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April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

Auspicious period this month, these signs will see a rise in their luck! See the outcome for your sign.
The new week begins with a new month, April, itself. From astrological point of view, this month seems significant in many ways. This month, on 12th April, the auspicious planet Mercury will transit in the Pisces zodiac sign. On the other hand, on 14th April, Sun will move into Aries. In addition to this, Venus and Jupiter will also change their position this month and surprise everyone. Along with the kundlis, the effect of these planetary placements will be seen on the nation’s trade. With the effect of Sun and Venus, there are chances of rise in the prices of vegetables, cotton, sugar, gold and silver etc. In the month of April, Ramnavami will be celebrated on 13 April, Vaisakhi on 14 April and Hanuman Jayanti on 19 April, hereby highlighting the importance of donation, yagya, chants and sacred bath.

Elections To Be Held In Four Phases In April

With the month of April, the alarm for Elections 2019 have gone off. due to which this month is going to be special in many ways for the country. Elections will be held in seven phases across the country, according to the announcement made by the Election Commission for the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. The first four phases have been selected to be held in the month of April:

  • First Phase: The first phase of elections will be held on 11 April and voting will be held for 91 seats across 20 states.
  • Second Phase: The second phase of elections will be held on 18 April and voting will be held for 97 seats across 13 states.
  • Third Phase: The third phase of elections will be held on 23 April and voting will be held for 115 seats across 14 states.
  • Fourth Phase: The first phase of elections will be held on 29 April and voting will be held for 71 seats across 9 states.
Polls will be held for the remaining phases in May. But the results for all the phases will be counted on the same date, i.e. May 23. Therefore, according to astrology, the month of April is expected to come with many political ups and downs.

Famous Personalities Born This Month

According to Vedic Astrology, people born in April are extremely creative, self-reliant, ambitious. It has also been seen that these people are successful in making their own identity from the crowd, which makes them even more attractive. Influential people born in this month are:

We wish all these people a very Happy Birthday.

Let’s read the April 2019 Monthly Horoscope:

Predictions are based on your Moon sign. Calculate yours: Moon sign Calculator


You will carry out your tasks diligently. Because of your enthusiasm and dedication, you will get good results in whatever you do. You will gain materialistic pleasures because of your hard work and determination.…..Read Now


Your confidence level will increase during this month and that will be reflected in the way you perform your tasks. You are likely to achieve success in your tasks if you perform your work diligently. You should trust…. Read Now


You will possess a sharp memorising power. You will be wise enough to make the right decisions at the right time. You will look at both sides of the coin before drawing a conclusion and this will help you to keep….Read Now


You might develop the habit of overthinking and pondering over things. This will affect you adversely and will hamper your decision making skills. You should avoid this if you do not want to affect your health negatively….Read Now


You will be an ambitious person during the month of April. You will aim for the sky and will try to reach for the stars. You will have high expectations and will not hold back in working hard to achieve your goals.....Read Now


You will have the ability to get what you want by whatever means possible. It can be said that you will not admit defeat until you get what you aim for. You will maintain a cordial relationship with everyone and will possess....Read Now


During this month, in addition to a clear possibility of achieving success in works undertaken with self-confidence, there is also a strong possibility of attaining honor and a higher position at workplace....Read Now


You are a person of fierce tendencies. If any of your works aren’t completed as per the schedule, then you tend to get angry and tense, which forces you to do the work in a haste and any kind of stress related….Read Now


You are an individual who just relies on himself or herself for executing a particular task or for handling a particular project. However, you can get good success by trusting someone else. Therefore, you should….Read Now


You are an individual who lives a life that is full of struggles and hardships. You may have to face all kinds of challenges in your life. You might encounter opportunities that would enable you to receive economic….Read Now


You are an individual who does every work steadily. Therefore, there is a possibility of achieving success in the field of your work. Executing a task with a whole lot of responsibility fetches you success according to time. You have this quality in you. In addition to self-confidence….Read Now


Your mind remains distracted all the time. You can’t be serious about any work and this leads to problems in business in addition to a delay in the success of your efforts. Your confidence does not work on time...Read Now

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