Eradicate The Pitra Dosh In Your Kundli With These Remedies

When the final rites of an ancestor of the family are not appropriately concluded, or a desire of their remains unfulfilled, then it is believed that their souls begin wandering in their home and their descendants’ lives. This situation presents itself as Pitra Dosh in the kundali of the descendants. AstroSage is here with details on the Pitru Dosha, to educate its readers better, as well as offer remedies for eliminating this curse.

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Pitra Dosh

One does pind-daan, Tarpan, puja-havan, and donate food items for pacifying their Pitras (Ancestors) during Shraadh, and this mode of paying homage to our ancestors is considered a significant festival in Hinduism. Coming specifically to Pitru Dosha, the ninth house in one’s kundali and the Sun amongst the navagraha each signify one’s ancestors. Therefore, whenever the Sun is posited with a malefic planet or the latter aspects the former, it results in the presence of Pitru Dasha.

As per beliefs, the presence of Pitra Dosh in one’s kundali causes several types of problems to erupt in their lives. Despite continuous efforts and hard work, such natives are unable to reap the fruits of their labour. Troubles always surround a person under the influence of the Pitru Dosha; they consistently face a lack of funds, struggles with familial discords, and someone in their family is always ill.

If you too are facing something similar in your life, then there is a strong possibility of the Pitra Dosh being in your kundali, and you should look for remedies to alleviate the same as soon as possible.

What Causes Pitra Dosh in Kundali?

As per astrologers, the conjunction of Sun-Rahu or Sun-Saturn in one’s second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, or tenth house can be the cause of Pitru Dosha. Simultaneously, if the Sun, while posited in Libra, gets into conjunction with Rahu or Saturn that results in an increase in the inauspicious influences on one’s life. The native will face more problems concerning the house in which these planets conjunct. In addition to this, if the Lord of their first house is posited in their sixth, eighth, or twelfth house and Rahu is in their ascendant house, then that too is a cause of the Pitra Dosh.

Which People Are Affected By Pitru Dosha?

Garuda Puran claims that the people who do not do the puja and Shradh for their ancestors, are the most susceptible to Pitra Dosh. Secondly, it is believed that our ancestors live in the Peepal tree, thus, cutting it down or spreading impurity below it also causes Pitra Dosh. Also, if a parent of a native has passed away, and said person disrespects the parents of another, that too causes Pitru Dosha on the former.

Negative Effects of Pitra Dosh

  • A native who has Pitra Dosh in their kundali will always face mental tensions, and they are unable to create a balance in their family.
  • Despite earning a lot of money, such natives still do not experience affluence in their lives.
  • Such people are often indecisive in nature and prefer depending on others for suggestions. However, there is a positive side to this that the advice they receive turns out to be favourable for them.
  • These natives have to face failures in exams and interviews as well.
  • Due to the influence of the Pitru Dosha, a native in government or private job would always have to tackle the displeasure of their senior officials. Moreover, they will also face problems in getting a promotion.
  • Natives also have to struggle with many obstacles in having a baby and are unable to further their clan.


Remedies To Cure Pitru Dosha

Doing Tarpan during Shradh Paksha

Astrology considers the Pitra Dosh to be amongst the biggest doshas in one’s kundali. Whoever has this curse in their birth chart leads a life full of sufferings and troubles. Such people often struggle with a lack of funds which further increases their mental stress. Thus, doing Tarpan during the Shradh period helps one to appease the curse and get rid of the Pitru Dosha.

Offer Dhoop (Incense) To Ancestors on Purnima

Natives who have realized that they have Pitra Dosh in their kundali should offer dhoop or incense to their ancestors on every Purnima (full moon) and Amavasya (new moon). For this, you need to put pure ghee and jaggery (gud) on a dung cake and burn it, letting the smoke flit away. In addition to this, one should pray regularly, morning and evening for the appeasement of their Pitras. Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa or Ashtak will also be beneficial, as eliminating the Pitru Dosha helps our ancestors attain peace. When this happens, the affected native starts finding a way out of all their problems.

Light A Diya In The Evening

A native influenced with the Pitra Dosh should offer water, flowers, akshat, Gangajal, black sesame, etc. to a Peepal tree in the afternoon, and evoke their ancestors to gain their blessings. Also, light a diya in the evening and chant the Naga Stotram, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, or Pitru Stotra and Navagraha Stotra. Doing so helps one eliminate the Pitra Dosh.

Keep Your Conduct Pleasant With Everyone Always

The best remedy to gain the blessings of one’s ancestors is by maintaining a Satvik life, and keep your conduct pure and words pleasant in life. It is also worth noting here that Shradha is done during Amavasya, Purnima, or Pitru Paksha. Doing so satiates our ancestors, and they bless us with prosperity and eradicates all our troubles.

Feed Rotis To Cows

The lady of the house should enter their kitchen only after taking a bath and make the first roti (chapati) for a cow (Gau Mata). Then, place ghee and jaggery on the roti and fed it to a cow, and feed chapatis to crows as well as millet seeds to birds.

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Ways To Recognize Pitra Dosh Without Kundali

Now that we have discussed remedies and how to discover Pitru Dosha in one;’s kundali, we need to keep in mind that some people may not have a birth chart due to any reasons. Thus, to discover if you do have Pitru Dosha, we have mentioned several possibilities below:

  • If bickering and discord in the family begin as soon as you wake up in the morning over reasons big and small, then this indicates the presence of Pitru Dosha.
  • When the marriage alliances of someone keeps getting broken, that also can be an indication of the presence of Pitru Dosha.
  • If you keep getting hurt, injured, or are often in accidents, then this also suggests Pitra Dosh.
  • In case all auspicious functions are hindered regularly, then that also points to Pitru Dosha.
  • Another implication of the Pitru Dosha can be if cracks regularly appear in the walls of your home.
  • Natives influenced by Pitra Dosh face many discords in their marital life, and guests stop visiting them.

Maha-Upaya For Eliminating Pitru Dosha

If a person wishes to eliminate Pitra Dosha in their kundali, then they should donate as many medicines, clothes, and food as they can every Amavasya, in the name of their ancestors. In addition to this, they should also offer water in the roots of the tree of Peepal every Thursday and Saturday, and take seven rounds around it.

Besides all this, natives should offer water mixed with jaggery, red flowers, roli, etc. to Lord Sun, from a copper pot on the Sundays of Shukla Paksha of a month. This remedy will help eradicate the Pitra Dosha in one’s kundali quickly. A native under the influence of this curse should also touch the feet of their parents and elders and gain their blessings.

We Hope That This Article Will Prove To Helpful For You! AstroSage Wishes All Its Readers A Happy And Curse-Free Life!

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