Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2016 Horoscope

Horoscope for November 2017 is ready to bring a positive change in your life. These predictions are made through the concept of Vedic astrology.


This month seems fortunate for you. However, your health might get affected. Stomach related issues are possible. Eye disorder is also possible. After the middle of this month, Your children might get negatively affect, health and workfront.

Remedies: Offer Panjiri (sweet) to ants. Float coconut in running water on Wednesday. Establish Saraswati Yantra at the place of worship. Offer yellow Ladoos in Lord Ganesha’s temple. 


This November some unfavorable health issues might be troublesome. Your married life in the beginning of this month will improve. This time your health and married life will get affected. Your financial life will progress and you will receive success

Remedies:Wear one faced Rudraksha on a Sunday morning to keep yourself disease free. This will also help you in keeping yourself away from problems possible due to seniors.


November will give you success in everything you pick. This month you will be blessed with Meetings, outings, journeys and similar things will keep you busy. You will spend quality time with your friends.

Remedies: To keep yourself health and immune, wear emerald on the early morning of a Wednesday. You can wear this gemstone throughout your life. 


You might have to take help from people who are close to you in order to complete your pending works. You should strategize your plans and work according to them. Be cautious as other people may try to get credited for the works done by you and might also get successful in it also.

Remedies: Sampoorna Rog Nashak Yantra, as the name suggest is the remedy to remain healthy and immune. Keep this Yantra at your place of worship in your house on Thursday. Offer Roli (sacred thread), rice, flowers Dhoop and Diya to all the Yantras present and keep it facing toward the north-west direction of your house. 


Avoid inimical feelings from anyone. Also avoid giving logic, otherwise losses might occur for you unnecessarily. If you have taken money on debt, this month is good to repay it back. Identify the talent of your children.

Remedies: Perform charity of some Saturn related items on Saturdays. Offer black sesame seeds, mustard oil, black clothes to a needy as per your ability. 


Your enemies might try to harm you, thus you must stay cautious. Someone might try to intervene in your success and works. Someone might also try to entrap you by talking and this might cause you a heavy loss.

Remedies: Your competitors, opponents and enemies might be the cause of your problems this month. Use the ultimate powers of Baglamukhi Yantra to gain peace from such negative people. It provides victory over enemies, legal matters, success in disputes and achievement in exams or competitions. It also saves from premature death, accidents and operations.


Health of your mother might be the cause of your problem this month. Some ideological differences might also come between you and your life partner. Some differences might also occur with your siblings.

Remedies: Wind chimes are known to bring prosperity and good luck for the entire family. Number of sticks and the material by which the wind chimes are made has its own significance. Hang 4 stick wind chime at the the main door of your house to vanish all the Vastu Doshas. Similarly, 5 stick wind chime is used in study rooms to fade all the disruptions in your work. To bring positivity in your house, hang 6 or 9 stick wind chime in your drawing room. Use 8 stick wind chime in your office to attain success in your work. 


Expenses will going to increase this month. You will be provided with creativity and farsightedness. It is providing you with defects in your speech and strifes in your house. Time is favorable for getting success in exams and competitions.

Remedies: You should feed birds daily. Donate Ketu Ratna. Worship Ketu Yantra daily. You must worship ‘Naag Devta’ every wednesday. You must visit Hanuman Temple every tuesday and saturday. Read Hanuman Ashtak everyday. Offer vermilion (sindoor), jasmine oil and sacred cloth (chola) to Lord Hanuman. 


To complete your work on time, make sure you share a healthy bond with your seniors. Proper planning and management will be required to head toward a successful tomorrow. People who envy you will try to take credit of works done by you.

Remedies: Keep Sampoorna Rog Nashak Yantra at place of worship. It will keep you safe from diseases; thereby, blessing you with sound health. 


November might create differences between you and your spouse. Same equation will be seen with your siblings too. Businessmen will go through troubles due to their business associates. 

Remedies: Nothing major is needed to be done. Hanging wind chime having 6 or 9 sticks to bring peace and prosperity in your family. 


Expenses seem going up this month. Being an intelligent soul, try looking for ways to bring expenses in control. Most of you will take interest in doing creative things this month. Rest if you feel bored and frustrated from the dull & hectic daily routine.

Remedies: Feeding birds early morning will bring betterment in your life. Spend time in pleasing Lord Hanuman and donating things associated with the Lord. Treat everyone with love and politeness. 


November is good to repay debts. Short journey will bring great rewards for you. Don’t let jealousy develop in you and try to improve your flaws. Students will get the result of their hard work. Love birds might not enjoy good times together.

Remedies: Reduce negativity of Saturn by making charity on a Saturday. Offering mustard oil, black clothes and black sesame seeds to the needy will bestow you with blessing of Shani Deva. 

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