but what if it gets a green signal from the censor board?

Director Vishwas Patil’s movie “Rajjo” is releasing on 15th November, 2013. He is successful as a writer and an author, but will his experience help in making “Rajjo” a hit? The secret to this question is stored in his date of birth.

The Moolank and Bhagyank of Vishwas Patil are 1 and 9, respectively. The coordination between 7 and 2 is very favorable. This consistency gives him the ability to understand every matter. Therefore, Vishwas Patil is a very balanced person.

Talking about Rajjo, its Naamank is 3. The number 3 shares a friendly bond with the Moolank and Bhagyank of Vishwaas Patil; therefore it is indicating success. Vishwas Patil’s year number for this year is 9, which is favorable for the Moolankand Bhagyank of Vishwaas Patil. Therefore, this movie can definitely prove to be a successful one for him. Reviewers may appreciate his efforts. If we talk about the year 2013, then its Moolank is 6 and this number is going to give neutral results for Vishwaas Patil’s Bhagyank 9 and Rajjo’s Naamank 3. It is unfriendly for his Moolank 1. However, this movie is favorable for the director. As the film is releasing on 15th November, 2013 and its Moolank is 6 and Sampoorank is 5. 6, the Moolank of releasing date will give neutral results for 9 and 3, the Bhagyank and Naamank of Vishwas Patil and Rajjo respectively. Also, it is not favorable for his Moolank which is 1. The Sampoorank 5, does not seems promising either. Overall, Vishwas Patil’s work and efforts will be appreciated, though the movie may not do well in earning huge profits.

While talking about the success and failure of the movie, discussing about Kangana Ranaut’s luck is also important. Her Moolank is 5 whereas, Bhagyank is 6. We have already talked about these numbers which are indicating average results. Therefore, if this film releases on 15th November, 2013 then high achievement may not be there. However, the possibility of appreciation of Kangana Ranaut’s and Vishwas Patil efforts are quite high. I will give this movie 2 stars out of 5.

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