Thursday, November 1, 2018

November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Read monthly horoscope for November 2018 to know the status of your job, business, health, career, love and family.
The month of November has begin! It has come with its first week loaded with festivals and celebrations. Diwali, the festival of victory and lights, will be observed on the 7th of this month. But what the stars say for your zodiac sign this month? Read to know. 

This month, 8 zodiac signs will experience the blessings of the almighty as there are signs of something auspicious happening in their lives. As per the astrological perception, the advent of the year’s most prominent festival season beginning with Dhanteras, make the occasion a happy and prosperous one for all. There could be major changes in your life. The days seem to be shorter, weather feels pleasant and also constellation do change their way. With so many changes going around, probability of a change in your emotions or mindset is high. 

Addressing the changes in zodiac signs, Librans will come under the influence of Venus and personal life of all the individuals might experience certain changes. It will be of more significance during this phase. In the month of November, a transit of Mars will affect Pisces sign. They may stay upset and try to conceal their thoughts. 

Religious aspects making the month of November significant are:

Rama Ekadashi on 3rd, Masik Shivratri and Dhanteras on 5th, Nark Chaturdashi on 6th, Diwali and Ashwin Amavasya on 7th, Goverdhan on 8th, Bhai Duj on 9th, Children’s day on 14th, Virishchik sakranti on 16th, Devuthani Ekadashi on 19th, Pradosh Vrat on 20th, Kartik Purnima on 23rd and Sankashti Chaturthi on 26th. Along with these several shubh muhurats are there during this month. 

Let’s know the horoscope for this month: 

This horoscope is based on moon signs. Click to know your Moon Sign


The month will bring success, fame and stability to your life. You are likely to make significant gains on several fronts….Read more


This month, some pending work will get completed. You will be overall happy with the children, but might have to face some mental stress and apprehension.….Read more


In the beginning of the month, you might get some positive news related to children. In the midst of a lot of stress and disturbance, you might end up making some huge financial gains.….Read more


The planet Mars is Uccha Rashi in the first week of this month. Despite roadblocks, you will be able to succeed in your financial or business endeavors….Read more


You are an ambitious person. You perform any work with conviction and sincerity due to which you always achieve success….Read more


You have good thinking and reasoning skills, hence you are generally able to make sound decisions.….Read more


You are a wise and intelligent person. You always perform tasks with care and thoughtfulness. You make sound decisions that lead you to success and personal growth.….Read more


You are stubborn and have an inflexible bent of mind. You are also impatient and try to finish things before time.….Read more


This month, few professional differences with colleagues or partners might arise that might disturb your professional or work life….Read more


You will get ample opportunities for financial growth and progress; however, you might have to face several roadblocks along the way.….Read more


You are thoughtful and possess a serious bent of mind. You manage all tasks with care and utmost responsibility.….Read more


Due to mental stress or frustration, your work life might get affected significantly. It might impair your decision making capabilities and slow down progress in work or profession….Read more

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