Mercury transit in Libra Today, Know the upcoming changes of your life

Mercury will transit in Libra on 29 September 2019. Discover its subsequent impacts on your zodiac sign. Additionally get access to each and every outcome endorsed by this transit, which are also included in our detailed horoscope of each and every sign. 

The speciality of the planet Mercury is that it induces traits of practicality in a human being. On one hand, the planet helps you to gain mastery over the field of law, while on the other, one can also earn the reputation of being a sharp mathematician because of it. If this particular planet is placed favourably in your kundli, you are likely to become tactful and quick witted. You will be of joyous nature and also like to get involved in playful banter. Gradual progress will be made in the field of business and your abilities will be recognized in tasks which are related to intellect and wisdom. Reasoning skills will be solid and your peers will be seen praising you abundantly. Skin will also remain soft as Mercury is the significator of this particular aspect also. The concerned planet also has dominance over the north direction and the Nakshatras it governs are Ashlesha, Jyestha and Revati. Pisces happens to be its debilitated sign and Virgo is its exalted zodiac sign. 

Impact of the Planet Mercury 

Natives under the influence of Mercury are of practical nature, but the difficulties and contingencies of life also induce negative impacts in their lives. Quite occasionally, such natives tend to lack emotions and because of being rigidly practical, they seem to face difficulties in their relationships. But, the same planet adorns the role of a messenger and brings enhancement to one’s relationships as it encourages natives to speak sweetly and hence improve their relationships will their peers. The major period of this planet goes on for 17 years, during which it is advised to chant ॐ बुं बुधाय नम:/oṃ buṃ budhāya nama:/ so as to gain auspicious results during the major period of Mercury takes place. 

Natives who are under the positive influence of Mercury can enrolled in jobs and companies like Courier company, Law Firms, Messenger, News Reporter, Mathematician, Astrologer, Writer, Big businessman, Artist, Telephone, Media, Chartered accountant, and serve respectful posts in them. It is the grace of Mercury that makes one perfect in all these works. The strengthened state of Mercury in any person's Kundli makes him/her a scholar and also grants him/her the due respect and stature in any scholarly gathering. On the contrary, the negative placement of this planet in anyone’s Kundli makes the native suffer from communication problems. He/she may also find it difficult to grasp knowledge and understand things easily. Such natives are also lethargic in nature and also possess a weak memory power. This particular planet has governance over the colour green, which is why it is advised to wear green coloured clothes to pacify Mercury. 

The hands, skin, ears, nervous system, and lungs are the body parts that are subjected to Mercury and various diseases associated with these organs can occur throughout a person’s life when Mercury is negatively placed in his/her Kundli. Therefore, it is very important for Mercury to remain favourable in an individual’s birth chart. It is advised to wear Emerald so as to strengthen its presence. Four Faced Rudraksha can also be worn to increase the wattage of this planet. Feeding green fodder to cows(Gau Mata) and installing Budh Yantra is the most efficient remedy to pacify Mercury and provide an increment to its strength. 

Transit Time of Mercury 

The prince of all the Navagrahas and the determiner of logic, intelligence, speech and communication skills, the planet Mercury will enter Libra zodiac sign on Sunday, 29 September 2019 at 12:41 pm. It will remain posited in the same place till 22:47 on Wednesday, 23 October 2019. Let us now move on to know what effect this transit of Mercury in Libra will have on all the 12 zodiac signs.

Mercury transit’s impingement on Students

The transit of Mercury specifically influence the students as the planet is deeply associated with aspects like education and knowledge. Needless to say, the princely planet is of great importance to students. The presence of Mercury in Libra can be regarded auspicious in general terms, but students may witness a decrement in their concentration ability and will have to push their edges to a great extent with regards to their studies. While taking residence in Libra, this particular planet can divert the minds of students from academics and such individuals take more interest in various types of entertainment and various worldly pleasures and activities. In such a situation, education can be adversely affected, so it is advised to remain vigilant in the duration of this transit. 

How Good will be the Transit of Mercury for the Nation? 

According to the zodiac sign of independent India, the transit of Mercury is taking place in its fourth house, due to which the opposition may chance upon an issue or a debatable topic and try to shed negative light on the government. In such a situation, an attempt will also be made to adopt a new strategy against the government, although the Home Ministry of the country may come up with a new plan, while keeping the internal conditions in mind. During this time the entire nation may also get to see some developments in the field of internal security. 

Let us now move on to take a glance over the impact of Mercury’s transit in all all the zodiac signs.

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Mercury will be making its transit in the seventh house, which is also known as the marriage house of your zodiac sign. According to astrology, it is the determiner of one’s partnerships in various fields of life. This transitory motion of the princely planet does not seem much favorable for Aries natives as you can come across some problems healthwise. It is recommended that….Read More


The position of Mercury in the sixth house of their zodiac sign is giving auspicious signs for the Taurus natives. Especially the student natives of this sign will be at the receiving end of good results. There will be a new sharpness in your speech in this duration and you will impress everyone with your logic. You will be quite successful in competitions like debates, etc. Natives of this sign will have an…..Read More


Mercury will be making its transit through your fifth house, also known as the house of progeny. This house is the significator of one’s children, education and knowledge. This transit period will bring a bout of happiness for your familial life and you will get to spend time with the younger members of the family. You may even plan to go on a picnic with your family in this duration, and the amiability…..Read More


This transit of Mercury in the fourth house of your birth chart will be rather beneficial for Cancer natives. A serene environment will prevail over your family life as a result of this transit, and the love and affection between the members will increase. Those of you stay far from your family can spend hours talking to them over the phone. The health of your mother will improve and so will your…..Read More


Mercury will be making its transit through the third house of your zodiac sign, also known as the house of courage and valor. Due to this transitory motion, your communication skills will improve and you will be able to express your thoughts more clearly in front of others. Your familial life will remain normal, but you need to strengthen your relations with….Read More


The bestower of intellect, Mercury will make its transit in your second house, which belongs to the zodiac sign of Taurus, according to kalpurush kundli and signifies one’s money, wealth, and speech, etc. With this Mercury transit, Virgo natives may receive good results in various fields of their life. Beginning with your family life, you may be on the receiving end of happy results and successfully…..Read More


Mercury, the significator of speech and intellect, will be making its transit in your sign and therefore will be posited in your first, a.k.a., your ascendant house. As per the kalpurush kundli, this house pertains to the Aries sign and signifies one’s nature, health, and self-knowledge. While the presence of Mercury in this house brings good results in some aspects of your life, but there is also a possibility of…...Read More


The dualistic planet, Mercury, will be making its transit through the twelfth house of your zodiac sign. The house of Pisces, according to kalpurush kundli, it is also known as the house of expenditure. As a result of the transit of Mercury in this house, there can be an increase in your expenses. Hence, devise a good budget plan and you will be successful in putting a stop to these…..Read More


Sagittarius natives can look forward to financial profits due to Mercury making its transit through your eleventh house, i.e., the house of your profits. Any money that you may have loaned can come back to you in this duration, which will bring you out of any economic crunch. Your plans may finally come to fruition and you will reap its benefits in the near future. Coming to your family life…...Read More


Mercury’s transit through the tenth house of your zodiac sign will prove to be rather beneficial for Capricorn natives. This house is also designated the house of work or karma bhava which is why you will be more active than usual during this transit period. Working professionals will receive good results in their workplace and tasks done earlier by you, will be praised now. Some of you may even…...Read More


This Mercury transit will take place in the ninth house of Aquarius natives. This house corresponds to the zodiac sign, Sagittarius, as per kalpurush kundli and signifies our religion, luck, and fortune. The placement of Mercury in this house of your sign, may not be very favorable for you. Due to this transit, you may have to struggle in…..Read More


As Mercury makes its transit through your eighth house, also known as the Ayu Bhava or the house of longevity, Pisces natives will receive good results because of this planetary movement. An improvement in your economic front will be seen as you are successful in not only repaying your debts but also saving money for the future. Working professionals will be able to…..Read More

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Sharad Navratri 2019 Today, Know Ghatasthapana Rituals

Worship Maa Shailputri & perform Ghatasthapana on the first day of Navratri! Read puja rituals and mythological importance.

Navratri is a festival of worshipping the Devi Adi Shakti Maa Durga. During the nine days of Navratri, nine different incarnations of Goddess Durga are venerated. The literal meaning of Navratri can be defined with two words, “Nav” + “Ratri”, which means nine nights in English. In this duration, devotees worship the Goddess and seek her blessings for a prosperous life.

Navratri occurs five times in a year, which includes Chaitra, Ashadh, Ashwin or Sharad, Paugh and Magh Navratri. Among these, only Chaitra and Ashwin or Sharad Navratri are said to be of high importance, during which nine forms of Durga, i.e. Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri are revered. On the first day of Navratri, puja and fast are carried out as per the rituals to venerate Maa Shailputri and Ghatasthapana is performed before the puja begins. 

Ghatasthapana Muhurat

In the year 2019, Sharad Navratri is beginning from tomorrow, i.e. 29 September, September, and from that day, Goddess Shakti will be worshipped with great enthusiasm across the country till 8 October, 2019, Tuesday. According to Hindu beliefs, the first day of this holy festival is considered important among the devotees of the Goddess, because Maa Shailputri is worshipped on the same day after performing Ghatasthapana ritual. Let’s know the Ghatasthapana muhurat and duration:

Sharad Navratri 2019 Ghatasthapana Muhurat
Time of GhatasthapanaFrom 06:12:45 to 07:40:15
Duration1 Hour 27 Minutes

Note: The Muhurat given in the above table is effective for New Delhi know the Ghatasthapana muhurat and rituals for your city

Importance of Ghatasthapana on the First Day

Ghatasthapana, also known as Kalash Sthapana, in Navratri holds high significance. Since it is the first day of Navratri, Maa Durga is duly worshipped only after performing the Ghatasthapana. Whether it is Chaitra or Sharad Navratri, the Kalash Sthapana ritual is carried out on the Pratipada or Prathama Tithi during an auspicious muhurat. 

According to Hinduism, Lord Ganesha must be worshipped before commencing any auspicious task. As per the holy scriptures, the Kalash (urn) is revered as Lord Ganesha, and considered his equivalent or his symbol. Hence, Lord Ganesha is foremost venerated on the first day of Navratri, and then all the deities are hailed after performing the Ghatasthapana. 

The Glory Of Navdurga

Mother Durga is described as 'Durgati Nashini' in Hinduism, i.e. a powerful destroyer of misery and poverty. That is why she is hailed as the Adi Shakti of the entire universe. She was originated by Pitamaha Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Mahadev, the Trinity, to end the evil and offer prosperity and power to her devotees.

Navratri Worshipping Rituals

  • Wake up early in the morning, take a bath and decorate the Thali for the puja.
  • After cleaning the altar, place an idol or picture of Goddess Durga and her nine incarnations.
  • After this, offer red-coloured clothes on the idol of Goddess Durga.
  • If you want to fast, then take a resolution in front of the Goddess with true devotion.
  • Then, sow the Barley seeds in an earthen pot and pour water in it till the day of Navami. 
  • After this, establish the Kalash according to the auspicious muhurat mentioned above in front of the Goddess. Remember to fill the urn with Gangajal, put Mango leaves on its mouth and a coconut on top.
  • Now, wrap the urn or Kalash with a red cloth and tie it around using a Kalava or red thread.
  • Now, keep the Kalash near the earthen pot.
  • After this, carry out the Panchopchar puja of the Goddess with flowers, camphor, incense, diya, and Kalash.
  • After this, light an Akhand Jyoti in front of the Goddess. You must know that the devotees of the Goddess light the Akhand Jyoti for these sacred nine days.
  • Similarly, chant the Durga Mantras every day for nine days during Navratri, and seek her blessings for a prosperous life.
  • After this, on the day of Ashtami or Navami, worship the nine young girls accordingly. Offer them a Dakshina and Bhog comprising of Puri (deep fried bread), Chana or Black Gram and Halwa, a sweet dish.
  • On the last day after venerating the Goddess, perform the ritual of Ghat Visarjan. During this, recite the Aarti of Maa Durga, offer her flowers, rice and immerse the Kalash at the end.

Akhand Jyoti During Navratri

Akhand Jyoti lit during Navratri in front of the Goddess holds high importance. It is believed that by lighting this Akhand Jyoti, Goddess Shakti eliminates darkness from the life of her devotees and enlightens their minds and souls. Therefore, by lighting the Akhand Jyoti during Navratri, natives get rid of obstacles, sufferings, troubles and all kinds of diseases. Several sages and renowned historical figures have mentioned in the Vedas that the influence of Akhand Jyoti ablazed during the nine days of Navratri is directly visible on the life of a native.

Importance of Kanya Puja During Navratri

Kanya Pujan, also known as Kumari Pujan, is a special ritual performed on the last day of Navratri. Women have always been given a special place in Hinduism, and bachelor and young girls are hailed as Jagat Janani Maa Jagdamba. Hence, special importance is given to the worshipping rituals carried out for the Goddess in Navratri. During this time, on the day of Ashtami or Navami, devotees invite nine, seven, five, three or one young girl, worship her as one of the incarnations of the Goddess, and offer her Prasad and Dakshina.

Things To Remember During Navratri

  • Any native who worships Maa Durga and fasts should observe Brahmacharya for nine days with true devotion.
  • The natives who fast for nine days should eat only once throughout the day. During this time, milk, fruits and vegetarian food can be consumed.
  • For these nine days, sleeping on the ground garners auspicious results.
  • Alcohol or meat is strictly prohibited during these nine days.
  • Using or consuming onion or garlic for nine days of Navratri is also prohibited.

Importance of Nine Colours During Navratri

According to Hinduism, during the nine days of Navratri, every day signifies a special color. In such a situation, it is believed that using or wearing these colours during nine days of Navratri garners beneficial results.

  • Pratipada: Yellow colour is auspicious.
  • Dwitiya: Green colour is auspicious.
  • Tritiya: Brown colour is auspicious.
  • Chaturthi: Orange colour is auspicious. 
  • Panchami: White color is auspicious. 
  • Sashti: Red colour is auspicious.
  • Saptami: Blue color is auspicious.
  • Ashtami: Pink colour is auspicious.
  • Navami: Purple colour is auspicious.

Venerating Maa Shailputri On The First Day Of Navratri

As we have told you above, nine different forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped during Navratri. Maa Shailputri is venerated on the first day of Navratri. In Sanskrit, “Shailputri” means "daughter of the mountain", and accordingly, she got this name due to being the daughter of the Mountain King Himalaya. According to mythological beliefs, their mount is a Bull, due to which she is also known as Vrisharudha. This form of the Goddess holds a Trishul or Trident in her right hand and Lotus flower in her left hand. This rare form of the Goddess is also known as Sati in many states.

Depiction of Maa Shailputri

This form of Maa Durga embellishes the Trident or Trishul in the right hand and the Lotus flower in the left hand. Mother Shailputri adorns a half-moon on her forehead and rides the Nandi bull.

Mantra To Venerate Maa Shailputri

-ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नमः॥ / oṃ devī śailaputryai namaḥ॥

-वन्दे वाञ्छितलाभाय चन्द्रार्धकृतशेखराम्। वृषारुढां शूलधरां शैलपुत्रीं यशस्विनीम्॥

-vande vāñchitalābhāya candrārdhakṛtaśekharām। vṛṣāruḍhāṃ śūladharāṃ śailaputrīṃ yaśasvinīm॥

Happy Navratri 2019 to all the readers from AstroSage!
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Sarva Pitru paksha Amavasya Tomorrow! Know the Rituals of Pind Daan

Donate these items for the pacification of your ancestors on the last day of Pitru Paksha and earn their blessings. Also learn ways to provide salvation to their souls. 

The Amavasya which falls in the month of Ashwin is known as Sarv Pitri Amavasya. It has a special significance in the realm of Hinduism as the immersion(Visarjan) of Pitru is done on this day. The Shradh (Pitri Paksha) which goes on for about one Paksha, comes to an end on this day only. During this occasion of Shradh Samapan, food is offered to Brahmins along with various donations. By doing so, the souls of one’s Pitru or ancestors attain salvation.

Ashwin Amavasya Tithi beginsFrom 28 September 2019 at 03:47:57
Ashwin Amavasya Tithi beginsTill 28 September 2019 at 23:58:14

Sarv Pitri Amavasya Importance 

As per Hindu religious beliefs, it is stated that the Shradh done on the day of Ashwin Amavasya provides salvation to the departed souls of one’s ancestors. They move out from the web of birth and death. On this day, the Shradh of those family members are commenced, who died untimely and not of natural causes. This Amavsya also has Tantric eminence as its very next day marks the arrival of Sharad Navratri. Therefore, those who wish to attain Tantric accomplishments perform Tantric practices on Amavasya night.

In the present time, people lack time and many things are forgotten due to remaining busy. Therefore, if you do not remember the Shradh date of your ancestors for any reason, then it can be performed on this day. You can perform the Tarpan of your forefathers or ancestors in case you failed to do so throughout the Shradh. 

Tasks To Be Performed During Pitra Visarjan Amavasya 

  • Take a bath on a river, waterfall or a furrow on this day. 
  • Offer Arghya to the Sun in the morning. 
  • Afterwards, perform the Tarpan for your forefathers. 
  • Light a lamp at dusk and place puri and other sweets at the door. This should be done so that the fathers do not leave hungry and the path for their return becomes visible in the light of the lamp.
  • Pind Daan Rituals to Follow During Pitru Paksha Amavasya

Keep your mind stable during the time of Pind Daan. 

  • Chant the Gayatri Mantra.
  • Also recite the Somay Pitrimate Swaha Mantra.
  • The Shastras give prominence to three Pind offerings. 
  • Firstly, offer the Pind Daan to water. 
  • Give the second Pind Daan to a Gurus' wife.
  • Lastly, offer the last Pind Daan to the fire. 
  • Why are Donations made during Pitri Visarjani Amavasya? 

According to the mythology, it is believed that the most important ray of the Sun is a ray named Ama and with the help of its radiance, the Sun God brightens up all the three worlds. On the special Tithi of the same Amami, the Moon takes a tour and with the help of its rays, one’s forefathers come down to the Earth from their own world. 

This is why Amavasya of Shraddha Paksha or Amavasya of Pitru Paksha is considered very important. On this day, donating and performing virtuous tasks etc. for all the fathers bring all kinds of happiness and in turn the ancestors also bless us to attain happiness and prosperity.

Items which should be donated during Pitru Paksha Amavasya

  • Cattle
  • Land
  • Clothing
  • Black Sesame seeds
  • Gold
  • Ghee
  • Jaggery
  • Grain
  • Silver
  • Salt

May this blog written on Pitru Parv prove to be insightful for you. Thankyou for staying connected with AstroSage!!
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Mars Transiting in Virgo Today! Know its Impacts Now!

Mars to change it residence and take nest in Virgo. Read the subsequent impact of this transit on the natives belonging to all the twelve zodiac signs. 

The planet Mars is the source of all energy required by each and every organism and human beings which is why it is given a very important status. This energy enables us to move ahead in life and complete every task in time. According to Vedic astrology, this planet gives us the power that is necessary to perform all the functions in our life. Mars has a bile nature which is governed by the fire element and also given the status of a male planet. Natives require its benediction to move forward in life, as it provides leadership qualities and makes a person courageous.

If the planet Mars is weakly situated in a person’s Kundli, then he/she has to deal with multiple problems. Some of them include lack of leadership capacity, loss of life energy, blood related irregularities, injuries, operation or surgery, accident etc. Possibilities. Apart from this, weak Mars or inauspicious Mars makes a person short tempered and arrogant. Such a native tends to get involved in unnecessary matters and also becomes inflicted with many problems. 

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When the planet Mars remains posited in its own sign Aries or Scorpio or its exalted sign, Capricorn, it creates a Panch Mahapurusha yoga called "Ruchchak" which is a yoga known for generating all kinds of prosperity in life. Such a person, along with being fearless, performs well in all spheres of life by being serious towards life values ​​and ultimately reaches the heights of success in life.

Mars Transit Timing 

Also known as the commander of all the deities, the planet Mars will move into its enemy Mercury’s zodiac sign Virgo, thereby exiting its friend Sun's sign Leo on 25 September 2019, at 05:56 am on Wednesday and it will remain posited in the same place until 10 November, 2019. Its impact will be visible in all the twelve zodiac signs, So let us know what auspicious and inauspicious effects are going to usher in the lives of people. 

Before that, let us take a look at its impact all over the nation. 

Mars transit Impact in Politics

The transit of Mars is taking place from the third house from independent India’s zodiac signs, due to which our country will be successful on many fronts. India will take some drastic measures which will take care of the internal and external security of the country, under which experts are sure to neutralize and curb terrorist attacks and take punitive action. There will be news describing the unrestrained blasphemy about the country by the opposing countries which the country will not tolerate at any cost and will win over it diplomatically.

Mars Transit Impact all Over the Country

India will be able to win new partners for many schemes, which will accelerate the pace of industrial sector in the country and will open the way for new businesses to get new life. The given time period can also be a bit challenging for the government because there is a possibility that some of their own people may try to go against it. The country will do well in the field of sports and Indian players will get good awards in many sports, which will add a feather to our country’s glorious cap. 

Impact of Mars in the Share Market 

The transit of Mars in Virgo will cause fluctuations in different types of stocks. Particularly, prices of metals will fluctuate and real estate will remain sluggish. Selling can be seen in the field of automobiles. Apart from this, prices of turmeric, copper, dry grapes, jaggery etc. will increase.

Let’s move on and read the effect of Mars Transit in Leo on all 12 zodiac signs:

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Weekly Horoscope (23 - 29 September 2019)

Read the weekly forecast of 23-29 September, 2019 to discover the impending changes which are yet to take place in your life. Along with delivering crucial details about your emotional, physical, love, marital and various other spheres of life, this weekly horoscope also consists of effective remedies to eradicate your existing difficulties and problems.

Welcome back to AstroSage. The latest weekly horoscope for the last week of September is here, which consists of all the major predictions for the 12 zodiac signs. These foresights will help you to make your upcoming days more special and fruitful. Additionally, you will also get some insights about the delightful offers of the week, which are specially designed for you. These astrological reports, prepared by our learned astrologers, are derived from authentic astrological computations, which helps you to keep track of your love life, marital life, profession, family, health, economic and domestic life for free. In this horoscope, specified remedies are also developed according to each and every sign, which will guide you in leaving behind the hurdles present in your life. Thus, it is highly recommended to take a look at this weekly horoscope if you are currently going through a rough phase. 

Nevertheless, let us now move on to take a quick look at the special occurrences of this week. 

Natives of these zodiac signs will get unlimited success and happiness 

According to the positions taken by various planets and Nakshatras, it can be stated that natives belonging to Aries, Cancer and Scorpio zodiac signs are likely to stumble upon profitable circumstances during the course of this week. Not only the planet Moon, natives this week will also be under the influence of Mercury and Mars, who will be seen changing places and bringing alterations in everyone’s life. Consequently, success in terms of profession, marriage and domestic life will grace such natives. Thus, the most of this week will be made by Aries, Cancer and Scorpio folks. On the contrary, natives belonging to the other signs should remain a bit cautious as various difficulties may be seen taking house in their lives. If not problematic, they will come across an average time frame. Thus, they are advised to observe the remedies prescribed by our learned astrologers so as to keep problems at bay. 

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This Week’s Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts 

As per the calculations provided by Hindu Panchang, this week will begin with Krishna Paksha’s Navami Tithi and end with Shukla Paksha’s Prathama Tithi. Talking about the position of Chandrama, it will be seen taking nest in Gemini zodiac sign. It will then gradually move in a transitory motion to enter the Cancer, Leo and Virgo signs. Additionally, the transit of Mars will take place in Mercury’s zodiac sign Virgo on 25th September 2019. On the last day of this week, the dualistic planet Mercury will also be seen making its transit in Libra zodiac sign. Thus, along with the impact of Moon’s transit, natives of all the twelve zodiac signs will get according to the transits of Mars and Mercury too. This week will also host many festivals and fasts which increases its importance to a great extent. On wednesday, 25 September 2019, Indira Ekadashi Vrat will be observed by natives to pacify the souls of their respective ancestors. Meanwhile, on Thursday, 26 September 2019, Pradosh Vrat(Krishna) will be kept. Masik Shivratri and Ashwin Amavasya will be celebrated on 27 and 28 September 2019 respectively. Most importantly, 29 September 2019, will be marked as the commencing date of Sharad Navratri, the most significant festival observed in the northern states of India. On the first day of Navratri, Ghatsthapna along with the reverence of Goddess Shailputri is commenced by the devotees. Thus, taking note of all the festivals and fasts, the last week of September can be given a quite significant status. 

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Share Market Predictions of This Week 

The stock market is likely to see a boom period this week. Particularly from 25 September 2019, stocks and publications of Gold, Gunpowder, Scripture, Media, Electricity, Copper, Bronze, Dangerous weapons, Nuclear power, Sulfur, Wheat and Graphite sectors, Media, FMCG, Insurance, Textiles, Paper, Telecommunications, Exports , IT, Mobile, Internet, Cotton, Agricultural products and Food grains will remain high. Talking of recession, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic center, Copper, Crude oil, Hospital, Infrastructure, Gypsum, Iron and steel, Spices, Tobacco, Capital goods, Cement, Health care, Shastra, Gunpowder and metals etc. are likely to witness a recessionary period.

Celebrity Birthdays

Many prominent personalities from the world of Films and Politics will celebrate their birthdays during the time of this week. To begin with, India’s former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will celebrate his birthday on 26 September 2019. Interestingly, the melodious Lata Mageshkar, most versatile actor Ranbir Kapoor and the beautiful Mouni Roy , all three of them will blow out their birthday candles on 28 September 2019. On the same day, the birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh , the great revolutionary will also be observed by the entire nation.

AstroSage wishes all the very best to the celebs who will be celebrating their birthdays. 

Let us now move on to the weekly predictions according to all the twelve zodiac signs. 

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During the last phase of September, the transit of the luminary planet will take place in your third, fourth, fifth and sixth house. Additionally, the transit of Mars and Mercury will take place in your sixth and seventh house respectively. You may have to push your edges to a great extent at the beginning of the week to see the face of success. Troubles will also knock at your door as the….Read More

Love Predictions 

For the natives belonging to Aries zodiac sign, this week will bring mixed results. Various thoughts prevailing in your mind will not only keep you preoccupied with other tasks, but will also bring distance between you and your beloved as you will spend less time with him/her. In such a situation, your…..Read More


The second, third, fourth and fifth house of your sign will be occupied by the planet Moon during this week’s time. Along with the Moon, the transit of Mars will take place in your fifth house and that of Mercury will occupy your sixth house. On the familial front chaos may prevail due to the placement of Moon in your second house. You are advised to maintain a….Read More

Love Predictions 

This week seems plausible for love related matters. Taking note of the appropriate time and condition, you may introduce your beloved to your family members. This step of yours will bring depth to your relationship and both of you will be busy making plans about your…….Read More


Ascendant house of your sign will be occupied by the planet Moon at the beginning of this week. Afterwards, it will move to make its tarbsit in the second, third and fourth houses of your sign. Subsequently, the transit of the planet Mars and Mercury will also take place in your fourth and fifth house respectively. While the Moon occupies your lagna house, your self confidence will…..Read More

Love Predictions 

For matters related to love and romance, this week will supposedly remain below than average. Although your love for your partner will remain intact, there are chances are you remaining dissatisfied with him/her. This can be a blow to your beloved respect and reputation. Try to keep a tab on your anger and…..Read More


During the last week of September, Cancerians will witness the presence of the luminary planet Moon in their twelfth, first, second and third house and receive the outcomes accordingly. Next, the transit of Mars will take place in the third house and that of Mercury will take place in your fourth house. While the Moon remains posited in your twelfth house, health….Read More

Love Predictions 

The last week of September is likely to remain propitious for matters related to love. However, you should make use of your presence of mind from to eradicate the problems crippling your relationship. The position occupied by the planet Mars is also giving positive indications for…..Read More


At the beginning of this week, the moon will remain posited in the eleventh house of Leo natives. Slowly as the week moves forward, the transit of Chandrama will take place in the twelfth, first and second house of your sign. Additionally, readers should also know that this week will also host the transit of planets Mars and Mercury which will occur in the second and third house of your sign respectively. With the passage of Chandra in eleventh house, students will encounter some….Read More

Love Predictions 

The conjunction of the planets Moon and Mars can bring distance in the relationships of Leo natives who are in love. Thus, the last week of September seems to be unfavourable for matters related to love. Misunderstandings can take house in your relationship. Thus, do not….Read More


The disciple of Jupiter, the planet Moon will make its transit in the tenth, eleventh, twelfth and first house of Virgo aboriginals. The planets Mars and Mercury will also be placed in the lagna and second house of your sign respectively. At the beginning of the week, the son of sage Atri, Moon will bring turbulence in your professional life when it takes residence in the tenth house of your sign. On the familial front…..Read More

Love Predictions 

This week cannot be said to be favorable for love related matters as the transit of Mars in your zodiac will cause a misunderstanding between you and your lover. It can ruin your beautiful relationship. So, at this time it will be better to meet your lover lesser than usual and communicate…..Read More

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During the last week of September 2019, the significator of one’s mind, the planet Moon will take house in your ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth house. Along with the planet Moon, the planet Mars’ transit will take place in your twelfth house and that of the planet Mercury will take place in the first house. At the beginning of the week only, you may have to undertake a long distance journey when the….Read More

Love Predictions

For love related matters, this week will be slightly better than the previous week. Although the affliction of Mars can generate some problems, but in spite of this, if your love towards your partner is true, then such a situation will not spoil your relationship. Purchasing a good gift for your loved one at this time will make him/her….Read More


The eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house of your sign will be occupied by the planet Moon during the last week of September 2019. Additionally, the transit of the planets Mars and Mercury will also take place in your eleventh and twelfth houses respectively. The week will not begin on a good note for you as the Moon takes house in your eighth house. It has been said because….Read More

Love Predictions 

During the last days of September, mixed results are expected to be received by natives who are in love. On one hand, there will be clashes, while on the other, your intimacy will become prominent. It will provide strength to your relationship. However, you are advised to display a….Read More


The seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth house of Sagttarians will be occupied by the planet Moon during the time of this week. In addition to this, the transit of Mers will take place in your tenth house and that of Mercury will take place in your eleventh house. Conjugal lives of Sagittarius natives will experience some peaks and throughs while the Moon remains posited in your seventh house. Misunderstandings between each other will give….Read More

Love Predictions 

Sagittarius natives will be lucky in love during this entire week. It has been said so because the transit of Mercury and Mars will create positive circumstances. You will feel attached to your partner to your partner during this time and your relationship will attain more…..Read More


During this week only, the transit of Moon will take place in your sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth house. Supplemantraily, the transit of the planets Mars and Mercury will take place in your ninth and tenth house respectively. As the Moon makes its entrance in your sixth house, you are advised to keep your involvement way from unnecessary debates and controversies. Moreover, expenses will also increase and it will add to your….Read More

Love Predictions 

For matters related to love, this week is expected to bring forward challenges. The poor health conditions of your life partner will not not allow his/her mind to remain stable. Consequently, clashes will take place and it will impact your relationship in a negative manner. Problems can be eradicated if and only….Read More


During the last week of September, the luminary planet Moon will take position in your fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth house. Along with this, this week will also host the transit of Moon which will take place in your eighth house and that of Mercury will take place in your ninth house. As soon as the Moon takes residence in your fifth house, you may undertake some kind of loan. The bond you share with your children may face a….Read More

Love Predictions 

For matters related to love and romance, this week is expected to remain quite propitious as the presence of Mars and Chandrama in your Kundli will provide enhancement to your relationship. However, the Sun can interfere and test your love from time to time, but you will be able to….Read More


During this week’s time, Pisceans will witness the presence of the luminary planetMoon in their fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh house. Moreover, the planet Mars will reside in your seventh house and Mercury will take house in your eighth house. A chaotic environment will be seen prevailing over the familial front when the transit of the mind’s significator will take place…..Read More

Love Predictions

The last week of September will not prove to be much propitious for natives belonging to Pisces zodiac sign. Your love affair will go through a sensitive phase due to the affliction of many malefic planets. In such a situation, you are advised to remain calm rather than harrowing, when….Read More

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Weekly Horoscope (16 - 22 September 2019)

What do the stars and planets have in store for you this week? Read our weekly horoscope of 16 - 22 September 2019 which consists of intricate details about the various spheres of your life. Not only you can foresee your future with its help, but also make it better with the help of prescribed remedies mentioned in this astrological forecast.

Welcome back to AstroSage once again. Like always, we are here with the predictions for the third week of September. This astrological forecast will help you to keep track of various changes that are yet to take place in your mental, social, economic, domestic and professional life. The foresights which find a place in this horoscope are quite genuine and accurate as they have been curated by the best astrologers available here at AstroSage. All these can be accessed for free, thus adding to your convenience. If you are coming across multiple problems or suffering from health issues, then it is highly recommended to go through this horoscope as it will be of great help in eradicating your troubles and helping you to enjoy a prosperous time. We hope that this weekly report brings bounts of joys and happiness to your life and helps you to set foot in the right path of life.

Let us now take a quick look at the special occurrences of this week. 

Natives of these zodiac signs should remain careful 

After taking a look at the various planetary positions and movements, it can be stated that this week will not prove to be much propitious for natives belonging to Leo, Virgo and Libra zodiac signs. Such natives may come across many difficulties in various spheres of life. Success can take some time to touch the feet of such natives. Thus, it is advised to remain prepared for the upcoming challenges so as to put an end to them timely. On the contrary, natives belonging to the zodiac signs of Pisces, Aquarius and Taurus are expected to come across a favourable time during this week. They are likely to get desirable and successful outcomes in their undertaken tasks. The natives belonging to the other zodiac signs will witness an average time. In order to make your upcoming time better, it is recommended to observe the remedies prescribed by our astrologers in this horoscope. 

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Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts of This Week 

As per the calculations of Hindu Panchang, the third week of September will begin with Krishna Paksha’s Dvitiya Tithi and end with Krishna Paksha’s Ashtami Tithi. Meanwhile the planet Moon or Chandrama will remain placed in Pisces zodiac sign. It will move in a transitory motion to take nest in Aries, Taurus and Gemini signs. Additionally, the transit of Sun will also take place in the Virgo sign. Thus, along with the impact of Moon’s transit, natives of all the twelve zodiac signs will also remain under the influence of Sun transit taking place in Virgo. Talking about the festivals and fasts occuring during the time of this week, then Sankashti Chaturthi will be celebrated on 17 September 2019. This particular festival is devoted to Ganesh Ji and a fast kept on this day helps a native to obtain peace, knowledge, happiness and prosperity. 

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Share Market Predictions of This Week 

During this week’s time too, the Stock Market will go through a boom and slow down period just like the previous week. In particular, the prices of commodities like Garlic, Rice, Camphor, Emerald, Sandalwood, Gold, Cedar and Kandamul will continue to rise and Telecommunication, Insurance, Mobile, Banking, FMCG, Media, Textile, Finance, Paper, Internet, Agriculture sector will also witness a boom. The stocks of products like Cotton, Exports and Aviation sectors will be bullish. If we talk about recession, then Petroleum, Milk and Dairy products, Oil, Gas, Silver, Rice, Aluminum, Mineral water, Shipping, Cold drinks, Peppermint and Alcohol are likely to be affected.

Celebrity Birthdays

The most important man of the nation, India’s current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi will celebrate his 69th birth anniversary on 17 September 2019. The entire public of our country will enjoy this day as a joyous festival. Moving on, the month of September will also include the birthdays of various Bollywood stars. This list includes , the evergreen Kareena Kapoor Khan , who will blow out the candles on 21 September 2019, dynamic director Mahesh Bhatt , whose birthday falls on 20 September 2019 and versatile actress Shabana Azmi. She will be seen celebrating her birthday on 18 September 2019. We wish them all a prosperous year ahead and the prosperous wishes for their lucky days. 

Let us now move on to the weekly predictions according to each and every zodiac sign. 

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You will remain in a cheerful mood at the beginning of the week, as the Moon will be posited in the 12th house and aspected by Mercury and Venus. During this period, your expenditure would increase, and you may spend over luxuries, comforts and religious activities. After that, the Moon will enter into your sign, i.e. the first house, and this will bring a….Read More

Love Predictions

Aries love birds will undergo a tough period in their love life, as Sun and Mars together are present in the 5th house. After Sun's transiting in the sixth house, Mars would remain there and will create hassles in your love life. You need to be more careful while….Read More


Due to the blessings of the Moon, you will kickstart this week as the planet will be posited in the eleventh house of achievements. Your inner self will be at ease, your creative side will flourish, and you will improve your interests in any kind of art and earn through it. Your children will have a great time, and reap the fruits of their….Read More

Love Predictions

For your love life for this week, the placement of Venus and Mercury in the fifth house acts as a boon. As a result, you will enjoy closeness in the relationship. Emotions and romance will be in…Read More


Being a Gemini, you would enjoy comforts at the workplace, as the Moon will be posited in the tenth house. Your performance at work will become a reason for praise from senior officials. Moreover, the environment at home will be soothing, and thus, you would enjoy your time with your beloved people. After this, the Moon will enter into your eleventh house, and it will bring….Read More

Love Predictions

This week seems fine for love birds, as they can introduce their lover to their family. Cheerful moments will be spent together, that will be cherished forever. You may be on cloud nine and feel like the….Read More


You may go on a long-distance trip at the beginning of the week, which will bring internal satisfaction and calmness in your life. You would enjoy spending time with your friends and a few relatives. Also, your siblings will lead their life in comfort. With the Moon entering in the tenth house, you will be seen dedicated towards your work and working hard tirelessly, hereby…..Read More

Love Predictions

This week seems to be fine for love matters. Jupiter is placed in the fifth house and fifth lord Mars in the second house. According to these planetary positions, a sense of seriousness is needed from your side. Someone may seem to be attracted towards you, but…Read More.

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Placement of the Moon in your eighth house will bring mental stress at the beginning of this week. Any unwanted journey may come your way, but you will be amazed by some sudden good incidents. You may meet some good people on your way. After that, the Moon will enter in your ninth house of long journeys and luck, and as a result, luck will favour you. Your endeavours will be….Read More

Love Predictions

Love life seems troublesome during this week, as the conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the fifth house is forming. In this period, time will test you. You need to fight the challenges and prove that….Read More


Moon will mark its presence in the seventh house, and due to this, you will have a blissful married life at the beginning of this week. There will be love, affection, romance and outing together with your spouse, which will enrich your married life. The business would beget benefits, and you may plan for expansion also. When the Moon enters in the eighth house, your mind will….Read More

Love Predictions

This week will prove to be a good one for your love matters. However, your personal tensions might affect your relationship. Hence, try not to bring such topics between you two. You will be overflowing with love in this duration, and try hard to….Read More


This week starts with unexpected incidents taking place as the Moon will be placed in the sixth house, but as the time proceeds, you will see favourable changes. In this duration, try and keep a tab on your spending, else you can face financial troubles. A correct approach towards your wealth management will….Read More

Love Predictions

This week will be a tough one for your love life, as two hot planets, namely Sun and Mars are aspecting your fifth house. However, Sun will change its sign, but Mars will bring some negative results. There might be some debates or heated arguments with….Read More


The Moon’s placement in the fifth house will give this week a good start. Your interest in creative arts will increase, and you may also try to increase your intellectual know-how. Your children will flourish, and you will feel free from worries. After this, the Moon will come into your sixth house. As a result, you will be needed to put a lot of effort to…Read More

Love Predictions 

Love birds will fly high in the sky this week. The presence of Moon at the beginning in the fifth house and aspect of Venus and Mercury on this house creates a favourable environment around you. Due to all of them being….Read More


Moon will be there in your 4th house at the beginning of this week, and because of that, you will remain happy and your personal life will flourish. At the same time, your professional life will grow steadily, and you will be able to cope up with all your shortcomings. Be aware and do not indulge in any kind of gossiping at work. When the Moon moves in the 5th house during midweek, your children will do their….Read More

Love Predictions

Talking about your love life, we can say that this week will bring some changes for you. Your lover or you may go on a long journey or abroad respectively, and you may miss a golden chance to meet them before departure. There will be love between you two, but…Read More


During this week, Moon will move into the third, fourth, fifth and sixth houses from your moon sign and hence, activate them. As a result of the same, you will enjoy during short distance journeys, and your relationship with your siblings will be better than earlier. Apart from that, your spouse would earn well, and with the help of his/her support, you will be able to attain a good.... Read More

Love Predictions

This week is going to be a fun ride, and if you wish to propose someone you like, then you may go ahead as you may succeed in it. Both sides will come to an agreement regarding your love marriage, and give their blessings, hereby making your week more exciting and…..Read More


You will be positive at the beginning of the week as Moon will be there in your second house. Your immediate family would enjoy a small get-together, and you may meet with your in-laws during a function. Money gains are possible. Thereafter, the Moon will enter in the third house, and with its effect, you will gain a positive perspective towards things in life, and as a result,....Read More

Love Predictions

Love couples would undergo a mixed period during the week. Placement of Rahu and the aspect of Saturn on the fifth house would create some misunderstandings between the duo, and this should be clarified….Read More


Moon will be posited in your first sign at the beginning of the week and beget very good results. You will become intellectually strong and happy and your married life will be full of comfort, love and care. You, along with your spouse, would enjoy this week to the fullest, and this will strengthen your marital cord. Your business would become a source of happiness as it will acquire good growth and….Read More

Love Predictions

If we talk about love matters, this week will start on a slow but steady pace. The aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house will be a reason for happiness and mutual understanding in your love life. If you are single, then during midweek, a new….Read More

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Anant Chaturdashi Today! Know its Muhurat and Puja Rituals

This Anant Chaturdashi, obtain the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Also, know the auspicious Muhurat to conduct the Anant Chodas Puja and its importance. 

Anant Chaturdashi, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu will be celebrated on 2 September 2019. As per the Hindu Panchang, this Chodas festival is celebrated on Chaturdashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha during the Bhadrapada month. The word Anant Chaturdashi is the conjunction of two words. The first is Anant, which signifies an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which has no beginning or end. It can be said that it is the infinitive form of Vishnu Ji. While the second word is Chaturdashi and it represents the fourteenth date. Therefore, this festival is also called Chaudas in many places

On this very auspicious occasion, Lord Narayan is venerated in a special manner. After the Puja rituals are completed, there is a tradition of tying the Anant Sutra, which has great significance. This Anant Sutra is made of cotton or silk thread and tied around one’s wrist after commencing the Puja Vidhi. It is often believed that after wearing the Anant Sutra, God becomes our guiding light, saves us from difficulties and provides us with the worldly pleasures and comforts. On the day of Anant Chaturdashi, natives also observe fasts to get the boon of a child.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें… 

Anant Chaturdashi Puja Muhurat

Puja Muhurat Time 12 September 2019 at 06:04:17 in the morning till 13 September 2019 at 07:37:13 in the morning
Duration25 hours 32 minutes

Note: The time period given above is valid for New Delhi only. Click Here to know the Muhurat of your city. 

Anant Chaturdashi Fast Rituals 

The fast of Ananta Chaturdashi is kept on Shukla Paksha’s Chaturdashi Tithi during the month of Bhadrapada , for which Chaturdashi Tithi should be available in two Muhurats after sunrise. If the Tithi ends before two Muhurats after sunrise, then Anant Chaturdashi should be celebrated on the next day. Worshiping during this fast and performing its primary rituals during the first half of the day is considered auspicious. Under any circumstances, if the puja is not done during the days’ first half, then it should be commemorated in the initial phase of midday, which consists of the seventh and the ninth Muhurat of the day. 

Anant Chaturdashi’s Importance

As per the religious beliefs, the occasion of Anant Chaturdashi and its fast has been observed since the era of the Mahabharata. When the Pandavs lost their everything to Kauravas and spending time in exile in the forest, Lord Krishna notified them about the importance of Anant Chaturdashi fast. It is said that Lord Vishnu appeared in fourteen incarnations at the beginning of this Universe’s creation to protect and uphold all the fourteen worlds, because of which he seemed infinite to everyone.

Thus, the Anant Chaturdashi fast is kept to appease Lord Narayan and obtain the fruits of success and prosperity. The Anant or infinite representation of Vishnu ji is venerated during this festival. All the rituals associated with this event are commenced during the afternoon hours. On this day, after taking a bath in the morning, an oath is taken by the devotees to observe this fast and then they establish the Kalash or Vase. The importance of fast and also this festival is significantly described in the Agni Purana.

Ganesh Visarjan

On 12 September 2019, Ganesh Visarjan will also be celebrated. On this day, the idol of Lord Ganesha is immersed in the water. This festival is remarked by specifically decorating the statue of Vighnaharta Ganesh Ji and then venerating it. On this day, numerous processions are taken through the streets, to immerse large idols of Lord Ganesha in immerse large idols of Lord Ganesha(Visarjan) in water. Ganeshotsav is celebrated with great pomp in the state of Maharashtra.
Ganesh Visarjan in Mythology 

The observation of Ganesh Visarjan finds a special place in Hindu religious texts. It is believed that Lord Ganesha wrote the Mahabharata text, while Maharishi Ved Vyas Ji narrated the entire story of this epic to Ganesha for ten consecutive days without stopping for a single minute. After its completion, when Ved Vyas ji touched the Lord, he found that his body temperature has increased. Witnessing his deteriorated health condition, Maharishi Ved Vyas took him to a nearby waterfall and neutralized his body temperature. Popular beliefs state that through the medium of Visrajan, Lord Ganesha is pacified and venerated. 

Ganesh Visarjan Puja Vidhi 

  • Before the Visarajan, venerate the Lord by observing the necessary riruals. 
  • Offer Modak and other sweets of him during the Puja 
  • Also, perform the Aarti of Lord Ganesha. 
  • Bid farewell to the Lord and seek his blessings. 
  • Respectfully withdraw the statue of the Lord from the Puja place. 
  • Place a pink cloth on the palate.
  • Place the statue gently on a wooden board.
  • Before placing the idol, purify the wooden slab with Gangajal. 
  • Along with the idol of Ganesh Ji, place fruits, flowers, clothes and Modak in the slab. 
  • Collect rice grains, wheat and Panchmeva in a parcel and also add some coins to it. 
  • Keep the parcel near the Lord’s idol. 
  • Now, immerse the idol of Lord Ganesha in flowing water. 
  • Before the Visarjan takes place, worship the Lord. 
  • Once the Aarti is performed, seek blessings from the Lord for the fulfilment of your wishes. 

Things to Keep in Mind during Ganesh Puja 

  • While offering reverence to Lord Ganesha, one should not use Tulsi or basil leaves. 
  • For the Puja, use such an idol of Ganapati, in which, the trunk of the Lord is turned towards the left hand side.
  • The Mushak(mouse) and Modak(sweets) are quite dear to Lord Ganesha, which is why, these items should be used during the Puja. 

We hope that you appreciate this blog of ours on Anant Chaturdashi and Ganesh Visarjan. AstroSage offers heartiest wishes of Anant Chodas to everyone!!!
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