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Friday, August 17, 2018

Sun Transits to Leo Today, Know Its Astrological Significance

Which 5 Zodiac signs will get lucky with Sun transit? Today on August 17, 2018, Sun is transiting in Leo sign. Read here to know the astrological significance of this planet’s transit on your job, business, education and other domains.

In Vedic Astrology, Sun is the significator of soul, father, ancestors, prestige and status. The good position of Sun in a person’s Kundli (birth chart) leads him/her to high government services, respect and fame. But, if Sun is debilitated in one’s Kundali, it causes Pitra Dosha. So to avoid that, one should offer Argh and water as well as worship the Sun God on regular basis. This also increases one’s self-confidence.

Today on Friday, August 17, 2018, Sun has transited in Leo at 07:02 AM in the morning, and will remain in this sign till 7:02 AM on Friday, September 17, 2018. This transit period will be highly beneficial for the natives of Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. At the same time, the position of Sun in Leo will elevate the prices of gold, silver, cotton, sugar, oil and red colored goods.

Now, read here to know in detail about the effects of Sun transit on your life:

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Check Your Today’s Transit Prediction Free

Transit today predictions for Free
Transits of planets affect everyone. 12 planets and 12 signs, they keep on interchanging. Each planet has a particular speed; hence a particular time span they take to stay in a sign during the transit. Whenever a planet transits to a sign, it affects everything – from nature to environment, harvest to cattle, men to women and children to elders. However, these generalized effects are not very strong on everyone, as everyone comes with a personal fate too.

When an individual is born, the planetary positions of that particular time form that particular place decides the future of an individual. In that case, a general transit can only put effects if that transit has some place in the birth chart of that native.

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A personalized transit report will help you stay prepared in advance. The transits of planet affect people very strongly.

What Is The Transit Of A Planet?

Planets keep on revolving. They just can’t stand stationary at one position. If it happened then the balance of entire universe will get disturbed. Hence, this movement remains constant always. Each planet has a different length of axis; size and different speed of completing the rotation. In that case, the planet keeps on entering one sign to another for some particular duration. Hence, this process is known as ‘transit’.

Our ‘Transit Today Freeware’ is consisted of a form that requires your full name, date of birth, birth time and birth place. As you enter the completely filled up form, it directs you to your prediction. You get the prediction of each planet’s transit separately.

So, don’t waste a minute more and know your personalized transit predictions for FREE!

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