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The Most Fearsome and Respected Deity: Shani

Shani Deva is scaring people since long. But, nobody knows that they are afraid of a myth. Are you going through a Sade Sati and getting depressed thinking planet Saturn (Shani Deva) is busy creating problems for you? Then, you are absolutely wrong. Read this article to know how Shani (Saturn) decides your fate...

Shani, the Lord of Saturday

“There is none who gives so much as Shani and none who ruins as much as Shani.” - according to an old Tamil proverb. 

Shani: The Evil Destroyer 

Shani is considered as the most feared, problematic and respected Lord. The deity is also known as Shaneeshwara, Pingala, Shanaishchara, Souri, Konastha and Manda. He is the son of Surya and Chhaya, sibling of Yama (God of Death) & Yamuna and married to Sati. Shani has a dark appearance with black clothes and sits on eagle with a shining gold crown. 

Shani Mantra 

“Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah”

The Astrological Effects Of ‘Shani’ 

Shani is also known as 'Shanaishchara', meaning the slow mover. He passes through a sign for approximately 2.5 years; therefore he takes around 30 years to pass through the complete zodiac.

Maha Dasha (major period) of Shani lasts for 19 years. When Shani transits through 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal moon, then it is known as Sade Sati as it lasts for 7.5 years. It is believed that Shani Dev is a great devotee of Krishna and therefore, he does not harm the devotees of Lord Krishna (especially on Saturdays). 

The ‘Malefic Side’ Of Shani 

Malefic effects of Shani results in:
  1. Slowdown of the matters, obstructions and delays. 
  2. Separation from parents, friends or spouse. 
  3. Chronic diseases

Saturn’s (Shani) malefic effects can be pacified by following certain remedies. Click here to find them - Saturn Remedies

The ‘Benefic Side’ Of Shani

Benefic effects of Shani favors with:
  1. Longevity
  2. Wealth and Fortune
  3. Wisdom and in-depth knowledge

Shani’s Effects In Different Houses 

(1st House): The natives enjoy long and noble life. They are economical and succeed in their initiatives. Also, they begin any work only after a detailed study; but they are stubborn in some matters. Due to the presence of Shani (Saturn) in 1st house, the natives remain unsatisfied in their achievements.

(2nd House): The natives are argumentative and live an irregular life. They marry early and in some cases marry twice. They are not too much educated and are addicted liquor.

(3rd House): The natives are friendly short tempered, atheist but, enjoy a luxurious life. In their lifetime, they are benefited by their siblings.

(4th House): Shani in 4th house from the Lagna causes trouble to the mother of the natives. Stomach troubles are possible for the natives and they have a wavering mind.

(5th House): Saturn in 5th house signifies is not favorable for the father, daughter and son of the natives. They are easily prone to quarrels with the government.

(6th House): Shani in this house brings fame and success for the natives in one or the other field. They face nervous weakness and lack of energy. Mental trouble is also possible due to frequent borrowing.

(7th House): Saturn in 7th house causes spouse-related problems. They are interested in traveling and have chances of marrying twice.

(8th House): The natives have a long life but, deal with sufferings throughout their life. Failure in work or enterprises are also possible. 

(9th House): Saturn 9th house signifies risk to native’s father. They are frequently prone to accidents and suffer from poverty in early youth. 

(10th House): The natives have a religious mind and perform religious acts judiciously. They are associated with iron industry and undertake frequent tours.

(11th House): Saturn in 11th house signifies high intelligence and wisdom. The natives have long life and enjoy comforts and luxuries. They reach the top position in life.

(12th House): Politeness and ability to handle every problem results when Saturn is in 12th house. The natives have a spendthrift nature which creates problems for them. 

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