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Astrology For September 2013

September 2013 Astrology
Welcome to AstroSage’s monthly newsletter. September has come and its time to schedule the entire month. Like everytime, we have decided to give you all what we have prepared for you to add in your September schedule.

In this newsletter, you will get to know about all the important Hindu events, Muhurats, horoscopes, services of the month and many more. 

September & Spirituality

As you must have seen the list of September’s important events on the right hand side, you must be expecting to know more about these events. So, we have collected some information for you. Though we have hyperlinked most of them in the list of events, yet some of the special ones are explained below:

Ekadashis (Aja Ekadashi & Parsva Ekadashi) in the month of September are:

1. Aja Ekadashi - 1 September 2013
2. Parsva Ekadashi - 15 September & 16 September, 2013

You must be thinking what is so special about this day. Click here to know - Ekadashi in 2013

September festivals
The Amavasya (New Moon) in September is very special, as it is Shraddha Amavasya. It is on 5th of September. Apart from this, the special Shraddha for the women who leave the world before their husbands will be performed on 28th of September. Click here to know more - Shraddha & Amavasya

Purnima is considered as the most auspicious day of the Hindu lunar month. In September, the Purnima that is falling is of Bhadrapada month. If you wish to know about the significance of Purnima, please click here - About Purnima In 2013

Let’s now see how the month of September will be for you.

September, 2013 Important Dates

 September Horoscope Video (English)

September Horoscope Video (Hindi)

You may also know your predictions in more detail with the help of weekly and daily horoscopes.

Service Of The Month

Astrology on phone service
The service of the month is Astrology Reading Over Phone. This service allows you a consultation of 30 minutes with our expert astrologers on any topic. It doesn’t matter with what you are troubled. All you need is just to speak it up; our astrologers will suggest you the reasons along with suitable remedial measures. 

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Apart from paid services, we also have many FREE services for you. They are really useful; have a look at them here - AstroSage FREE Services

These are some of the Free services of AstroSage. If you will explore more, you will find many such things. AstroSage believes in offering Free services as much as possible. You should have a look to find services that may help you in a better way.

We hope this newsletter must have helped you a lot. We will keep on sharing our endeavors with you, to help you lead a blissful life.

Have a great month ahead!

Indian Badminton League: Astro-Numerology Prediction (31.8.2013)

Indian Badminton League
By Acharya Raman

Like IPL, We are now witnessing IBL – India Badminton League. It is indeed good for the players and all are wishing that it gathers TRP to continue, online and offline. It is a good initiative and such things should also start for hockey and football. Hockey is our national game and is cornered due to the popularity of cricket. There were in fact, no sincere efforts ever made to make hockey popular. There will be several matches in this tournament and I am again trying to offer the results of the matches of this newborn IBL.

Every match will be a best of three games, with the third game a race to 11 points. In the first two games, the two-point gap rule has been dropped, so the first player to reach 21 points wins. There’ll be a minute’s break after the seventh and 14th points in the first two games and after the sixth point in third and final game.


Hyderabad Hotshots Vs Awadhe Warriors
Mumbai, 30th August, 20:00

Ascendant lord: Jupiter: 21
Moon star lord: Rahu: 9
Moon rashi lord: Mercury: 9
Day lord: Venus: 9

Winner : The result is 1 so team Hyderabad Hotshots will win the match

Palmistry: The connection of mind and hand

Palmistry... Life’s Many Mysteries In Your Own Hand

Secrets in your hand

What Is Palmistry ?

Palmistry, also known as chiromancy is the art of reading one’s palm to foretell his/her future. This art is popularly known as Palm reading. Palm reading involves the study and analyses of the shape and texture of the hand, lines and markings on the palm, shape and size of the fingers and other aspects which will help in foretelling the future, gazing into the past and connect with the present. This is an art practised in many cultures and regions, and is very popular in countries like India, China, Tibet and parts of Europe.

So, has this information caught your interest? To know more about its history and in depth details, click here - More On Palmistry

Now, lets go into the very basic of Palmistry -

The first and foremost things you should known about when considering Palmistry is to identify your primary hand and the secondary hand. Primary hand is the one which controls most of your activities, this hand represents your present; your desires, inspirations and accomplishments. Secondary hand is the one which represents your past, your buried talent, your dreams, all that is dug out from your memory.
Palm Reading

This is a very widespread practise, many a curious people have opted to getting their palm read, just to know what's in store for them in their future. The above picture shows, famous hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe getting her palm read.

If you want to know, how to read your palm, then you can go to these links, Palm Reading Basics and Understanding Palmistry Line

Influence Of Palmistry

So far we got to know what Palmistry is and how it is used. Now lets see where all it is used.

Many seek the guidance of Palm reader, hoping to help them with , lets say, in their love life; increase the compatibility between the two, strengthen the relationship, their marriage; to sort out any misunderstandings and so on. Some try this art to even know when they would likely get married and if they get any clues about their future better half.


Has this information made you curious too? then click our link here to know more about it. Marriage Palmistry

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Mercury Transit In Virgo (6.9.2013 – 25.9.2013): Effects On You

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

हिन्दी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Mercury is transiting to Virgo on 6th September 2013. It will stay there till 25th of September 2013. Virgo is the own sign of the planet Mercury. Mercury is exalted in this sign. In this sign only, Mercury is considered to be of Mooltrikona. Transit of Mercury in Virgo is indicating intense debates between politicians. Corruption of a corrupt politician may also get exposed. However, we firstly need to know how this transit will affect us. Let’s see Moon sign based predictions below:

Click Here To Know Your Moon Sign


Expenditures may go out of your control. Problems related to health are also expected. Situations at work will improve, but work pressure will stay amplified. Try to avoid journeys as much as possible.


Your imagination will stay quite active at this time. You will get success in new ventures. Love in family will grow deeper. Friends and well wishers will give complete support.


You will work quite methodically. Happiness and bliss will prevail in life. Relations with parents will stay sweet. You will spend more on luxuries. A good news may come via communication medium.


Your hard work will give you results. Small trips will give you favorable results. You may get good results due to your contacts with new people. A get together with old friends is also expected.


Financially, this time is good. You will stay quite famous during this time. Family members react to you quite well. Your interest in esoteric sciences may increase.


You will stay quite tranquilized during this time. You will get honored and prestige will increase. Family life will be satisfying. Work pressure will be plentiful and you will feel tired. But, your health will be fine.


This duration may give you mental strains. Opponents will try to affect your reputation. Expenditures may rise up. Your psyche will incline toward spirituality.


A long journey may complete during this time. Friends and companions will help. You will get many chances to expand your business. Desires and ambitions will get fulfilled. Utilize the best of this time.


You will do well in business. You will stay totally sincere toward work during this time period. A good news from abroad is expected. An auspicious ceremony may get organized at home.


You will come in contact with some eminent personalities. Your fame and reputation will increase. You will get ample of benefits due to your intelligence. You will do well in business. You will get benefit from journeys.


Even after putting efforts, failure will dismay you. Arguments may rise up due to petty issues. You will waste your time and energy in useless stuff. Avoid unnecessary journeys.


Your fame and respect will increase during this time. You will get a chance to be with scholars. Your business will expand and rise. A pleasant trip is also expected.

September 2013 Monthly Horoscope

September 2013 monthly horoscope
By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

हिन्दी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Here is your September 2013 monthly horoscope. This horoscope is based on your Moon sign.

Click Here To Know Your Moon Sign


It seems that you are quite lucky this month. Everything seems in your favor. You may have to travel somewhere. All the worries related to children, spouse will just go away. Apart from this, you will find solutions to all your problems in the latter half of the month. People will respect you even more. Situations at work will also improve. A promotion is also in your way. As a remedy, you may offer oranges at the temple of Lord Vishnu.


Taurians, you will have to struggle a bit more than usual to reap success. You will be exhausted, in the first half of the month. You may sell your old vehicle. The latter half of the month will improve your situation. Still, you will have to be very careful.  You may want to gift something expensive to your love or child; and this will of course keep your mind occupied. Don't take any decision impulsively. Stay extra cautious while driving. In times of distress, donate a piece of cloth to Hanuman ji. It will seek you some relief.


Gemini, you will get good results in the first half of the month. If you were planning to buy a new phone, this is the perfect time to do so. You may have to travel to a nearby place. This short journey will benefit you immensely. September will be good for you in terms of money too. But the latter half of the month will make you work hard. There is a possibility that… you will lack energy during this period. So, you really need to be able, to distinguish between, the right and wrong. In times of trouble, offer food to young girls.


Cancerians, you will try your best to accomplish tasks very carefully; but still, the first half of the month will be a little difficult for you. Your smart phone will give you trouble, so you may consider replacing it. But, do not purchase any phone in haste. There might be some financial or family problems. But, don't be disappointed. The latter half of the month will be lucky for you.  It will erase all the difficulties that you have been facing. A journey will benefit you. Your financial position will also improve. Health wise too, you will do well.  In times of trouble, donate a red colored fruit or vegetable to Hanuman ji's temple.


Leos, the first half of the month will get you mixed results. You will be full of confidence.  You may be honored by the government or some organization. On personal front, you may plan on rising up early in the morning. You will try to do some Yoga or join a gym. In the latter half of the month, you need to be very careful of expenditure and family. You may face some problems related to health too. As a remedy, offer honey to a Shivling.


Virgos, you need to be very alert in the first half of the month. You need to avoid any journey during this time. Act reasonably in business. Do not spend unnecessarily. Latter half of the month will indeed benefit you. People will respect you. You may have to travel, but this travel will be lucrative. Even then you will have to take care of the health of your family as well as yourself. As a remedy to all your troubles, recite the Gayatri Mantra 11 times.


Librans, the initial part of the month will be fairly good for you. You may do something unique and it will benefit you immensely. This time is very good from the love front. There will be an increment in your income. You will gain from travel too. In this time, you may watch a movie with your loved ones. But the latter half of the month will prove to be quite expensive. You need to take care of your health as well. As a remedy, donate brinjal to a needy person.


Scorpions, entire September will favor you. You will do all your tasks very efficiently. Your seniors will aid you. Apart from this, your boss will be pleased. Your financial position will improve.  You may also have to travel somewhere. During the latter half of the month, your life will be stable. You will spend some beautiful time with your partner. As a remedy, offer black Urad dal to a poor person.


Sagittarians, the first part of the month will be full of pleasant as well as not so pleasant outcomes. You may have to travel. There is a possibility that you will be successful in your work. You will gain from meeting people of higher designation. If you have been worried about your child's education then this month will erase all your worries. You need to take special care of your parents’ health. The latter part of the month will be very good for your business. You will be redeemed from financial distress. But I would suggest you to drive carefully throughout the month. As a remedy, take responsibility of a father or mother like figure.


Capricorns, this month will not begin in your favor. Your computer or laptop may give you troubles. There will be some problems in your vehicle too. If you are planning to do something new, then ponder over your decisions very carefully, before initiating anything. But, the next part of the month will reduce your worries to quite some extent.  This will reap you success in work. Your financial condition will also improve. Try to maintain good relations with your partner, throughout the month. As a remedy, it will be good to offer water to the Sun Lord. But make sure you add red colored flowers to the water before offering.


Aquarians, you will have to be careful throughout the September. Think and rethink before taking any decision related to business. You may be mentally preoccupied, worrying about your life partner or family. This period may give you mental stress and could also make you ill. So, do take care of your health and take the necessary precautions. Avoid consuming cold drinks and junk food. Latter half of the month will not be very fortunate. So, you need to be very careful during this period too. In times of trouble, mix some vermillion in water and offer it to the Sun Lord.


Pisceans, September will begin well for you. You will be redeemed from those pending issues that had been bothering you. You will be successful in defeating your opponents. Your job conditions will improve. People will respect you. There is a possibility that you will get promoted. On the contrary, in the latter half of the month, your relations might be at stake with your child or beloved. Excessive shopping may disturb your budget. So, along with work, pay attention to your family and your own health too. As a remedy, reciting Bajrang Baan will be auspicious.

So, this was all for this month. We hope you would have found these predictions worth reading. Take good care of yourself. Have a nice time ahead!

Venus Transit in Libra on 6th September 2013: Effect on You

हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Venus indicates luxury and glamour. It is entering into its own zodiac sign Libra on September 6, 2013 leaving Virgo, which is considered a debilitated sign for Venus. It is going to be in Libra till October 2, 2013. Those who are facing dissonance in their married life might get some respite. Women related crimes may seem decline too. Those associated with showbiz and cosmetic industry will reap benefits. Let’s see how this transit is going to affect you:

Note: These predictions are based on your Moon signs. Click here to know your Moon sign.

Venus transit in Libra

Venus Transit for Aries

Your income will be on the rise. You will also witness harmony in your family life. You have a very friendly nature that will help you connect with many people. You may also feel attracted toward music, arts, different fragrances and cosmetic products. Also, a sojourn for pleasure is also on the cards. You are going to be benefitted by accompanying the persons of opposite sex. You will do well in your business. Though, you might face some diseases during this period that are not going to be serious in nature.

Venus Transit for Taurus

You might have to toil a lot during this period, but the conditions are going to improve at your workplace. Your opponents might strengthen, so stay cautious. Keep a check on your spending and do not let any strife take place with the persons of opposite sex. Try to avoid sensual thoughts and pay more attention to your health.

Venus Transit for Gemini

You will get fame and happiness during this period. Your social circle will expand and you will meet your old friends and colleagues. Some good news may also reach you in this period. Attraction toward someone from opposite sex can also be felt. Family life is going to be harmonious. This time may also fulfill some old desire. You will feel inclination toward arts and music.

Venus Transit for Cancer

The number of your family-members may increase during this period. Family life is going to happy. There are possibilities of some function taking place at your home. You will be benefitted by travelling. Enemies will not be able to cause any harm. You will gain better position and fame along with increase income. Some beneficial opportunity might also come your way. Your efforts will yield results. All in all, this is a very good time for you.

Venus Transit for Leo

During this time, your social circle is going to expand. Everything will be good while travelling and in matters related to family. You will witness better job conditions. Being a good time, it will fulfill your several desires. You will feel full of energy and enthusiasm.

Venus Transit for Virgo

An auspicious function may take place in your family during this period. You might spend for domestic things. You are going to treat your relatives well and will become a source or their joy. Income may increase. You might get some fast money too. You will feel attracted toward persons of opposite sex. Your appetite for expensive and tasty dishes might ignite. All the circumstances will be faced by you with intelligence.

Venus Transit for Libra

Your surroundings are going to be full of happiness during this period. Arts, music and literature would attract you. You will feel inclination toward persons of opposite sex. This is a good time for marriage and romance. If you can put in some hard work, this time may prove to be beneficial for reaping more income too.

Venus Transit for Scorpio

During this period, you will feel marital bliss and get sensual pleasures. You might spend on luxurious items. However, it is going to be better if your exercise some restraint on your passion or it might create some trouble for you. You should stay cautious from your opponents and competitors. Economically, it is going to be an average time for you.

Venus Transit for Sagittarius

You will enjoy a happy family life during this time. There may be increment in numbers of your family members. Siblings would perform better in their respective areas. Some of your desires may be fulfilled. Efforts are going to be successful. Friends and associates will help you. Travelling will be beneficial. You will have a good relationship with friends and associates in different spheres of your life. There may be some increment in expenses; still it will be leveled by your income.

Venus Transit for Capricorn

Your fame will rise and people will respect you. Behavior of family members is going to be very positive. Business related travelling is a possibility. An important success is awaiting you in your career during this period. Your relationship with those related to business and trade would improve. You will pile up several things with the time and might spend on luxurious items. You are going to face difficult situations adroitly.

Venus Transit for Aquarius

Even a bit of hard work on your part will increase your income manifolds. Family life is going to be happy and harmonious. You might get the much awaited promotion as per your desire. Those who are higher in positions and your seniors may help you. A good relationship with parents and mentors is also quite evident during this time. Long-distance travelling has a strong possibility for you. You might get inclined toward religious things and higher philosophies related to life.

Venus Transit for Pisces

Family members are going to be quite helpful during this time. You can get some money suddenly. Still it will be wise if you control your spending. You need to stay cautious. Refrain from any such act that can spoil your name. Do not let lustful thoughts overcome your intellect. Give some more time to your health and fitness. Also, try to avoid travelling without definite purpose.

Satyagraha - The Revolution Has Begun

‘Satyagraha - The Revolution Has Begun’, is yet another political thriller on its way after last weekends’ Madras Cafe. So, gear up for a politicized weekend. Directed by Prakash Jha, the film boasts of a star cast that includes Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpai, Amrita Rao and Vipin Sharma. Kareena Kapoor will seen playing an international journalist. Prakash Jha is known for his political awareness and never hesitates to bring that into his film. His earlier attempts include Rajneeti, Aarakshan and Gangajal. He has always touched a chord among the audience. Being a Prakash Jha Film, Satyagraha speaks volumes for itself.

‘Satyagraha - The Revolution Has Begun’ deals with the current socio-political situations that loom over the country. The film mainly deals with a story of a young man (Ajay Devgan) who joins hand with a idealist Amitabh Bachchan to fight against the evils that threaten to challenge the very foundation of democracy. Being the largest democracy in the world, India is moving ahead at a rapid pace. However, corruption, poverty and unemployment are holding her back. Satyagraha is an attempt to keep her pace steady and to ensure that her future generations are left with a corruption free and blissful India. Amitabh Bachchan plays a man of high principles and morals. He, with like minded people like Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor and others form a group, which together strike against the corruption that is deep rooted into the system.

Satyagraha is a direct challenge of common people to the complacent and corrupt system. Will a small group of people ignite the fire of revolution that will change India and her future? ‘Satyagraha - The Revolution Has Begun’ asks questions that are relevant in today’s context. How the uprising begins and what all the our politicians do to crush the movement is what underlies the crux of the movie. What happens when the crude and dormant anger of people take a form of revolution? Democracy wins? Watch Satyagraha to know. Satyagraha is all set to release on August 30, 2013.

Let us understand more about how the movie is going to fare with the help of Numerology.

Numerologically speaking ‘Satyagraha - The Revolution Has Begun’ totals to 112 . This ensures that there will be controversies attached to the film. The film has already attracted a lot of controversies. One being the objection of BCF’s (Bhopal Citizens Association) regarding certain portions of the film.

Dynamic director Prakash Jha is born on 27th Feb 1952 , which makes him a number 9 person . Number 9 is ruled by Mars and Mars symbolises power, action, army, police, brother, acid and feel for justice. Most of his successful films have this theme - be it Rajneeti or Gangajal or Aarakshan etc.

Earlier proposed name Satyagraha – Democracy Under Fire totals to 90. This number represents authority, power and command. In our opinion, this is a luckier name. However, ‘Satyagraha - The Revolution Has Begun’ as changed name will create more controversies.

The film is set to release on 30-8-2013. Number 3 matches well with the birth number 9 of Prakash Jha, so no doubt the film will be popular. Amitabh Bachchan may fail to get the mileage but Kareena is likely to steal the show.

The Tithi on 30th August 2013 will be Krishna Dashmi. Astrologically speaking this is a good day to start new ventures. The film will be popular and will make reasonable profits but will not create impressions in the minds of the viewers. We wish the film all the very best and hope that film becomes a hit.