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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Mercury Transits to Leo, Know Its Impact on Your Life

9 Zodiac signs get lucky, while 3 are out of luck! Read astrological predictions for Mercury transit in Leo and how it will influence the life of natives of all 12 signs.

Significator of wisdom, speech and intellectual, Planet Mercury has already transited in Leo sign on Sunday, September 2, 2018 at 09:16 PM. It will remain in this sign until 04:23 AM on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. As Leo is the ruling sign of Sun planet, therefore, Mercury will conjunct with Sun here. And Mars will aspect both these planets. These astrological phenomenon will influence the lives of all 12 Zodiac signs. The natives of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius will find this period quite favourable and lucky for them. Additionally, this transit period would lead to a rise in the prices of Gold and Silver, and banking stocks will also see an upsurge in this duration.

Now, take a look at below astrological predictions to know what this transit has in store for the natives of all 12 signs.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Transit of Mercury In Capricorn: January 8, 2014

Mercury will transit in Capricorn on 8th of January and it will be there till 26th of January. The ruling planet of this Zodiac Sign is Saturn. Let’s read out more about the effects of this transit on all the Zodiac signs.

Mercury transit In CapricornMercury will transit in Capricorn on 8th of January and it will be there till 26th of January. The ruling planet of this Zodiac Sign is Saturn. In this duration, the price of grains will be affordable. The rate of problems related to kids will come down. The politicians are likely to go with some fruitful policies.


You will celebrate some auspicious event at home. Your business might expand in this duration. During this period of time, you will remain completely dedicated toward all the activities. You will experience harmony in family. You might also get some vehicle. 


In this duration, the fortune will be in your favor. You will perform all your tasks in a proper and improved manner. You will be able to convince people by means of your influential vocalization. You will be able to perform well at work together with earning high profits. A journey may prove out to be extremely beneficial for you in this duration.


In this duration, you have to work harder, as there will be lot of work load on you. Be cautious as some small issues may get heated up. You may feel a bit stressed out on the domestic front. Avoid unnecessary travelling. 


In this duration, you might witness a boom in your business. Your partners and admirers will support you. You might also get your hands on some beneficial deals. Some female might prove out to be helpful for you at work. You are likely to go for an enjoyable trip. 


In this duration, you might come across some health related issues. Your competitors might try to harm your reputation. Circumstances at work will get better. Try not to be harsh with people and be polite. Avoid travelling during the period of this transit.


In this duration, you will get benefited through some new ventures. The time is good to spend some quality time with your spouse. You will witness harmony on the domestic front. You will be respected because of your intellectual abilities. You will get the required assistance from your friends.


In this duration, your business skills will get boosted. You will perform all your tasks in a proper way. There will be harmony at home. You will come up with a good tuning with your parents. 


You will be assisted by your siblings. You might also meet some of your old friends. Your artistic abilities will get improved. Some short journeys might prove out to be really lucky for you. If you are involved in some agency work, you will get beneficial outcomes.


In this duration you will get name and fame. You family members will be kind towards you. If we talk about the financial condition, the luck will be in your favor. You may show your interest towards occult science. 


In this duration, you will be happy and will also get name and fame. You will remain healthy. You will experience harmony on the domestic front. During this time period, you will try hard to achieve all you want. 


You may feel a bit stressed out because of some health issues. Prepare yourself to stand firm and face problems and tensions. You might witness a bit of tension in domestic life. You will feel inclined towards spirituality.


Your friends and well-wishers will support you. You will get good news related to your brother or best friend. You will socialize with people and make more friends in this duration. All your dreams and desires will come true. 

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Mercury Transit In Virgo (6.9.2013 – 25.9.2013): Effects On You

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

हिन्दी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Mercury is transiting to Virgo on 6th September 2013. It will stay there till 25th of September 2013. Virgo is the own sign of the planet Mercury. Mercury is exalted in this sign. In this sign only, Mercury is considered to be of Mooltrikona. Transit of Mercury in Virgo is indicating intense debates between politicians. Corruption of a corrupt politician may also get exposed. However, we firstly need to know how this transit will affect us. Let’s see Moon sign based predictions below:

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Expenditures may go out of your control. Problems related to health are also expected. Situations at work will improve, but work pressure will stay amplified. Try to avoid journeys as much as possible.


Your imagination will stay quite active at this time. You will get success in new ventures. Love in family will grow deeper. Friends and well wishers will give complete support.


You will work quite methodically. Happiness and bliss will prevail in life. Relations with parents will stay sweet. You will spend more on luxuries. A good news may come via communication medium.


Your hard work will give you results. Small trips will give you favorable results. You may get good results due to your contacts with new people. A get together with old friends is also expected.


Financially, this time is good. You will stay quite famous during this time. Family members react to you quite well. Your interest in esoteric sciences may increase.


You will stay quite tranquilized during this time. You will get honored and prestige will increase. Family life will be satisfying. Work pressure will be plentiful and you will feel tired. But, your health will be fine.


This duration may give you mental strains. Opponents will try to affect your reputation. Expenditures may rise up. Your psyche will incline toward spirituality.


A long journey may complete during this time. Friends and companions will help. You will get many chances to expand your business. Desires and ambitions will get fulfilled. Utilize the best of this time.


You will do well in business. You will stay totally sincere toward work during this time period. A good news from abroad is expected. An auspicious ceremony may get organized at home.


You will come in contact with some eminent personalities. Your fame and reputation will increase. You will get ample of benefits due to your intelligence. You will do well in business. You will get benefit from journeys.


Even after putting efforts, failure will dismay you. Arguments may rise up due to petty issues. You will waste your time and energy in useless stuff. Avoid unnecessary journeys.


Your fame and respect will increase during this time. You will get a chance to be with scholars. Your business will expand and rise. A pleasant trip is also expected.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mercury’s Transit In Libra (25.9.2013 - 1.12.2013): Effects On You

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें

Mercury is transiting to Libra on 25th of September 2013 and will stay there till 1st December 2013. It is Venus’s planet sign. It could prove to be a painful time for kids. Diseases of kids may stay on high in this time. Time will be favorable for women. Let’s now know how this transit will affect us:


Your business will rise during this time. You will get support from females. A comfy journey is also on your cards. You will make a profitable deal and your partners as well as supporters will give you better support.


Health related issues may trouble you. Opponents will try to ruin your reputation. Situations at work will improve. You need to keep a control over your speech and don’t say harsh things. Avoid journeys as much as possible.


You will get immense respect due to your intelligence. New ventures will bring you success. This time is good for love and romance. Harmony in the family will increase. Friends will support you.


Your entrepreneurial skills will develop at this time. You will work in an organized way. Family environment will stay harmonious. Relations with parents will improve. You may spend on luxuries.


You will get support from brothers and sisters. Small travels will benefit you. You will meet your old buddies. If you are associated with the works related to publications or agencies, some positive outcomes will come in front. Artistic abilities will also develop.


You will stay quite eminent during this time. Family members will behave well. Time is also favorable for financial front. Your interest in esoteric sciences will also increase.


You will be honored and you will be renowned. You will be quite happy. Family life will be satisfying. You will put your endeavor to fulfill your desires. Health will also stay fine.


You may stay stressed due to the troubles related to health. Try to resist your problems. Harmony will prevail at home. Your mind will incline toward spirituality.


Friends and supporters will help you. Desires and ambitions will be fulfilled. You will get some good new about your brother or a close friend. In this time, you will make many new friends.


An auspicious ceremony will be organized at home. The business may also expand. You will stay diligent all the time. Family environment will stay satisfying. You may also get a vehicle.


You will get immense benefit due to your intelligence. You will perform well at work. Also, you will get benefit from a journey. Due to your effective communication skills, you will be able to make people understand your point.


You will have to put a lot of efforts as work pressure will be too much. Arguments may rise on small matters. You may also stay stressed in family life. Avoid useless travels.