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Natal Astrology Vs Horary Astrology

Natal and Horary are the 2 important aspects of astrology explained in simple words. Natal astrology deals with the study of life events with the help of birth details whereas Horary astrology is subject oriented. It focusses on a particular or few questions alone that the client wish to know about. So, read on to further enlighten your knowledge.

Horary and Natal Astrology

Astrology is a divine science. There are different branches in Astrology aimed for different purposes. Natal and Horary Astrology are among them. Let’s take up Natal Astrology first. Natal Astrology is for the divination of various life events from the time of birth. The accuracy of the predictions greatly depends upon the accuracy of the details (especially birth-time). Another striking feature is that planets in Natal chart have to play multiple roles. For instance, planets in 7th house may not only influence the matrimonial matters, it will also give gains to the father (9th house) for being 11th and will show journeys for the children (5th house) for being 3rd. This is known as “Bhavat Bhava Significations” of the planets. Thus, it needs a lot of experience and insightful analysis to offer accurate predictions. Honestly, only few people possess such a quality that is blessed by Gurus and the Almighty!

Horary Astrology is objective oriented subject. That means, it is only concerned with the anxiety or wish of the client about a particular or few questions. For instance, in the analogy mentioned above, planets in 7th house will give only matrimonial matters in the Horary horoscope regarding the question of marriage. They have nothing to do with the gains of father or journeys to children. Horary horoscope is simple to prepare for the time of consultation or utterance of the questions. There will be no ambiguity about accuracy of details, cross verification and lengthy process of rectification. Even though the selection of process of fruitful planets is similar for both these systems, Horary is little handier.

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In KP, we use seed numbers between 1 and 249 to prepare horary map. Prof. KSK clearly emphasized the authenticity of Horary Astrology in his 6th Reader. In my experience, I found Horary Astrology as more reliable and convincing than Natal Astrology. Readers can verify the facts. Students can easily master this subject with regular practice and study. The utility of ruling planets is marvelous in this subject. 

By VGR Pavan

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