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Surya Grahan Tomorrow, Know Its Effects

4 Zodiac signs will get ample opportunities! Know the time and type of solar eclipse occurring tomorrow, i.e. on July 13, 2018, as well as the effect of this eclipse on all zodiac signs.

The second partial Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse of 2018 is going to occur on July 13. The duration of this eclipse will be approximately of 2 hours and 25 minutes. Since this solar eclipse will not be visible in India, its Sutak (inauspicious time period) and religious significance will not be recognized here. Also, what’s special is that there will be two eclipses occurring in the month of July. The first Solar Eclipse of this month will occur tomorrow, followed by Full Moon Eclipse or Chandra Grahan taking place on July 27. After that, the other Solar Eclipse will take place on August 11.

Solar Eclipse- 13 July 2018
Time DurationVisibility
From morning 07:18:23 AM to 09:43:44 AM2 hours and 25 minutesSouth Australia, Pacific, Indian Ocean

Solar Eclipse tomorrow, i.e. 13th July 2018, is taking place during Punarvasu Nakshatra in Gemini Zodiac sign. This eclipse can prove to be troublesome for natives associated with this Nakshatra. On the other hand, Zodiac signs such as Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces will attain benefic results from this eclipse.

Aries: There are possibilities of financial gains and success in job and business.

Taurus: Expenditure in comparison to income will increase, you may suffer from health problems.

Gemini: Drive the vehicle carefully and focus on health.

Cancer: There can be disputes with relatives. Avoid speaking harsh words.

Leo: You might go on a short-distance journey and there is a possibility of success in other activities.

Virgo: Mother's health may decline. Family problems may also increase.

Libra: Some misunderstandings may lead to differences in love life. You’ll be financially benefited.

Scorpio: You’ll obtain good results in job and business. Also, you’ll be satisfied and happy with the success. 

Sagittarius: There may be disputes related to life partner and business partner due to some misunderstandings. 

Capricorn: You may feel frustrated due to loss of money and honor.

Aquarius: Long journeys might prove to be painful and intriguing.

Pisces: There will be new means of income and benefits will be gained from all sides.

Sutak Period for Eclipse

As this partial Solar Eclipse will not be visible in India, its Sutak (inauspicious time period) and religious significance will not be recognized here. But in countries and places where this solar eclipse will be visible, sutak period will begin from 12 hours earlier.

Solar Eclipse: Do’s & Don’ts

It is believed that negative forces prevail in the environment at the time of eclipse, which lays a bad effect on human community. Therefore, according to religious beliefs, in order to avoid the evil effects of eclipse, some actions must be taken along with refraining from certain activities.
  • Before solar eclipse occurs, put basil leaves (tulsi) in milk, curd and cooked food. By doing this, there will be no effect of eclipse on these substances.
  • Eat your food before the eclipse and refrain from eating anything during the eclipse.
  • Do not touch the idol of God, Tulsi and Shami plant during the time of eclipse.
  • Pregnant women must avoid any activity which includes cutting, scratching, and sewing during eclipse. Do not use knives, scissors and needles.
  • Meditate and worship the God while chanting Surya Mantra during the eclipse.

Remedies To Do After Solar Eclipse Ends

  • Take a bath at the end of the eclipse and bathe the idols of God.
  • Sprinkle Ganga water on Tulsi and Shami plant.
  • Give donations to the poor after eclipse.

According to modern science, eclipse is a celestial phenomenon. However, it has special significance in Hindu religion. As eclipse affects the human community in various manners and its effects can be seen in the country and the world. So, during the eclipse we must take care of the above things to avoid its bad effects.

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