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Thursday, March 26, 2015

India Vs Australia - What Do The Stars Say About Winner?

The exciting semi final match between India and Australia will happen today. All the eyes are set on this match, as winning it is an entry into ‘world cup 2015’ final. “Acharya Raman” is all set to let you know which team will cheer and which will cry. 

World cup frenzy is at its peak and we have the last semi final ahead of us in which India will be playing against Australia. As always, I will try to find the winner with the help of KP System. The result lies with god and we as astrologers can only try to know what’s hidden in the future – which may or may not be true.

Date: 24:03:2015
Time: 10:34:05
Place: New delhi
KP Horary number: 233

Now let us analyze the data.

Ascendant Sub lord: It is Mercury. It is in star of Jupiter and sub of Saturn. Both the planets are retrograde.

  • 6th cusp sub lord: It is Saturn in own star and in sub of Sun
  • 11th cusp sub lord: It is Rahu in star of Moon and sub of Saturn 

On the onset itself, KP astrologers will see that this team is going to lose, but let us also see the condition of the opponent.

Ascendant sub lord: It is again Mercury in star of Jupiter and sub of Saturn. Both are retrograde.

  • 6th cusp sub lord: It is Saturn in own star and sub of Sun 
  • 11th cusp sub lord: It is Moon in star of Sun and sub of Jupiter 

Moon at this time is in Sun star and Jupiter sub.

Let us see the houses signified by these planets:

Planetary House Signification

Planet     House 

Sun        1 8 12

Moon       1 2 6

Mars       1 2 9

Mercury    1 4 5 7 10 11 12 

Jupiter    4 5 7 10 11 12

Venus      2 3 8 

Saturn     8 12

Rahu       2 6 7 

Ketu       1 8 12

A planet signifies various houses in the order of strength as follows -

Level 1- House occupied by the star lord of the planet
Level 2- House occupied by the planet itself
Level 3- Houses owned by the star lord of the planet
Level 4- Houses owned by the planet itself

As this signification is in the order of strength, signification at level 1 is more powerful than signification at level 2. Signification at level 2 is more powerful than signification at level 3 and so on. Level 1 to 4 is usually mentioned as grade A to E significators.

For India, the houses signified are -

(1) 5,12,1,10,11,4,7

(2) 8,12

(3) 2,6,7

For Australia the houses are -

(1) 11,6,7,4,5,10,1

(2) 2,6

(3) 8,12,7

As esteemed readers can see, it is going to be anybody's match on that day. There is no clear signification even from the sub-sub’s of the cusps. But, it seems that the match will tilt in favor of India finally and we will win this match. Best wishes to both the teams.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturn’s Eye On Navsamvat 2072 - Know How It Will Affect You

Vikram Samvatsar 2072 has begun. Do you know that Lord Saturn will rule all the zodiac signs this year? Will you be able to stay at bay from the wrath of Saturn? Don’t worry. We will tell you how Saturn’s aspect will affect you. But, let’s first know what is this Vikram Samvatsar 2072.

Saturn will affect you in this Hindu New Year 2072.

Vikram Samvatsar 2072 is beginning from March 21, 2015. The Vikram Samvat is quite old. Emperor Vikramaditya is considered as the inspiration for Vikram Samvat. The name of Samvatsar 2072 is Keelak. In the cabinet of planets, Saturn is posited as King and minister is Mars this year.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Saturn is considered as the Lord of Justice. It means that matters related to corruption and crime will get stricter. As Mars is the ministers, reach of law will increase to all the hidden corners. Due to the conjunction of Mars and Saturn, this is year is comparatively very much interesting.

Let’s now know if Saturn will bless you or curse you this year.

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Hindu Calendar 2072 Monthly Effects As Per Astrology

These predictions are based on the months of Hindu Calendar.

Chaitra (Mar 6 - Apr 4)

Heavy rains are possible this month, which might give you some difficulty. Inflation in eatables are also possible. It might be a tough time for youngsters.

Vaishakh (Apr 5 - May 4)

This month might come with the troubles for businessmen. Inflation is expected due to lesser rain. Liquid stuff such as milk, purified butter, etc. might get cheaper.

Jyeshtha (May 5 - Jun 2)

Some areas of South India might get adversely affected during this month. Clothes, etc. might get expensive. Pain in joints might give some trouble.

First Half Of Ashadha (Jun 3 - Jun 16)

Heavy rains during this time might adversely affect economy. Natural calamities might make the life difficult. Diseases might increase.

Second Half Of Ashadha (Jun 17 - Jul 31)

There might be heavy rains in some regions and on the contrary, drought is expected in some other regions. Prices of eatables might go up and down.

Shravan (Aug 1 - Aug 29)

Farmers might get troubled due to heavy rains or drought. Political parties might cause some serious ups and downs in the system of our nation. Businessmen might face a tough time.

Bhadrapada (Aug 30 - Sep 28)

Grains might get expensive due to heavy rain. Animals might face a troublesome time. Fear and restlessness might stay in your mind.

Ashvin (Sep 29 - Oct 27)

Things might get expensive due to lack of rain. Natural calamities might trouble people. A tough time might come for artistic people.

Kartik (Oct 28 - Nov 25)

Inflation may increase. Drought at some place might cause troubles. Fear and restlessness might keep you troubled.

Margshirsha (Nov 26 - Dec 25)

Inflation due to heavy rain might make you cry. Time is not very positive for businessmen. Animals might also face a difficult time.

Paush (Dec 26 - Jan 24)

Businessmen might face monetary losses. People will experience bliss and happiness during this month.

Magha (Jan 25 - Feb 22)

Prices of common eatables will go down. People relation to politics or administration might face some losses. Grains might go into losses.

Phalgun (Feb 23 - Mar 23)

It might be a tough time for businessmen and politicians. Common people will face a mixed time.

Chaitra (Mar 24 - Apr 22)

Liquid stuff will get cheaper. People will experience bliss. Animals might face some diseases.

Protect Yourself & Get Saturn’s Blessings

The boon of Saturn, the King of Samvat 2072, is enough to make you the King or the beggar. So, we will now tell you some simple remedies, so that Lord Saturn keep his good blessings and a caring hand over you. Read this little piece of information now to know those 5 simple remedies - 5 Tips To Ward Off Saturn’s Malefic Effects That You Must Know

Apart from this, you may wear Neelam (blue sapphire) to impress Lord Saturn. If Neelam is too expensive for you, wear Amethyst or Gun Metal.

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In Vikram Samvatsar 2072, if you will perform these remedies with full faith and devotion, you will get good blessings of King Saturn rather than curse. We hope that you will try these tips and your life will be full of happiness. Please hit like and share to spread the word. Have an auspicious year ahead!

We wish a wonderful Hindu New Year 2072!

Event of the Day!

Today is the festival of Gauri Puja or Gangaur. The festival is dedicated to Maa Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. Unmarried ladies worship the goddess for getting a husband of their choice and married ladies for a happy married life.

Panchak, the inauspicious period of five days, is coming to an end today. Auspicious deeds like marriages and Mundan cannot be performed during this duration, but house warming ceremony, Bhumi Pujan can be done.

Today is Matsya Jayanti. Matsya was the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he took birth on earth on this day.

Today is Jhulelal Jayanti. The festival is celebrated by Sindhi community to celebrate the birth anniversary of saint Uderolal, popularly known as Jhulelal.

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

5 Tips To Ward Off Saturn’s Malefic Effects That You Must Know

Do your efforts fail at the last moment? Are you not getting success inspite of putting all that hard work? Financial crisis remain in your life? Is health also giving troubles? If yes, it is quite possible that you might be suffering the malefic effects of retrograde Saturn’s aspect. Know 5 simple tips now to stay shielded from the wrath of Saturn; and get success all around.

Discover the 5 tips to protect yourself from Saturn’s malefic effects.
Mythological texts provide numerous examples of Lord Saturn’s wrath. It is said that Ravana captured all the planets and locked them into the most auspicious house, i.e. eleventh house in the birth-chart (Kundli) of Meghanada, his son. However, even the conqueror of 3 worlds, Ravana couldn’t cease the steps of Saturn. Lord Saturn gradually stepped into the troublesome twelfth house. Due to this, the unconquerable Meghanada had to taste defeat and die.

As per Vedic astrology, Saturn gives different results in different houses. Saturn is popularly known as the son of Sun. Beliefs say that Saturn has the power to turn a king into a beggar and vice versa. Let us unveil those 5 secrets that can calm down Saturn’s wrath and help in fetching his blessings.

1. Recitation Of Hanuman Chalisa

Regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa is the best way to safeguard ourselves from the anger of Lord Shani (Shani is the Hindu name for Saturn). If you are going through Dhaiya (2 and a half years period of Saturn) or Sade Sati (7 and a half years period of Saturn) and have become the victim of malefic effects of Saturn, Hanuman Chalisa is definitely the remedy for you. Beliefs has it that Lord Hanuman got Lord Shani freed from the confinement of Dashgreeva. It is also believed that during Kalyuga, egoistic Lord Shani once approached Lord Hanuman and said, “You saved me from Treta definitely, but now it is Kali Kaal. I have to perform my duty. Hence, from today, Sade Sati is beginning on you. I am coming over you.” Lord Shani sat on Hanuman’s head while saying this, which led to itching on the head. To get relief from it, he (Lord Hanuman) kept a huge mountain over his head. Shani Dev got crushed beneath it and started screaming “Traahi maam traahi maam” (save me, save me). He apologized to Lord Hanuman and promised that he will neither disturb the lord nor his devotees. Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most prestigious Stotra of Lord Hanuman and is extremely powerful. Recitation of it frees one from all the miseries of life. 

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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2. Chanting Shani Mantra

It is believed Mantras are so powerful that it they can bring a dead person to life. Every god/goddess has their own Mantra. Chanting these Mantras in the right way is the easiest way to please that concerned deity. Chanting below mentioned Shani Mantra 19,000 times in the period of 40 days is very effective to get relief from Sade Sati - 

“Om Paraam Pareem Paron Seh Shanichray Namah” (ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनिश्चराय नमः)

The power embedded deeply into the Beej words of Shani Mantra demolishes the negative impact of Dhaiya and Sade Sati. All of us should take benefit from this Mantra. Other than this, Shani Stotra by Dasharatha is also one of the ways to get shielded from adverse effects of Saturn. 

Are you going through Sade Sati? Discover now - Sade Sati Calculator

3. Donation Of Til, Oil and Chhaya Paatra

Til, oil, and Chhaya Paatra are beloved items of Lord Shani. Charity of these things is the prominent remedy to pacify Saturn’s malefic effects. As per beliefs, donating these things are the way to get relief from sufferings given by Shani Dev. The remedy of donating Chhaya Paatra is very easy. Take mustard oil in a mud vessel. See reflection of your face in it and then donate it. Doing so will not only remove ill-effects of Saturn, but will help on seeking his blessings. 

4. Wear Dhatura Root

Vedic astrology provides remedies to pacify planets using different roots. Some astrologers believe that wearing gemstones might harm, but no harm is caused by roots (Jadis). While gemstones increase the power of planets, roots divert the energy of planets in positive direction. To please Shani Dev and fetch his blessings, wearing root of Dhatura is suggested in mythological texts. A small piece of it’s root could be worn around neck or hand after wrapping. Doing so will bestow you with Saturn’s energy in positive way and you will soon feel the difference. 

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5. Wear Saat Mukhi Rudraksha

Just like roots, Rudraksha is also known as the remedy against Saturn. Wearing Saat Mukhi Rudraksha not only pleases Lord Shiva, but also fetches blessings of Shani Dev. According to mythology, Saat Mukhi Rudraksha maintains financial bliss in family and Goddess of wealth, Maa Lakshmi keeps her blessings shining. It also helps in fighting against health issues. Wearing this Rudraksha on Monday or Saturday after bathing with Gangajal (Holy water of Ganga) helps in overcoming troubles related to Saturn. Also, it bestows with property. 

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Remedies given here are easy to apply and show effects in minimum time. If these remedies are followed with pure heart & soul, we can protect ourselves from retrograde aspect of Shani Dev and get his blessings. According to Numerology, Saturn is affecting year 2015 most. Hence, these remedies are even more important this year. Implement these easy remedies and bring bliss in your life with the blessings of Lord Shani.

Event Of The Day!

Today is the festival of Sheetla Ashtami or Basoda. People consume Basi or stale food on this day and worship Maa Sheetla for their well-being and preventing diseases like chicken-pox, measles and small-pox.

Have a great day!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Astrological Prediction On Delhi’s Assembly Election 2015

Concluding anything about Delhi’s 2015 assembly election result is definitely not easy. For the position of Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal is giving a direct challenge not only to Kiran Bedi, but to Narendra Modi as well. “Pt. Deepak Dubey” will tell us about who is close to win Delhi’s Chief Minister title.‘

Unveil future of Delhi’s assembly election 2015 through astrology.

Coming to any conclusion about Delhi’s election this time is not an easy task. This very fact is making this election extremely interesting. Looking at the present conditions, concluding any result is not possible. This time I have also tried to implement my astrological views on this election. Generally, we discuss only the main leaders of the elections, but this election is unique. Here, while on one side is Arvind Kejriwal, BJP’s Chief Minister anticipatory candidate ‘Kiran Bedi’ is on the other side. However, this time we cannot directly discuss only about Kiran Bedi and Kejriwal. Neither we can come to any conclusion like this, as the real battle is between Kejriwal and Modi and not with Kiran Bedi. Kiran Bedi is just a symbolic candidate and main impact of this election will be seen on Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi. Looking at the present situations, I have tried to make astrological discussion. As Congress is quite tender, I have not discussed it.

Let us first see Arvind Kejriwal’s, Kiran Bedi’s and Narendra Modi’s ascendant birth chart (Kundali), present Dasha (period) and Antar Dasha (sub period).

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें...

Planetary Position Of All The 3 Leaders During Birth

Arvind Kejriwal

Kiran Bedi

Narendra Modi

Here, birth details of Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi is explained according to However, Narendra Modi’s birthchart is not according to his popularly known birth date of September 17, 1950 and is according to my calculations, i.e. September 17, 1949. Further, I want to clarify that birth charts are explained on the basis of facts related to the known names of the above mentioned leaders. I do not guarantee its accuracy.

Vote - Ascendant Transit On February 7

Arvind Kejriwal

Kiran Bedi

Narendra Modi

Note: Moon will travel in zodiac signs Leo and Virgo. Hence, due to empowering ascendant, Change in Moon’s sign will be seen.

Election Result - Ascendant Transit On February 10

Arvind Kejriwal

Kiran Bedi

Narendra Modi

Present Dasha & Antar Dasha Of All 3 Leaders

Dasha (On February 7, 2015)

Arvind Kejriwal: Jupiter’s Mahadasha, Venus’s Antar, Ketu’s Pratyantar and Jupiter’s Suksham Dasha will prevail from From 4 till February 12.

Kiran Bedi: Sun’s Mahadasha, Mercury’s Antar, Jupiter’s Pratyantar and Rahu’s Suksham Dasha will prevail till February 7. Sun - Mercury - Saturn and Saturn are foreseen on February 10.

Narendra Modi: Venus’s Maha Dasha, Mars’s Antar, Saturn’s Pratyantra and Moon’s Suksham Dasha are foreseen till February 7. Whereas, Venus - Mars - Saturn and Mars will prevail on February 10.

Discussion According To Birth Chart, Dasha & Antar Dasha

Arvind Kejriwal: Saturn is the lord of ninth as well as tenth house in the birth chart (Kundali) of Arvind Kejriwal. It (Saturn) is aspecting ninth house and ascendant by sitting in seventh house. Ascendant lord Venus and Mars, both are posited in the tenth house in the transit. Conjunction of Sun and Mercury is there in ninth house, Jupiter is exalted in third house and is directly aspecting ninth house.

Kiran Bedi: In the birth chart of Kiran Bedi, lord of ninth house is Venus and Mercury is the lord of eleventh house. Mercury is presently in transit in the ascendant of Rahu. Mercury, being the lord of tenth house is posited in the eighth house from it, i.e. fifth house. Venus, being the lord of ninth house is posited in sixth house and is creating Bhagya Bhang Yoga. None of the benefic planet is there in the centre. Though Rahu and Ketu are posited in centre, but Rahu posited in ascendant spoils the ability of thinking, understanding, and speaking. It also gives negative influence.

Narendra Modi: In Modi’s birth, Mercury is the lord of ninth house, whereas Moon is the lord of tenth house. If Dashas (period) are to be discussed, Modi’s Mahadasha (major period) is the strongest at present. This fact is very well known and need not to be said. In transit also, Modi’s birth chart has exalted Jupiter and centered Sun and Moon. Mars and Venus posited in fifth house are increasing the chemistry between intellect and power.


After analyzing the birth chart of all the three contenders, according to the planetary conditions, birth chart of Kiran Bedi is extremely weak if compared with birth chart of Arvind Kejriwal. If birth chart of Kiran Bedi is analyzed alone, her victory was impossible. However, as her role in the election is not that prominent; therefore, Narendra Modi is the only opponent. On this basis, his victory is sure. Though BJP might win this election, but competing in this election is not good for Kiran Bedi’s future.

If we presume the seats, we will find minor difference. As Moon is the lord of tenth house on February 10, victory of Narendra Modi is possible. However, this victory is not easy, as stars of Arvind Kejriwal are extremely powerful. To summarize all, it can be said that BJP might form the government, firstly due to a very negligible margin and secondly by using all the tactics.


Kiran Bedi: Political career is not good.

Narendra Modi: Victory is possible either by hook or by crook.

Arvind Kejriwal
: It seems he will emerge as the winner even after losing. (His winning chances can’t be neglected.)

If we talk about seat, both will get more than 30 seats.

By Pt. Deepak Dubey

Friday, November 14, 2014

Is Your Child A Superstar?

Today, on this wonderful occasion of Children’s Day in India, Astrologer Honey Chopraa has come up with her analysis on what is in the birth chart makes a child prodigy! Let’s see what she says…

Is your son the next Steve Jobs? Or do you think he will take the software industry by storm?

Will he just be popular in school or be famous worldwide? What does it take to be a wonderkid?

If these questions run through your mind, the answer lies in his/her Birth Chart!

A Child Prodigy is a person who at an early age develops one or more skills at a level far beyond the norm for their age.

There are certain planets and houses that are responsible for making a child outperform. The following parameters determine whether he is gifted or not. Strength in these houses is an indication of your child’s latent talents.

First House

This is the most important house in the birth chart. It represents self. It pretty much indicates what we are. It shows the characteristics of a child. It talks about the personality of the child, his physical attributes. It shows physical strength of the body. It is the strength in the character of an individual which takes him places, everything else is secondary.

Third House

It shows our hobbies and interests. It shows how we communicate with others and how we express ourselves. It is also the house of courage, so whether your child can take initiative and assume responsibility largely depends on the strength of the third house. This represents the will and determination of a person.

It is from here we can see the extra curricular activities such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, debating skills, swimming, so on and so forth.

It deals with all those activities that need our mental involvement along with our will as well as determination because to learn anything new, we need to have motivation. A child with a good third house will have varied interests, activeness, and talent. Not just that, they are self-motivated, and their strong will power helps them achieve what they want to. They mostly are very good orators and can convince anyone easily.

Fifth House

Fifth house is the house of creativity. Everything we create, romance, affairs, and even children come out of the fifth house. Artistic talents and creative pursuits are seen from here. It also represents our past life Karma. A strong fifth house indicates good past life Karmas, which means that these children will be presented with more opportunities. It also indicates speculative tendencies and gambling. They can be called as gifted. Children who are actors & mimic others have a lot of influence on their fifth house.

Sixth House

This is to be seen for success in competitions and sports. It gives us fighting ability so a person with a strong 6H successfully overpowers his enemies and cuts through competition. Such children are the ones who rank first in various sport competitions like tennis, swimming, cricket, competitive exams, olympiads, and even debates, etc. This is because they have the inertia to overpower others.

Ninth House

This house is to be seen for higher learning. For a child, it gives luck, protection, divine help, or fortune.

Tenth House

Being the Karma house of the horoscope, it represents the career of a person. It shows our status and how high will we rise in life is seen from the tenth house. People with strong tenth house become achievers.

Dasha Pattern

The Dasha that your child is running is the actual determinant of his/her success. The planetary placements indicate the potential that he/she has. It is only the Dasha which unfolds that hidden talent.

While barely into his/her teens, this attractive boy/girl is one of the youngest success stories. To put things into perspective, we will take up the birth chart analysis of Justin Bieber, who has millions of fans across the globe.

Justin Bieber: Singer & Songwriter

Justin Bieber: March 1, 1994 12:56 a.m., London, Ontario, Canada

First House

Scorpio is a water sign makes him passionate and emotional. He has an intense nature and can be mysterious as well as secretive at the same time. Fixed sign indicates stability, but it also makes him jealous and revengeful, especially in the case of relationships. Scorpio rising also indicates that his life is full of transformation.

Rahu is in the first house; makes him obsessive about himself. The charisma, magnetic personality, and the unconventionality comes from here. Rahu in the sign of Scorpio in ascendant has the potential of giving sudden elevation.

Third House

Mercury in the 3H is excellent for creative self-expression. 3L Saturn is forming Sasa Yoga, one of the Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas giving him an envious position early in life.

Fifth House

5L Jupiter is placed with 9L Moon in the 12H of foreign land making a Gaj Kesari Yoga.

Tenth House

10H is very powerful as it is receiving the aspect of 4 planets - Sun, Venus, Mars, and Saturn.
11L Mercury placed in the 3H (lord of one Upachaya house placed in other Upachaya house) ensures growth.

The Dasha Pattern of Justin Bieber is as under:

He was born in the Dasha (planetary period) of his Ascendant Lord - Mars placed in the 4H, a good placement as far as nourishment from mother is concerned.

It is in the Dasha of Rahu which began on 23/3/1997 that he got interested in musical instruments and started singing very well.

He was accidently discovered on YouTube, which is unconventional. His life took an unexpected turn and transformed completely. This was in 2007 and Dasha Running was Ra-Me (Mercury is the 8L of sudden events also).

In 2008, his first single “One Time” was released in July 2009, which started topping the charts in the first week itself. It was in Ra-Ve that these got international recognition. “Extended Play” and “My World” were released and they did wonders on “Billboard Top 100”!

This is because Venus is the significator of Music, Dance and showbiz.

He shot to fame and recognition at the tender age of 14!

Comfortable placement of Venus in the sign of his best friend, Saturn along with Saturn itself which is forming a Panch Mahapurusha Yoga strengthened the position.

All of this in the 4H - The house of Simhasan or Throne made him an unparallel success.

Srinivasa Ramanujam Iyer: Mathematician

Srinivasa Ramanujam Iyer: 22.12.1887, 16:25 hrs, Erode, Tamil Nadu.

Popularly known as Ramanujan, he was one of the greatest mathematical geniuses of 20th century.

First House

With Taurus rising in the ascendant, he had a steady nature and a natural knack for numbers and finances. Jupiter and Mercury are aspecting the Lagna making him intelligent as well as wise. Which is why he had an unusual mathematical prowess.

Third House

A very fine placement of Rahu and Saturn here gave him the required amount of determination and willpower. This combination is further aspected by the wisdom provider Jupiter.

3L Moon is in the 11H, again the lord of one Upachaya house going into other Upachaya house is a sureshot indicator of growth. Moon is also being aspected by Jupiter from its 5th aspect. Jupiter here is the 8L (of research) which is why before the age of 18, he was conducting his own research on Bernoulli Numbers and the Mascheroni Constant.

Fifth House

Placement of Mars here gave him some disappointments, but the 5-7 exchange with Mercury, which gave him the vigor to rise above all odds. Mars is also aspected by Yogakaraka Saturn from its 3rd aspect. 3L Moon is also aspecting the fifth house. 5L Mercury is placed with Jupiter makes him bright in calculations.

Ninth House

Ninth and Tenth Lord Saturn is very well placed. Although its placement with Rahu (a deceiver) had given him his share of peculiarities, as some of his calculations were fake and already known to the world. It was only due to Rahu that his work was unconventional and ignited the interest of others to conduct further research. 9H also receives the aspect of its own lord, Saturn which protects the significations of the 9H.

Dasha Pattern

Born in the Dasha of Yoga Karaka Saturn, made him brilliant and the placement of the MD Lord in one of its best positions, gave him that initial kick. This is why that even without any formal training, he made such significant contributions in the area of mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, and continued fractions.

Mercury Dasha began on 22-9-1897. Mercury is placed with the 8L Jupiter, which due to its very strong wiring led Ramanujan to conduct the sizable researches and create history. It is not just the combinations in the chart, but the right Dashas at the right time that gave him an unparallel expertise in his field.

Viswanathan Anand: Indian Chess Grandmaster

Vishwanathan Anand: 11 Dec, 1969, 03:05 Hrs, Mayiladuthurai, Chennai

Mumma’s boy, was introduced to the game which got him world recognition in his early years by his mother who herself was a big Chess enthusiast laid the foundation of his career.

First House

Libra rising makes him very mature, balanced, thoughtful, understanding, good keeper of silence, diplomatic, and comes out of any trap. Jupiter’s placement gives him a wise disposition. This is why he comes across as idealistic. It is aspected by the Yogakaraka planet Saturn, which is debilitated but retrograde. A planet which is debilitated and retrograde has the potency to confer extra ordinary results. Thus, he has a fan following, which includes his opponents.

Third House

9L Mercury and 10L Moon are placed in the 3H forming an excellent Rajyoga. Mercury in the 3H gives dexterity in skills, especially the ones which would otherwise qualify as a hobby.

Fifth House

Placement of Mars and Rahu here give him the scheming mind required to play chess. His creativity is burning in nature and has a sense of aggression. Jupiter’s aspect makes him channelise this energy in a positive manner.

Sixth House

Extremely important for success in competitions. 6L Jupiter placed in Lagna signifies that he deals with a lot of competition, although it would also affect his health.

Ninth House

Being aspected by its own lord Mercury, which is involved in a very potent Rajyoga. Yogakaraka planet Saturn also aspects the 9H from its third aspect. It is also being aspected by Jupiter, which is placed in the Lagna. Thus, the 9H significations get strengthened.

Tenth House

Although the tenth house has no aspect, 10L Moon is participating in a Raja Yoga. Moon with Mercury gives him a career, which needs intellect, logic, and extensive use of mind.

Dasha Pattern

He started his life with Dasha of his LL, Venus, which gave him a happy childhood. He learnt Chess, honed his skills and started out professionally and won the National Sub-Junior Chess Champion at just 14 years of age. Within a year, he acquired the title of International Master and is youngest Indian to so.

It was during the Dasha of Sun (11L), which is placed in the 2H with the LL that at 18 years of age, Anand became India's first Grandmaster. 11L placed in 2H is a potent Dhan Yoga and its placement with the LL further strengthens the combination. He won his first World Championship in 2000.

He continued to get favourable Dashas Moon (10L), Ma (placed in 5H), and Rahu, which is again a benefic Dasha.

Similar observations can be made from the birth charts of Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar, Nightingale of India - Lata Mangeshkar, they became achievers due to the extra edge given to them by their birth charts.

Therefore, depending on the signs and planets influencing the houses 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, and 10, we can figure out the specialties and talents of our child.

Also, since these promises in the chart are fulfilled only when a favorable Dasha operates; therefore, every child need not be pushed to be a top performer at all times. We all cherish Steve Jobs and Bill Gates; they were not even graduates, but they brought about a revolution in the world of business and technology.

By Astrologer Honey Chopraa

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Surya Grahan On Diwali 2014: How Will It Affect You

Surya Grahan is going to take place in the midnight hours of October 23-24, 2014. Want to know what will be its impacts on the environment and all the earthlings? Read the article by Pt. Deepak Dubey, where he explains each and every effects of this eclipse in Diwali in 2014.

Experience Surya Grahan on the special night of Diwali on October 24, 2014.

Pt. Deepak Dubey belongs to the pious land of Varanasi. He is a Lord Shiva devotee, a renowned astrologer and master of Hindu religious rituals. Along with that, he is an expert of Vastu and knows Mantra-Tantra. He got the knowledge of astrology from his father who is also a well known astrologer and Maa Kali devotee. He is invited to various T.V channels and FM radio shows for interviews. He is graduate in psychology and has also written for several magazines.
An eclipse is taking place again after 16 days of Lunar eclipse, and this time, it’s Surya Grahan with Diwali. This Grahan is taking place in Libra and Chitra Nakshatra (constellation). Hence, the natives who were born in the sign of Libra/ascendant and Chitra Nakshatra, this Grahan (eclipse) will be extremely influential for you. According to IST, this solar eclipse will occur in the midnight hours of October 23-24, 2014 around 01:07 am and will continue till 04:17 am. Hence, in India, this eclipse does not have any recognition from a religious angle. However, due to the occurrence of this celestial incident, effect will be imposed on environment and creatures of earth. Apart from this, we must tell you that the impacts of this Surya Grahan in 2014 can be felt for the next 30 days.

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You can now see that Leo is the rising sign for Sun, which is in the constellation (Nakshatra) of Ketu. Venus, Moon, Sun, and Rahu, are in the constellation of Mars and Mars is in the constellation of Ketu. Saturn is in exalted position and, Mars and Jupiter is being aspected by Saturn. Mars is inflicting its debilitated aspect on Jupiter. Thus, being the night of Amavasya, Moon is not present in the sky. Surya Grahan is taking place in a debilitated sign, and due to an exalted Saturn, it is polluted and powerless. Due to Ketu and Saturn, Mars is extremely aggressive. Now, let’s know the impacts of this transformation on the environment and human beings.

If you want to know in detail about everything related to this day, you may find the below given links interesting:

Surya Grahan 2014: Effects On Environment & India

The conditions of planets is extremely unfavorable. Due to the influence of fire and wind elements; earthquake, thunderstorm, Tsunami and other similar disastrous calamities might take place. In North-Western regions/countries, a war can break out; a religious/social delirium may also take place during this period. This can be the cause of bloodshed.

Position Of Planets During Solar Eclipse

(1:30 am, according to Indian standard time)

Surya Grahan 2014: Effects On Zodiac Signs

This powerful conjunction of Diwali and Surya Grahan will definitely bring some change to your life. Let’s now know how this Diwali will be for you, which is incorporated with the additional effects of Surya Grahan. If you find any of your predictions with not a very good news, don’t get upset because the planetary conditions of your birth chart also affect you.

Note: These predictions are based on your Moon sign.

Aries: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

There is the possibility of getting into financial problems. You can also experience some betrayal in work or business. Ideological differences with your partner might be there. There might also be some problem related to your children.

Taurus: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You will get victory over your opponents. You are also likely to win in some of your legal matters and will be able to get over of them. However, you should be careful in lending loans to someone.

Gemini: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You might not turn out to be unsuccessful in education and competition; your brother might also face some health issue. You might stay concerned with issues related to your children. Pregnant ladies should be extremely cautious.

Cancer: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You might also face sudden monetary loss. You might get into some unnecessary rift. You might be facing the agony of getting parted from a special person.

Leo: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You will remain restless. You can get a news of a demise as well, during this period. You need to be cautious while travelling a place.

Virgo: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

Financial loss might take place in your life. Your reputation might get hampered due to a close one. Your speech is likely to be negatively affected, during this period. You should keep ego and pride away from your nature.

Libra: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

Surya Grahan will take place in your sign. Your heart is likely to be distracted. Your thoughts might be in a negative state. This period might weaken your thinking capability for a while; hence, meantime, you need to postpone important decisions.

Scorpio: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You might go on some unnecessary travels; sudden expenses may take place in your life. You might stay concerned with your father’s health. Legal problems might also come up. You should stay away from irrelevant arguments and rifts. You need to stay alert from high officials.

Sagittarius: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

Your luck is not going to favor you; hence, do not perform any work that depends on your fortune. Hence, try to stay away from gambling, lottery. Do not get into any kind of financial risks.

Capricorn: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You might experience defamation, during this period. If you have works related to the government sector, this is not a favorable time for performing them. However, you will get rid of health troubles.

Aquarius: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You will stay concerned with your spouse’s health. Your fortune will not be very supportive. You need to be cautious at your workplace; you might be betrayed.

Pisces: Surya Grahan 2014 Horoscope

You might face extremely delicate time, if we talk of your health. You can be afraid of fire and beside this, there are chances of meeting an accident. Hence, be cautious. Try not to buy anything irrelevant by opting for a loan; repaying the loan would be difficult.

Special: Perform Puja, charity, feeding the poor or perform any auspicious task yourself, on the eclipse of any zodiac sign. This is so because on this day, there are high chances of natural calamities or accidents on such a day. Hence, try to indulge yourself into good work.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri: An Astrological Analysis

Today, the birthdays of two great men, Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri will be celebrated all around India. Hence, October 2 is considered to be a very special day in Indian history. Read astrological predictions by Pt. Hanumman Mishra and get to know the reasons behind such greatness that changed the shape of our country.

Mahatma Gandhi: Father Of The Nation

On October 2, we all Indians celebrate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi with firm belief. Mahatma Gandhi was one of those reputed leaders who participated in the national movement against the Britishers. The complete name of this great personality was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat. His father’s name was Mr. Karamchand Gandhi and mother was Putlibai. She was the fourth wife of Karamchand Gandhi, while Mohandas was the last child born to his mother.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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A lot has been already written on AstroSage about Mahatma Gandhi; hence, on his this birthday, we will discuss about his advocacy. Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, and Mars are mainly responsible to make someone barrister. Out of all these planets, Jupiter and Venus are responsible for giving the reasoning power. While Mercury is the significator of speech, Saturn blesses with the ability to do justice and reach to the depth of a particular matter. Mars is known to be the significator of courage and self-confidence. If all these planets are favorable and strong in one’s Kundali (birth-chart), the native becomes a successful lawyer. Otherwise, some glitches are noticed if these planets appear unfavorable. Other than these planets, considering second, sixth, seventh, ninth, as well as Karma house (tenth house) is equally considerable.

Let us now take a glance at impact of these planets on Mahatma Gandhi’s Kundali.

Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s Horoscope

In Mahatma Gandhi’s Kundali, almost all the planets associated with the study of law are placed properly. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are in Kendra (centralized). Saturn is posited in the second house (house of speech). Libra ascendant is considered auspicious for becoming a good decision maker. It is because of these planets only that beside obtaining studies for law, Mahatma Gandhi had also practiced law as a barrister. Though, this is another fact that due to positioning of Saturn in second house, he used to say no strictly for fighting wrong and false cases. Though Mahatma Gandhi didn’t fight many legal cases, but he was a good and knowledgeable lawyer. Due to the presence of other Yogas in his Kundali, his fame will last forever.

Now, it’s turn to analyze the reasons behind greatness of another man who was born this day i.e. Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Bhadra Yoga Made Lal Bahadur Shastri Gentle Person

Goddess Sharda (Goddess situated in Mehar) blessed Sharda Prasad Shrivastava with such a boon that changed his life for good. Yes, we are talking about India’s former Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri. His father was Mr. Sharda Prasad Shrivastava. He was a native of Mughal Sarai, Uttar Pradesh. Meaning of the name Sharda Prasad is ‘Prasad (sacred gift) of Devi Sharda’. The Devi is believed to be a manifestation of Goddess Saraswati. Her temple is located at a place known as Mehar. Possibly, it is her only temple. As his name was Sharda Prasad and his profession was teaching; hence, Maa Sharda’s blessings are obvious for him. As a result of this glory only, Sharda Prasad got Lal Bahadur Shastri, a son as precious as a gem.

Lal Bahadur Shastri Horoscope

Born under Sagittarius ascendant, Lal Bahadur Shastri’s lord of ascendant is posited in fifth house. Due to association of ascendant lord with house of intellect, it is natural for the native to be intelligent. Also, ascendant lord is Jupiter; hence, intelligence and erudition are naturally seen in his personality. I would like to state an example of his intelligence. When Lal Bahadur Shastri was the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Police administration implemented Lathi Charge on the students, during a cricket match. As a result, students got outraged and under the supervision of student association’s leader, a group of students met Lal Bahadur Shastri. They requested to keep police out of there and said that red cap should not be seen in the ground from tomorrow. The reason behind addressing Police administration with red cap is that during those days, cap of police used to be of red color. Concluding this, Lal Bahadur Shastri politely agreed and asked the tailors of Lucknow to stitch Khaki colored caps, throughout the night. The following morning, Police came in the ground; however, red cap was not seen anywhere. After this, the students again met Lal Bahadur Shastri, on which he gave them the solution in his own way. This incident proves his intelligence and maturity to respond to situations. This proves his ability to provide solution for everything very easily and he got this trait due to planet Mercury.

In the Kundali of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Mercury being exalted is posited in tenth house, i.e. the house of sovereignty. Such a position gives him the knowledge of clean politics. About the result of this Yoga, it has been stated that a native belonging to such Yoga is blessed with abundant intellect and glory. Such a person gets appreciation because of his/her working style and influential talks. Not only this, but he/she is courageous like lion and destroys enemies. Depiction of this fact was seen in the life of Lal Bahadur Shastri in the battle of year 1965, when India attacked its enemies for the very first time and took away Sargodha and Sialkot. We were about to enter Lahore, when Russia requested to call the battle off. Hence, we can say that Bhadra Yoga gave extreme benefits to Lal Bahadur Shastri. He was himself gentle and used to treat indecent people in such a way that they also willingly got transformed into noble beings.

This means that Mercury itself, or with the help of others planets, gave Lal Bahadur Shastri the pride of becoming India’s Prime Minister. Like Yoga of lord of ninth and tenth house in tenth house is considered to be an excellent Raj Yoga. Tenth house is known as the Rajya Bhav (house of sovereignty) and ninth house is the house of destiny. Due to presence of both these combinations in Kendra (centre) or Trikon, it leads to the formation of excellent Yoga. In the Kundali of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sun (lord of ninth house) is posited in the tenth house with Mercury, the lord of tenth house. Therefore, India got its second and great Prime Minister in the form of Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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Today is the fourth day of Durga Puja. Celebrate this day to honor the epitome of feminine power.

Annapurna Parikrama ends today.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Do You Have Diabetes In Your Stars?

Diabetes, one of the widely spread disease is found in almost every second person we meet. But, how does it happen? Does our planetary positions and combination of houses are the reasons, or is it our unhealthy lifestyle? Know the real reason with astrologer Acharya Raman.

Astrology can tell you about the possible combinations that lead to Diabetes.

Born in a middle class family of Hyderabad, Acharya Raman is serving mankind since two decades. He is mainly interested in ancient Indian astrology. Acharya Raman holds expertise in KP System along with Palmistry and Numerology. Writing on various astrological subjects and revealing the absurd aspects of astrology are his interests.
India, apart from a huge market for many things, is also a big market for pharma manufacturing drugs and gadgets for diabetes. We are a fast growing nation. Each day the number of patients increases and somewhere negligence toward health is the reason behind. adding up many patients each day mostly due to our negligence and making the doctors richer every month. However, the prevention is so simple. All we need to do is remain sane, workout, go for morning walks and inhale fresh air. Intake of less alcohol also helps. I will not go into the medical aspect of getting diabetes as it is not my sphere. I wish that India becomes a diabetes free country and the medical bills decrease.

Guruji Shree KSK says, 12th house is for defect, 6th for disease and 8th for danger. KP READER-4 P-100.2006 EDITION.

Let us now understand the possible astrological combinations that can lead to diabetes. Here are few cases:

Case 1

The 6th cusp sub lord is Mercury, in star of Venus. The ascendant is in star of Mercury and sub of venus. The ascendant is directly connected with 6th cusp and 8th cusp, as Mercury rules 8th cusp. This infant was diagnosed with severe diabetes and is still hospitalised. The 8th cusp sub lord is Jupiter which is own star and sub and is placed in 8th cusp. Venus Antara was prevailing when she was born.

Case 2

The disease was diagnosed in Venus Mahadasha - Venus Antara. The 6th cusp sub lord is Mercury in sub of Venus. Venus is aspected by Saturn, the 8th lord. Jupiter, the Badhakapti is aspecting Mercury; as for dual ascendant, the 7th house is the Badhakapti. Venus is in star of Jupiter, the Badhakapati and in own sub.

Case 3

The sixth cuspal sub lord is Jupiter. The sixth cusp is in star of Mars. Ascendant is in star of Venus and sub of Saturn. Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are conjunct. The disease was detected in Rahu Dasa and Bhukti. Rahu is in star sub of Saturn, which is a Maraka planet and is conjunct Venus, which is in star of Mars, the lord of 12th house. 12th house is for hospitalisation apart from other things and the native was hospitalised due to it. Rahu is in sign of Mars, aspected by Saturn.

Case 4

The ascendant is in star of Venus, 6th lord and sub of Ketu. The 6th csl is Venus and the star lord is Mars. You will see that Saturn and Venus are conjunct. Saturn is a Maraka for the native. Mars is aspected by Saturn. The native was a diabetic person.

Case 5

The disease was detected around 5 years back, Rahu Mahadasha, Rahu is conjuncting Venus. Venus is again the 6th lord. Venus is in Jupiter and own sub. The 6th cusp is in star of Mars sub of Saturn. For fixed ascendants, the 9th house lord is Badhakapti, which is Saturn here. Saturn is aspecting Jupiter, the star lord of Venus and Rahu and which is in sub of Rahu himself.

Dear readers, there can be a number of horoscopes, but we found that Venus, Mars, and Saturn are playing the main mischief here. Venus rules over sweets and Jupiter rules over fats. Both cause this disease in their capacities, as lord of malefic houses etc. You can use the brilliant software of AstroSage and judge your horoscope to find out whether you are prone to be afflicted by this disease or not. Lastly, I request the patrons to keep at least 30 mins of busy schedule of your life solely for exercise and inhaling fresh air. Drinks loads of freshwater in the morning. May you never get this disease.

By Acharya Raman

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Panchak will end tomorrow. The duration of Panchak is considered inauspicious to perform any auspicious activity. You can know more about Panchak Kaal at AstroSage. Just go on the given link and explore all: Panchak 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Numerology & Karma Relativity - The Dark Secret Of Life

Numerology, the science of numbers, has the potential to bestow you with all you ever wanted. But, what is numerology? Is it a part of astrology? Does it really works? If your mind is surrounded by such questions, this article by Mr. Vikash Kumar is just the right thing for you...

Know how numerology is related to your life.

Numerology is that segment of esoteric sciences, which helps you in realizing your full potential. Studying it as science of number and its influence on human life is interesting. This is a very beautiful subject, as it not just foretells the future and analyzes the past events, but also handover the keys to explore potential and destiny. Pulsating in vibration of numbers gives you enormous benefits. Know about them better here:

Mr. Vikash Kumar, Fore Zorba, Strategist Counselor, writes articles that are published regularly in Health, Wellness, Spiritual, Astrology/Numerology Magazines (Stayfit, Health Vision, Life Positive, and Om Times International magazine, to name a few) along with many organisations' annual magazines. Beside writing, he is on the expert panel in Life Positive magazine giving solutions to reader's concerns through Numerology, Astrology, Vaastu, etc.
  1. SWOT analysis: It helps brilliantly in analyzing your strengths, in knowing your weakness (why a particular person has certain weakness not others), grabbing in opportunity best suited for you. It also tells about the challenges you will face and the lessons you will learn from them.
  2. Spiritual awareness: It instills realization of certain circumstances and that’s why this phenomenon in a certain way gives it a realm of subject of distinction. When you will know the Karmic lessons, it will certainly through you toward spirituality “AS IT IS”.
  3. Compatibility with others: Every person vibrates on certain number and its energy. One can find a compatible person according to that.
  4. Number characteristics: There is nothing arbitrary about joining the number 8 with materiality and financial success. Its very structure attaches it with the same line that goes upward and after touching a height, comes downward. Since matter is never static, it’s always changing; in the same manner, the form of each number has a meaning associated with it.
  5. Professional suitability: One can not only find the suitable field to pursue better career success, but also the company to deal with. It is not just about numbers and calculations, but the person taking responsibility of numerology should be clairvoyant, as with only nine numbers we are looking into each aspect of different person.
People usually think that a name change is the field of this subject and changing name can bring good fortune. But, ‘potential’ is of utmost importance and a change accordingly can bring happiness.

Relation Between Numerological Calculations & Karma

A person comes into a life at a certain time and with a certain name, not as a matter of chance, but as a matter of choice for learning few lessons. These lessons are situations and experiences that one failed to meet and cope with or that one met and misused in past lifetime. These unlearned parts of our past life force us in various ways to learn those things in the present life for the completion of life circle. 

This incomplete part for a person is Karma, which leads us toward the path of super consciousness or enlightenment. We will be forced to next life, if we fail to learn and imbibe those Karmic lessons in this life. 

Numerology is based upon the fact that your birth name and birth date are not a matter of chance and there is no reason to argue with the theory that they have a definite effect upon your life. One’s Karmic lessons can be found out with numerological calculations of your name. Each alphabet has its own number or vibratory influence, although there are letters with the same number. Life’s lessons are contained in the numbers 1 to 9. 

The Karmic lessons are calculated by missing numbers in name or can be seen in the inclusion table, which is known as ‘numerological chart’.

For better understanding of Karmic lesson of a person, let us take an example of a name, say Narendra Modia.




So, here we need to see the numbers that are missing from numerological calculation of this name.

Representation (times)

Consulting the example above, we see that the missing numbers are 2, 3, 7, and 8. This shows that there are four Karmic lessons. To know exactly what this person has to learn in this life, we need to understand the lessons attached with it and its relevance with the person’s life. Karma makes you to understand your being and learning that requires change, which life poses in front of you. Karma answers the reason behind your first reactions and initial deeds or days, whereas learning improves your life according to the lessons learnt. Life brings situation once and again, so that you learn it. 

So, now understand Karma and lessons of our example.

He has avoided cooperating with others. This person has failed to learn the need for tact, patience, and consideration of others feelings.
Life will present him with
opportunities to help realise
the need to be sensitive to other’s thoughts and feelings, to make sacrifice for the sake of getting along well and to learn the importance of attending small things.
He has failed to learn how to express himself and has tried to withdraw into his own little shell. Often this desire to hide causes poor posture, round shoulder and a tendency to keep arms folded across the
Such  a situation will come in lifetime that will need to be called upon to speak his mind and overcome fear of his tendency to apologize for being what he is.
Salvation lays in living a spiritual life. At the same time, spiritual life often meant being shut off, great discipline, penance, and abstaining from most of the pleasanter things in the world.
In this life, there will be many
opportunities to see things
properly in favour of faith. He will
need to make time in his everyday schedule to be alone with his thoughts, so that he can look closely at all things and search the truth.
He has tried to avoid the personal, family and physical aspects of life, even material.
The big lesson is never to use
money, success, power, or anything solely for self-advancement. If you
do, there will be consequences
with loss of health, happiness, or

Can Numerology Help A Person To Be Redeemed Of His Karmic Account?

Pythagoras has well said in sacred discourse, “Number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and is the cause of gods and demons.” And when the world is built upon the power of numbers, one can definitely redeem by following numerology. 

Every person has to fulfill his Karmic lessons for coming out of this rut of life and death. When a soul has learned all of the lessons, it does not have to reincarnate on the earth plane anymore. But, even after completing lessons, some soul choose to come on this earth too. These souls decide to come back to give service and in some cases to perfect their learning to an even greater degree. 

Karma makes you aware of “why you are so”, your material, social, personal life, even your 

gesture and posture. Lessons in this life bring you the truth “what you have to do”. 

Numerology deals with many enriching aspects of life and is not limited to Karmic account only.

Is Numerology Related To Astrology In Anyway?

Numerology and astrology have in common the belief that a person comes into a life at a certain time, which is predestined. But, astrology as a whole has been practiced before numerology. Numerology has been originated with civilization and advancement. You can understand it better with an example:

Astrology: physicians; and numerology: specialist 

Competition between the two takes out the essence. With numerology, one is able to get part of the picture, add astrology; and your picture becomes complete. Although each of these sciences may cover some of the same area, but they also specialize. They each have a way of reinforcing the other and at the same time tell something that cannot be found elsewhere.

Every Person Vibrates On Certain Number & Its Energy

Every person is a number, he/she is embodied number. That is to say, the mass-chord of his whole constitution is in terms of a single digit, to which he answers in the gamut of life. 

If for instance, your number is 4, then you are in vibratory relations with all others who have number 6, and attracted to those who have number 8. But, you would have discordant relations with all people who have number 5. 

In the numerological series, each of the nine numbers from 1 to 9 have a symbol as their traditional value. These symbols are associated with the Sun and members of the solar system. All nine planets were assigned a number; therefore, they are used to represent or signify the planets that have its own energy realm. Hence, every number has its energy.

How To Find Someone’s Vibration Number?

The vibrations that most closely affect you are determined by the day, month, and year you were born. The vibration number has been called by various authors the life path, soul path, life cycle number, destiny number, life lesson number, and birth force. It is your essential being, what you are or have at birth; the special gifts you have that will help you accomplish your destiny. This vibration number cannot be changed and shows the direction you must take whether you want to or not. 

Vibration number is derived from the date of birth. It is total of the month, day, and year of your birth. For example:

September 17, 1950
9 + 8 + 6 = 23/5

From this birth date, the vibration we work with is 5 (self-emancipation).

Are Numerological Calculations & Their According Modifications Life Changing?

Numerology helps one in realising one’s potentials. Numerology is based on birth name and date and only name can be modified, not date. So, definitely with properly following nameology, there could be a life changing experience. The world is full of examples of it from sportsperson, movie stars, politicians to common man living better life.

Vikash Kumar