Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekly Horoscope - 12 to 18 November 2018, Know Your Future

With Chhath this week, read major predictions! Find out about your health and professional life, and opportunities coming in way.

The month of November has began. This week, the natives of Leo, Scorpio and Pisces will have positive indications. In matters of career, job, business, education, love and family the natives of these moon signs will receive good news. Read weekly horoscope (Nov 12-18) to know what special stars have for you this week. Also this week, Chhath Puja will be celebrated. From November 11 to November 14, this ancient Vedic festival of honoring the prime source of energy will be observed.

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A long journey appears to be happening this week. Your efforts will help you reap their benefits. There will be financial gains and you will have peace of mind.......Read More


The position of planets indicates stress and tension. This week you must take some precautions as your health appears weaker....Read More


A challenging week is welcoming you. Your competitive spirit will come into play and you will overpower the struggles.....Read More


Getting hitched in a conflict is highly possible. Avoid such situations. You may win an argument but will undergo a huge amount of stress to win it...... Read More


Peaceful and quality time with the people you love makes the week extraordinary. This festive season, you and your family will enjoy, celebrate and make the most of it......Read More


The position of Saturn suggests stress in family. Your health might also get influenced. Communication skills you possess can prove to be beneficial......Read More


Mixed results in this week will keep you a little dissatisfied. You will be busy and taking time for family will seem an impossibility....Read More


You will continue achieving your goals owing to your hard work this week too. Your knowledge and intellect will prove to be useful....Read More


In your family, there could be some argument leading to stress and restlessness. Try to control your anxiety.....Read More


Care, attention and precaution are the three words you need to keep in your mind this week. The stars are indicating that your health will be weak....Read More


Saturn suggests challenges. Although increase in income will make you happy, mental stress will trouble you.....Read More


Pilgrimage or a visit to religious place is predicted. Meet your guru or elderly people you respect....Read More

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