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First Solar Eclipse of 2019, Know its Effects and Remedies

First Solar Eclipse of 2019 will bring back luck to these four zodiac signs. Read predictions for 12 zodiac signs and find out the time of eclipse, sutak period and precautions to be taken.

On January 6, 2019, the first solar eclipse will occur. This is a partial eclipse which will not be seen in India. Therefore, the sutak period does not apply for this eclipse in this region. Religiously, this eclipse if not of much importance. The areas where it can be seen are - Middle-East China, Japan, North-East Korea, North-East Russia, Middle-East Mongolia, Pacific Ocean, and West coasts of Alaska. Sutak applies only to these regions.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Solar Eclipse (6 January 2019)
Sunday Morning 05:04:08 to 09:18:46  (Indian time zone) PartialMiddle-East China, Japan, North-East Korea, North-East Russia, Middle-East Mongolia, Pacific Ocean, and West coasts of Alaska.

Note: This eclipse is not visible in India. Sutak does not apply.

Astrological Significance

As per Hindu Panchang, this Solar Eclipse will take place on Paush Amavasya, which begins on Saturday and continues till Sunday. During the day time, between 05:04:08 and 09:18:46, this eclipse can be seen in selected regions across the globe. The first Eclipse of the year will be a Solar Eclipse which will take place in Sagittarius sign and Poorvashada Nakshatra. The natives of this sign and people born under this Nakshatra will be especially affected by the changes the Eclipse brings. This Solar Eclipse may not prove to be very auspicious for them. The ruling planet of Poorvashada Nakshatra is Venus which governs art, prosperity, luxury, beauty, medicine, engineering, electronics, sensuality etc. People working in fields governed by Planet Venus will experience changes owing to this Eclipse.

Impact of this Solar Eclipse on your Zodiac Sign

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  • Aries: Professionally the situation will improve for you. You will succeed in your endeavors.
  • Taurus: There are indications for financial gains for you. Also, your reputation in society will be better.
  • Gemini: You may need to stay apart from your family owing to your responsibilities at work.
  • Cancer: You will be stressed and this will affect your personal as well as professional life. Don’t drive recklessly, especially during the period of Eclipse.
  • Leo: An argument may take place in your family. Keep your cool and check your choice of words before you speak.
  • Virgo: Your siblings will support you in every sphere of your life. You may go on a short journey or trip.
  • Libra: The Eclipse will bring with it instability and impatience. Your family life will not remain pleasant.
  • Scorpio: Students will find it a hard time to concentrate. Misunderstanding can steal the joy of your love life.
  • Sagittarius: Working professionals will get to taste sweet success and will be happy for the same.
  • Capricorn: Your married life may undergo some problems. Hereby, it is advised to try to resolve the issues as soon as possible.
  • Aquarius: Monetary loss along with the feeling of being insulted wll snatch away mental peace from you. You need to gather your soul and look for some motivation.
  • Pisces: Stress and anxiety will increase the trouble. Long distance journey will prove to be disturbing or unsuccessful.

Sutak Period

Since this Eclipse will not be visible in India, the religious implications or Sutaka does not apply. However, for your understanding, we are stating the major points you must know about Sutak Kaal.

  • You are not supposed to touch the idols of God, or worship them. Eating and drinking is also prohibited during Sutak.
  • Chanting religious slokas yields better results during this time.
  • Diseased, helpless or aged people, along with pregnant ladies are free from the boundation of Sutak.
  • If you can’t control your hunger, take only fruits, milk, juice etc. during this period.

Do’s & Don’ts during the Eclipse

It is believed that negativity spreads around when an Eclipse takes place. Mythologically, Rahu eats Sun for a while leading to an Eclipse. Though, scientifically, it’s just the overlapping shadows which cause an Eclipse. It is an accepted norm that one must not perform certain rites during Eclipse since the planet Sun, which is the source of energy is suffering. Let’s know what are the don’ts one must adhere to.

  • Put Tulsi leaf in edible products made from milk.
  • If possible, avoid eating anything during this time.
  • Pray as much as you can. It yields superior results. However, no rituals are to be performed. It is only chanting of holy mantras that is permitted. Particularly, chanting of Surya mantra at this time is considered beneficial.
  • Expecting mothers must not cut, peel, stitch or tear something while the Sutak is in effect. Using needles, scissors or knife is also not advised.

Points to Remember After the Eclipse

  • If an Eclipse is visible in the region you live in, you must take a bath immediately after the Eclipse is over.
  • Also, the idols of God are washed with holy water (gangajal).
  • Purify your home, surroundings, temples etc.
  • Do charity.

This year, after the partial Solar Eclipse in January, two more Solar Eclipses will be falling.

AstroSage wishes you a blissful future!

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