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AstroSage Tools To Help You Find Your Perfect Muhurtam

Muhurat Calculator
Muhurat is the auspicious time period, which can be used to perform certain ceremonies. In order to help you, AstroSage has brought some amazing tools to help you find out your Muhurta yourself. Yes, you can find it yourself; and the best part is - you will get an idea of the astrology principles to find Muhuratham yourself. These tools are so designed that you don’t need to have good astrological knowledge. 

There are 3 major tools available on AstroSage that will help you find out the Muhurata.

Hora is the particular duration of time assigned to a planet in a day. The term ‘Hour’ has been derived from Hora. Hora is typically the duration of 1 hour that is 60 minutes. Among the 9 planets of astrology, Rahu and Ketu are virtual (shadowy planets). Hence, we are left with 7 planets - Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon. These planets are given an hour everyday. If you wish to know the Hora (time period) of these 7 planets of a day, please click here - Hora of The Day

Choghadiya is a Sanskrit term consisting of 2 terms - Cho + Ghadi. ‘Cho’ means ‘four’ and ‘Ghadi’ (aka Ghati) is the Indian value of time that is used in place of hour. The 24 hours are equivalent to 60 Ghati. Each Choghadiya is consisted of 3.75 Ghati, which is approximately 4 Ghati; hence the term Choghadiya got its name. 

Now, we can say that a day is consisted of 16 Choghadiya, which is equivalent to 60 Ghati or 24 Hours. As per Indian traditional system, a day begins with the sunrise and ends with the sunrise of the next day. 

Now, there are 7 names for Choghadiya - Amrut, Shoobh, Labh, Chal, Udveg, Kaal and Rog. Out of 16 Choghadiya, each one is given a name. As there are 16 Choghadiya in a day, 7 names are distributed as per the quality of that particular Choghadiya. The names are classified as follows:

  1. Auspicious Choghadiya - Amrut, Shoobh & Labh
  2. Moderate Choghadiya - Chal
  3. Inauspicious Choghadiya - Udveg, Kaal & Rog

Hence, you may easily find out, which Choghadiya is auspicious for you to begin your task.

The Choghadiya that comes in the first half that is Sunrise to Sunset is considered as Day Choghadiya. On the contrary, the Choghadiya under other half (Sunset to Sunrise) are Night Choghadiya. Check the Choghadiya of the day here - Choghadiya of The Day

Rahukaal, as the name suggests, is the time duration dedicated to the planet Rahu. Yes, it may sound contradicting to Hora. But this virtual planet somehow takes it’s time in the day. This particular duration of time is considered inauspicious. Hence, anything should be avoided during this time. Click here to find out the most inauspicious time of the day - Rahukalam Calculator 

Now, most of you must be confused about how to find the most auspicious time (Muhurta) of the day. It doesn’t require you to know anything in astrology. Just relate all the 3 criteria (Rahukaal, Choghadiya & Hora) with each other and extract out the most auspicious time out of it.

We have also created a space, where you may find the Muhurat timings for the important events. However, we mentioned the above technique to ease you, in case you want any customization for a special event. Please click here to find out the Muhurats for the important events - Muhurat 2013

If you are still not satisfied and are doubtful while finding out Muhurta yourself, then you may take our expert astrologer’s assistance here - Muhurat Service.

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