Saturday, August 6, 2016

Nag Panchami 2016 - Muhurat & Puja Vidhi

Nag Panchami is the day when Hindu believers perform Naag Puja. As per the Hindu beliefs, everything is divine, so are the snakes. Sages knew what all snakes can do, that’s why the festival of Naag Panchami came into existence. Know some significant details about the festival here...

Nag Panchami is the festival dedicated to the snakes

Nag Panchami Puja Muhurat

Date: August 7, 2016
Time: 05:46:08 to 08:26:20 IST (New Delhi, India)

Know the Muhurat for your city through here: Nag Panchami Muhurat For Your Location

Let’s now know the 6 benefits of worshiping the snakes on the day of Nag Panchami:
  1. Negative effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha are removed from the Kundali.
  2. Evil planetary conjunctions that make a couple childless get neutralized.
  3. Vastu Dosha gets eradicated from the home.
  4. Many health issues are also resolved.
  5. The worshipper gets rid of the fear of serpents.
  6. Immense prosperity comes, especially via hidden ways or ancestral property.
Kaal Sarpa Dosha has been a problem for many these days. Worshiping this Yantra will fix it for sure: 

The Puja Vidhi of Nag Panchami is really interesting and also the mythology. Don’t miss this opportunity to get blessed, which comes once in a year. Click here to know the detailed and accurate Puja Vidhi as well as mythology: Nag Panchami Puja Vidhi & Mythology

If you are interested in knowing everything about this festival in detail along with some “hidden facts”, click here: Nag Panchami - Honor The Venomless Virtues Of Snake!

Hope this piece of information will be helpful in making your day fruitful as well as blissful.

Happy Nag Panchami!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hariyali Teej 2016 - Muhurat & Puja Vidhi

Today i.e. on August 5, 2016, Hariyali Teej will be celebrated. Know Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, and other details about the festival.

Hariyali Teej in 2016 is on August 5

How To Celebrate Hariyali Teej?

Various rituals are observed by women on the day of Hariyali Teej to please Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Following are the rituals which are observed:
  1. A fast should be observed by the women on the day of Hariyali Teej. This is done for a blessed and happy married life. Food or water is not consumed.
  2. Women adorn themselves in their best attire, preferably green, and put on all the shringara items, including mehendi on their hands.
  3. Unmarried women also observe a fast to find a suitable spouse.
  4. On the day of Hariyali Teej, Teej songs are sung in praise of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.
  5. Lord Moon is also worshipped on this day by offering food, milk, curd and sweets.
  6. For newly married women, the first occasion of Hariyali Teej is considered important. On this day, the newly wed woman goes to her house and is gifted with shringar by her mother-in-law. 
  7. Lord Krishna and Radha are also worshipped by some on this day. 

What Is Hariyali Teej?

According to legends, Hariyali Teej is the day which celebrates to union of Goddess Parvati or Teej Mata and Lord Shiva. It is said that Goddess Parvati observed fasts for 108 lives to show her devotion towards Lord Shiva and it is on the 108th rebirth of Goddess Parvati when Lord Shiva accepted her as his wife.

Hariyali Teej is celebrated on the third day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Sawan and thus it is also known as Shravani Teej. 

To know about the legend of Hariyali Teej and other details, visit the following link: Hariyali Teej In Detail.

Happy Hariyali Teej!

Monday, August 1, 2016

August 2016 Horoscope

Find out what the month of August has in store for you with the ongoing monsoon, with our monthly horoscope for it.

Arians, this month is a bit challenging for you. Family life looks good, but work related stress might affect your health. Your bond with children will get strengthened. There might be trouble in coordinating with your colleagues. When it comes to finances, you will not stay very satisfied. But, it doesn’t mean that there is a financial problem. Take good care of your health, otherwise half of the month will be gone in maintaining it.

Remedy: Offer grains to birds every morning.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


The month is lucky for Taureans. Children will bring happiness and a vacation might be planned with your sweetheart. Financially, you will be profited by your foreign related contacts and share market investments will also benefit you. In all this goodness, your health might play a spoilsport. So, take care of it and especially, when it comes to food, try to choose healthier options whenever possible.

Remedy: Light a mustard oil lamp under a Peepal tree every Saturday.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Geminis, this August, you will finish all your pending works and family will support you completely. If you are married, avoid getting attracted toward a person of opposite gender; it might disturb your life. Financially, you will get benefits from the work related trips to abroad. Try to save money to strengthen your financial situation. You need to take special care of your health. Also, your father’s health doesn’t look very good.

Remedy: Wear seven faced Rudraksha. It will be great if you can wear it in the early morning of a Saturday. However, consult an expert astrologer before buying one.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Cancerians, this month needs some hard work from you. However, at home, you will feel full of love and bliss. In the mid of the month, your children might make you happy with something. A vacation might be planned in the mid of the month. Financially, profits and savings will increase if you will work confidently. Health might get affected due to the change in weather. So, take care of yourself.

Remedy: Worship Guru Yantra.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Lions, the month will be testing your strength. However, you will feel pampered with some goodness as well. Family related problems might consume a lot of your time. But, you will have a good time with your children. Financially, you might become really ambitious and must focus on executing your plans rather than thinking too much about their result. Health will stay average. Try to avoid negative thoughts; they affect your health.

Remedy: Wear coral. However, consult an expert astrologer before buying one.

Rating: 3 out of 5


The month will stay like your usual days. However, some benefits are expected. Your profits will increase. You may get blessed with a new home this month. However, take special care of your children; otherwise they might trouble you. Financially, long pending profits will be gained and you might also get promoted at work. Stay away from intoxication, it will affect your health adversely. Keep your will power strong.

Remedy: Wear Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. However, consult an expert astrologer before buying one.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Librans, this month will be bringing you the solutions to your problems. Also, you will be able to come out of all the mental pressures. You will have wonderful relationship with your siblings and environment at home will be cheerful. It looks like you will receive good profits and income. However, if you are a businessman, you might feel that you have gained less profits. Health needs your attention.

Remedy: Wear two faced Rudraksha. However, consult an expert astrologer before buying one.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


There is a need to maintain good relations with your seniors. You might also get promotion. You might gain some dignity among the people of higher ranks. Support from your friends is also predicted for you. You may also gain relief from some prolonged illness this month. Time is also favorable for getting blessed with a child. Pleasures in your married life will also increase. Think twice before you invest in the stock market.

Remedy: Wear a Rudraksha. Consult an expert to find one.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Starting with your health, things look favorable. You will get into the mood of taking break and relaxing for a while. It would be good to pay attention toward your health and eat the right food. Sagittarians who have invested money in foreign schemes or policies will definitely get good news. You will surpass everyone at work and your performance will be appreciated. August will shower bliss in your family life.

Remedy: Keep a check on your words.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Majority of your problems will end this month. Success will follow you in every sphere of life. Do not talk against anybody and continue doing your work sincerely. Let things fall in places on their own and do not interrupt them by your actions. Love birds will see their love life blossoming every single day. Purchase of a new vehicle or buying new property is possible during the month end. Married couples will experience lack of trust and loyalty during the mid of the month.

Remedy: Maintain a moral conduct. Respect your elders. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


August has surprises for students and service class people. If you are a student, get ready to get the results of your hard work. For natives engaged in jobs, success will come with the support of seniors. You might get a hike in your salary or might get promoted as well. Friends will help by boosting up your confidence and spirit. Aquarians going through any illness or health issue will get relief this month. Couples trying for a child might get this pleasure this very month.

Remedy: Help the needy people.

Rating:  4.5 out of 5


Professional life looks challenging this month. As a result, chances of promotion and growth might get hampered. Try to deal with this phase calmly as betterment will come in the second half of this month. Keep your words under control else you might sound offensive. Success will come to those who are engaged in government works. You can expect sudden profits in the second week of this month.

Remedy: Do charity as per your ability.

Rating: 3 out of 5

That would be all for this month. We hope we have been of help for you. Please do leaves your comments and suggestions to help us give you a better experience. Have a wonderful August.

Important Events!

This Monday is quite special because first of all, it is the Monday of Sawan; secondly, Shivratri of Savan is also today. Know about these 2 days in detail by clicking below:

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Also, Venus is transiting into Leo: Venus transit in Leo Horoscope

Have a great day!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekly Horoscope 2016 (Aug 1 - 7)

Want to have a sneak peek in future ? Take a look on our general as well as love predictions for lovers. The below predictions are done by our famous astrologers. Now, read your zodiac sign for this upcoming week. Also, follow the remedies to fetch happiness. 

Read weekly horoscope to make your upcoming time even more blissful.

Note: Weekly horoscope is based on your Moon sign. Know your moon sign by clicking here: Moon sign calculator


Week has arrived giving you the mixed results. Doing hard work will fetch you gain good results. You are need to sharpen your skills before going in a competition. Your siblings might become the reason of your happiness. Chances of getting slander are possible. Therefore, stay alert and avoid getting into brawls with neighbours and colleagues. 

Love Predictions : This week will be good for you in love matters, however, with your work going on, you will be able to take out time for your partner only if you put in the efforts. You might find someone special if you are single. The starting of the week will present you with good results. There will be good results during mid-week as well, but the end of the week might have mixed results, your mood might not be good due to some reasons.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Ganesha to help you overcome from hurdles. 


Friends will prove to be very helpful during your tough time. But beware, as this behavior will not lasts for long. This week will not bring unfavorable changes. Smoothness in life will be maintained. Your parents support will motivate you in every step. Also, your spouse might get promoted. The message for you is to make full efforts to achieve success. 

Love Predictions: This week will be good if you put in the efforts. If you are eager to meet your partner, you will find a safe place to meet. You will have to try to maintain a balance between love and work. Avoid arguments during the start of the week. Mid-week will be fun and entertaining. The end of the week is mixed. You might enjoy the company of a colleague or coworker. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Make your vision wider, to see true things.


Geminis, this week, the valuable advice of your friend will help you a lot. You might not get many opportunities to show your talents to others. And this situation might upset you. You need to have control on your taste buds this week, as problems related to stomach might be occur. Brief discussion with old friends are possible. 

Love Predictions: This week has a lot of running around for you Geminis, in this case, you will be able to take out time for your partner only if you try. Otherwise, if you are in a mood to go on a trip with your partner, this is a good time. The beginning of the week looks good, however mid-week might bring a few arguments. The end of the week will be good.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Doing charity will give you inner peace. 


You need to maintain your professional and personal life. This week might create distance between you and your partner. As, you might feel stressed, you are required to need a break. It is advisable to take an off from work and go on a vacation.People who are looking for a job, a good phase is there. Whereas, Cancerians, you need to keep your documents safe. 

Love Predictions: This week does not look that good for you Cancerians, however, if you are serious about your relationship and want to the step of making him/her your life partner, Lord Shani will give you the permission to do so, but you might see monotony in the relationship. You might not find time to meet your partner at the beginning of the week, mid-week will be good. There mgiht be a few arguments with your partner at the end of the week.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Take care of your wallet while travelling. 


This week is not very cool for you Lions. Your parents might go on a pilgrimage. This week, you need to focus on important things rather than chatting with friends. Hard work is the key, you need to rely on to obtain desired wishes. The phone bill is likely to increase, so be careful, otherwise it would be hard to pay. 

Love Predictions: This week, you might get few opportunities to meet your partner, but you will enjoy how much ever time you get in this week. The starting of the week will be good, you will experience warmth in the relationship. Mid-week you will see a rise in emotions, it will be important for you to keep the emotions controlled. The end of the week will be better and your partner will respect your emotions.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: The key message is Focus. 


The week will begin with the good welcoming note. Whereas, in the mid of the week, might become hectic. Children's problem might put you in tension due to their unnecessary wishes. It is advisable to act patiently and calmly. A partner is likely to go for another job or he might be rewarded with a salary increment. 

Love Predictions: If your marriage is being considered, this week might be good for it. If you are not serious about love and like to have fun, this week will not be that good for you, however, if you are serious this week will be positive for you. You might get attracted towards a co worker. Mid week and end of the week will be good.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Ganesha.


This week, Librans you might get busy in religious activities. Also, with family, you might plan to go on a pilgrimage. Someone from the family might support you in difficult matters. Good news will be obtain from the in laws. This week social circle is likely to widen up. Some powerful personalities will influence you. Lastly, seniors will prove to be helpful. 

Love Predictions; This week will be good for you. In the beginning of the week, roam around with your partner or go on a pilgrimage. During mid-week, along with love you will also have to respect each other. Dont insult your partner in any case. The end of the week will be mixed. If you want, you can go on a long journey. This time will be good for married couples.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Offer wheat-bread to a black dog in the evening.


Scorpions, relationship with partners will improve. You might plan a trip together and your lost charm will be gained back. You are recommended to stay cautious from enemies and do not get over excited. Your work will remain at good pace. You might welcome a new member this week in family. You might get irritated at workplace therefore, be calm. 

Love Predictions: There will be a lot of running around this week. Purity in what you do will be important. Maintain decency at the start of the week, because this time may not be good for you. It will be important to keep a balance between work and love. The end of the week looks better and you will be able to enjoy your love life. You will enjoy falling in love with a coworker or colleague.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Present gifts to a new member in the family. 


This week has arrived with lots of profitable deals for businessmen. Sagittarians, might receive an increment or promotion. You might join a gym or might hire a food expert. You might get suffer from skin related issues, so a proper medication is needed. Lastly, you are advised to take care of your skin. 

Love Predictions: This week will give you mixed results in love matters. You will be able to meet your partner only after putting in a lot of efforts. If you share a good relationship with your partner’s family, it will prove to be good for you. The starting of the week will be good, however mid week may not be as good. End of the week will be good, you may like a colleague of yours.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid eating hot products.


Your ability to survive any tough situation will going to be very helpful. But, surely you will be able to handle them with ease & calm. Your hard work will get appreciation. While, you go on shopping, avoid, the excess use of money on unnecessary items. While students are expected to fetch average results this week. 

Love Predictions: The week will be mixed for the love matters. You will have to focus more on your words this week. A little mistake of yours can cause serious tiff in your relationship. Especially at the beginning of the week, avoid any argument. Mid of the week is comparatively a bit strugglesome, but weekend looks fine.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Ignore the unwanted demands of children.


This week, you will be more inclined towards spirituality and religious activities. You might plan an event related to it as well. With this you will initiate to worship Lord regularly. You are advisable to take care of your business decisions very carefully. Your children are expected to fetch good scores in studies. You health might get affected by seasonal problem. So, stay fit. 

Love Predictions: Generally, this week will be positive for the love matters. If you are planning to spend your life with someone, talk to your parents because the time is positive for this. At the beginning of the week, love will increase. Mid of the week is also quite positive. Especially, married ones will get quite good results. Weekend might seem a bit week.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Think carefully before taking business related decision.


This week, you might welcome a new pet in home. Your personality will attract others. You are advisable to stay away from any kind of disputes with neighbours. At work or an institute; your reputation will going to increase. A new proposals might be gained this week. So overall a happy week will be spent. 

Love Predictions: In general, the week will give good results. But, you will have to think a bit about your attitude. Mood may stay a bit fluctuated at the beginning, but the mid of the week will be good. You may propose someone and if you are a student, your heartthrob may meet you at your institution. At the weekend, some fight in love is possible.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Shiva.

The above Love Horoscope predictions has analysed by our famous astrologer Pt. Hanuman Misra.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Om Namah Shivay – Sawan Somvar Vrat Puja Vidhi

Today is the first Sawan Somvar and here you will know how to turn this day into a blessing. The day is exclusive for those who wants to get married. It doesn’t matter whether you have someone to get married or not, just leave it on Shiva and he will take care of it.

Welcome Sawan and get blessed on the first Sawan Somvar.

When To Do Sawan Somvar Vrat & Puja

Observe the fast on the Monday of the Hindu month Sawan. Perform the worship rituals in the morning of this Monday.

How To Do Sawan Somvar Puja

  1. Start your day with the morning bath, clean the house and wear clean clothes.
  2. The first prayer should be offered to Lord Ganesha.
  3. Lord Shiva is then prayed to by chanting Om Namah Shivaya.
  4. Offerings of Bilva leaves, white flowers, water, honey, and milk is made. If you have a Shivalinga nearby, you can perform the Abhishek. Ganga water is considered quite auspicious for Abhishek; if you have it, use it in the rituals.
  5. The fast can be observed on the day from sunrise to sunset.
  6. Chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra or Om Namah Shivaya can be done during the day.

The first monday of Sawan is of great significance. The two planetary conjunctions occurring on this day are quite auspicious to stepping into a new venture and many other significant things. 

All Sawan Somvar days are auspicious. You may perform the above given Puja rituals on every Sawan Somvar to get blessed. Check out the dates of the Sawan Somvar in 2016 below:

When Is Sawan Somvar In 2016

Below given Sawan Somvar dates are as per the Purnimant calendar, which is more prominent in North India (Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, etc.).

Sawan Somvar Dates For North India

First Sawan SomvarJuly 25, 2016
Second Sawan SomvarAugust 1, 2016
Third Sawan SomvarAugust 8, 2016
Fourth Sawan SomvarAugust 15, 2016

Below given Sawan Somvar dates are as per the Amavasyant calendar, which is more prominent in South India (Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, etc.).

Sawan Somvar Dates For South India

First Sawan SomvarAugust 8, 2016
Second Sawan SomvarAugust 15, 2016
Third Sawan SomvarAugust 22, 2016
Fourth Sawan SomvarAugust 29, 2016

About Sawan Somvar

Sawan is the month when Shiva has the complete control over everything. As Monday is the day dedicated to Shiva, He becomes even more powerful on the Mondays of Sawan. There is a lot that you may like to know about Sawan and its Mondays, click here for that: About Sawan & Sawan Somvar

If you have missed our previous post about the 9 things that should not be done in Sawan because it makes Shiva angry, click here: Avoid These 9 Things That Make Shiva Angry

Hope this little piece of information will help you in making the best out of these auspicious times.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly Horoscope 2016 (July 25 - 31)

Take a peek into the upcoming time with us. We present you the exclusive predictions of weekly horoscope and weekly love horoscope written by our expert astrologers. Read them and take a step forward toward success.

Read the predictions in Weekly horoscope

Note: Weekly horoscope is based on your Moon sign. Know your moon sign by clicking here: Moon sign calculator


Arians, this week you will be appreciated. You will be treated in a special way at the workplace. Your tremendous performance will help you fetch good points at work. You are recommended to avoid being egoistic this time. Otherwise, it will lead you in defamation. Stay away from electronic items and fire. Drive safe. 

Love Predictions: This week may not prove to be good in terms of love. Try to maintain your decency during this week. The starting of the week might be a little weak and you may not be able to find the time to meet your partner. Mid week will be comparatively good for you. You will get good results by the end of the week. During the end of the week, you will experience freshness in your relationship. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Keep distance from fire. 


Taureans, this week you will show your courageous attitude. You will act maturely towards every situation now by being calm and patient. At workplace, you will be supported by your seniors. This week you might feel emotional at some situations. You might plan a short trip with children or your soulmate. 

Love Predictions: This week, there are chances of receiving good results in love matters. If you want to propose to someone, take a look at the situations and take your first step. The starting of the week will be helpful for you in this matter. The freshness will be maintained in the relationship during this week. Mid week seems to be low, however the end of the week will be good. Going to a restaurant will be good for you.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid being emotional in order to grow your efficiency.


Mixed results will be gained in the life of Geminis. With some ups & downs, bonding with partner might decline. Your passion towards creativity will increase, which will make time fly by. This week will be full of romanticism. You might try something unique at work. You will face some losses if you do not stay wise.

Love Predictions: This week will prove to be mostly good in matters of love. If you are putting in efforts to meet your partner, you will be able to find a safe place to meet. During the start of the week, it will be good if you are able to take out time for your work as well as your partner. Mid-week will be good, however towards the end of the week, you might have to stay away from your from partner.

Ratings:: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Choosing friends wisely will help you. 


Cancerians, this week has arrived with some stress issues. You are advised to take care of your health, problems related to eyes and stomach are possible. This week, renovation in the house might be done. Your vehicle will increase your expenditure. The people you are accompanied with, might feel jealous of your success. So, stay cautious. 

Love Predictions: You may get mixed results this week. Try not to make a promise to your partner which might be difficult to fulfill, and avoid arguments. You should maintain a balance between your work and love life during the start of the week. Mid-week will be happy for you. Chances to meet might be less at the end of the week.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Save money


Lions, your personality will surprise people this week. They will appreciate your writing skills. You will receive victory over your enemies. Friends will be made by you which will last for lifetime. Your friends might join the same workplace due to your suggestions. Beautiful journeys will be planned this week, which will provide you with the desired results. 

Love Predictions: This week will be of mixed results for you. There are chances of meeting your partner who might be staying far. However, you should try not to behave in an inappropriate manner. Mid-week might be busy with work load, but try to maintain a balance between your work and love. The end of the week will be good.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: To increase your luck ratings, worship Lord Shiva. 


Virgonians, your interest in supernatural things and occult sciences will take a flight. You will be benefited with money. The sources of income will increase. Virgonians, fame is also likely to increase in society. Time is in your favor and this week will prove to be beneficial. If you relate with the field of journalism, defence & fashion, time will be favorable. 

Love Predictions: This week will give you mixed results. If you are engaged or about to get engaged and want to meet your fiance, you will be able to. The starting of the week will be good to meet. Mid-week will be a little low, however, the end of the week will be good.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Perform charity as much as you can.


Librans, some auspicious happenings might occur at home which will keep you busy. You will give your hundred percent in work this week. If you do any task with full dedication, you might do wonders at work. Whereas, health issues might affect you like headache, stomachache. Chances of mishappenings are there. Therefore, keep yourself away from electronic items. 

Love Predictions: This week will be good for you in love matters. If you want to make a marriage proposal, it can be done in this week. The starting of the week is good, however a few ups and downs are possible but will not affect your love life as such. Mid-week will prove to be good for you, but the end of the week looks a little low.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Take care of your daily routine and eating habits.


Scorpions will observe that their efficiency towards work has now increased. Your good behaviour at work will attract your seniors to give you a raise. This might increase your salary values or you might get promotion. Job seekers can try giving all the interviews. Time is good. During this time, you might make a special corner in your heart for someone. 

Love Predictions: This week will be good for you, however try not to get stuck in your work and try not to take your partner for granted. The start of the week will be good. Spending time with a friend or coworker will be good. There might be arguments during mid-week. The end of the week will also be good for you.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Hanuman.


Sagittarians, this week has arrived bringing favorable results. Success will be gained due to competitions because of which you will be appreciated by the society. Valuable time will be spent with family. Expenditure might increase with the purchase of presents for near ones. At home beautiful moments will be captured. A great performance and smile will make everyone's heart melt. 

Love Predictions: Generally, this week is going to be of mixed results. Maintaining transparency in the relationship will be good. There might be problem at the start of the month, however it will be a good time to meet. Mid-week will be good as well as the end of the week.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Give presents to servants. 


Capricorns, this week is an auspicious time to improve your relations with your partner as well as life partner. With your sweet words, people will trust you. Your chronic illness will improve and you will recover from it gradually. It is advisable not to travel during night. If you are allergic to something, be careful. 

Love Predictions: This week will give you good results in love matters. If marriage is in order, there are chances of your marriage getting finalized. If possible, go for a trip or a film at the start of the week. Stress is possible in the middle of the week. The end of the week will be good, try to stay from unnecessary arguments.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Make donations to poor


Aquarians, your courageous attitude will remain high & you will be able to defeat your enemies. You might go for transformation in looks. An initiative will be taken by you for the society. You will gain tremendous confidence at work. Some new people will enter your life, who will be friends for lifetime. In the end of the week, some entertainment will be observed. 

Love Predictions: This week will be good for love, however, avoid arguments and take care of your partner's health. At the start of week, avoid unnecessary arguments and try to have a good conversation with your partner. Have fun with your partner during midweek. Towards the end of the week, meet your partner and try to plan a future.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid being egoistic and arrogant.


Pisceans, this week everything will turn in your favor and success will be gained. A cool atmosphere at home will be maintained. Your soulmate will support you in every manner. Therefore, do not worry. An auspicious happening might take place at home which will bring joyful moments. A key message to you is to keep an eye on your eating habits. 

Love Predictions:This week will present you with good results. You might be a little emotional at the start of the week, but try not to hurt your partner. Talk about love with your partner during midweek. The end of the week will also be good, however, there might be a little stress. If you try, you can release your stress and enjoy the week.

Love Rating: 4.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Keep yourself away from unhealthy eating habits. 

Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sawan Begins - Avoid These 9 Things That Make Shiva Angry

Sawan is beginning today and will end on August 18, which is the day of Raksha Bandhan. Known as the month of Shiva, we all are aware of the benefits of the holy rituals performed in this month. But, there are certain things that if you do may bring the wrath of Shiva. So, let’s know the things to be avoided…

Sawan is the holiest month of the year for Hindus, especially for those who want to make their love life better.

As Sawan occurs during the period of Chaturmas, Lord Shiva takes the charge while Vishnu is asleep. It is the time when Shiva can fulfill all your desires; for he holds the power of the trinity. Hence, making him upset may also be quite problematic. The required prohibitions are given below, check them out.

9 Things To Avoid In Sawan

  1. Don’t fight with your spouse. But, if it happens, worship Shiva-Parvati to get the things pacified.
  2. Avoid Tamasik things. As Shiva also holds the responsibilities of Vishnu in this duration, avoiding things like alcohol, meat, etc. will be good. It increases the control over desires and emotions.
  3. Avoid milk consumption. Month of Sawan is not considered good for the consumption of milk because it may disturb the Vata Dosha in body. That is why Shivalinga is showered with milk in this duration.
  4. Avoid having brinjal. Yes, brinjal is considered impure in this season. That is why some people avoid it during Dwadashi Tithis, Chaturdashi Tithis, and Kartik month as well.
  5. Don’t miss the early morning bathing ritual of Shivalinga. It is believed to be making the individual rid of the sins made in past. So, wake up early every day, give Shiva a holy bath, and worship him.
  6. Don’t hurt any Shiva devotee. It is the month of Shiva; service to His devotees equals the service to Shiva. Try to help them and don’t hurt them at all.
  7. Avoid green leafy vegetables. It is considered unhealthy to consume green leafy vegetables during Sawan.
  8. Feed bulls, don’t hurt them. If you see a stray bull in this month, feed them rather than pushing them away because they are considered as Nandi, the carrier of Shiva.
  9. Don’t hurt anyone with your words and respect elders.

Further, we thought that you would like to know the dates of Sawan Somwars (the holy Mondays of Sawan) to keep fast and receive the blessings of Shiva:

  • July 25, 2016
  • August 1, 2016
  • August 8, 2016
  • August 15, 2016

The dates given here are as per the North Indian Hindu calendar. If you wish to know in detail about Sawan for all parts of India, click here: Sawan 2016

On this first day of Sawan, Mercury is rising in Cancer. We hope that this piece of information will be helpful to you in making this month a fruitful one.

Have a good time in Sawan!

Upcoming Events

Two major events are coming with the beginning of Sawan. Know about them:

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