Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sachin’s 199th Test Match - India Vs West Indies

The farewell to Sachin has begun from today. West Indies will be the team who will see him play his second last test match at Kolkata. Too much hype is created by media, Sachin’s last match is being used as the ultimate filler on channels. He is the undisputed God of cricket and such coverage is not at all bad. I am also trying to find out the result by my way of astro-numerology as put down by Late Shree K.S.K the founder of KP system of astrology. Let us begin,

India Vs West Indies

6th November, Kolkata

Favourite team : India
Time for prediction– 18:35
Date: 6.11.13 
Ascendant Lord: Venus- 9
Moon Star Lord- Ketu- 9 
Moon Sign Lord- Jupiter- 21
Day Lord- Mercury- 9

Winner: The result is 1 so India will win this game.

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