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Weekly horoscope 2016 (May 30 - June 5)

Weekly horoscope from May 30 to June 5, 2016 has come to tell you everything about your life. Are you meeting your lover this week? Or some new profits in business is most likely to occur? Read the horoscope predictions based on Vedic astrology and follow the easy remedies...

Weekly horoscope for this week is here.


You have to maintain good balance between your personal and professional life even though it will be difficult. There are chances that you might have to cancel your plans with friends. However, you can go for a long trip. Some minor tiffs might keep you distracted but they will settle down slowly. Sleep properly to maintain good health. 

Love Predictions: This week, Arians you will going to get a mixture of results. However, some uncertain problems might come in a way. But, not to worry love will keep blossoming in your life. Especially, the beginning of the week is very beautiful. Mid-week is a perfect time for lovers; heart-to-heart- talks will going to happen. Lastly, in the weekend average results will be gained. 

Remedy/Treatment: Try to utilize your time and energy in the right direction.

Rating: 3/5


You have to maintain peace in your life and handle everything with patience. As being in hurry might create problems for you. Taureans will have good bond with their in-laws as your family will be supporting you whenever you need them. Plan a trip with someone trustworthy but do not take anything valuable with you as losses might occur. Expenses on home will increase. 

Love Predictions: Taureans, week is wonderful. You are required to avoid being importuned and respect your partner's feeling. Life is like riding a bicycle - In beginning of week, you might face hectic schedule at work, due to which lack of time with love partner might be seen. But, balancing love and work life is actually what you should try. Midweek is quite cool whereas weekend seems weak. Therefore, avoid getting emotional and avoid being impractical.

Remedy/Treatment: Worshiping Lord Hanuman will bring auspiciousness for you.

Rating: 4/5


This week is going to give you full support in competitive exams as well as anything legal going on in your life. This favorable time will turn everything in your favor. You will have to spend some time away from home due to work. Mother will support you but you will have to have more patience with your father. Go out with friends in the weekend. 

Love Predictions: Geminis, the week has arrived bringing favorable results to your love life. Your girlfriend/boyfriend will be meeting your relatives (or friends). In starting days of the week, you might rush into many things at work. Although, you will gonna find some love moments to cherish with lover. Mid-week will bring auspicious results to love life . While couples, who are away from each other will spend their weekend together. 

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid wearing black during this time.

Ratings: 3.5/5


Financial life of the natives is going to be really great in this week. You might get unexpected profits. But you have to maintain a good and healthy health regime as some seasonal illness might bother you. However, the office environment is quite challenging and you might have to work a little harder to keep your seniors happy. Domestic life is good for you. 

Love Predictions: Cancerians, the week is best suitable for married couples whereas some tiffs between bachelors/bachelorettes are possible. As per your horoscope, staying moralistic when it comes on fulfilling your personal needs will prove to be a good decision. Midweek is better as compared to initial days. At weekend, make marriage proposals to the one you love in to obtain favorable results. 

Remedy/Treatment: Perform regular exercises and take care of eating habits for maintaining good health.

Ratings: 3.5


Nothing will stand in front of you as you are now more courageous and intelligent. However, you have to keep yourself alert as someone might try to use this time to hurt you. Your children will have good time and might bring some good news that you have been waiting for. You will be spending quality time with your family and might go to a trip with them. 

Love Predictions: Lions, the week seems to be quite favorable for you. But, keep in mind not do anything, which gives your partner a reason to suspect you. Starting days of the week are awesome, but do not neglect health of a partner. Mid week is not much favorable for you, therefore control your personal desires. Weekend seems beautiful, so don’t worry much this time all incomplete wishes related to love life will be fulfilled. 

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t trust anyone blindly, especially in financial matters.

Ratings: 3.5/5


You are going to get profits via ancestral property and your father will support you a lot. The health of the natives looks quite good. This time is very auspicious for experimenting in new business or investing. Since, the time is going good for you, unnecessary stress is something you have to clearly ignore. 

Love Predictions: Virgonians, you will get sweet as well as sour outcomes to experience through your sensuous life. Although, you will gonna enjoy sweet outcomes more. In the starting days of the week, tiffs with partner are possible, and midweek will run smoothly. Predictions foretells that weekend will bring a mixture of outcomes. At this time, prevent your sensuous dreams coming true. 

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Maa Lakshmi to gain good financial gains in business.

Ratings: 3.5/5


Fame and popularity is coming to those who belong to politics, social work or media background. However, others have to be very careful while investing during this week as the luck is quite less supporting. Take care of your health. You might be feeling attracted to someone but it is not moralistic if you are already married, so avoid it. 

Love Predictions: Librans, couples will going to get average result in terms of love this week. You are required to put a full stop on your passionate desires. Initial days of the week seems to be bit inauspicious. Strong chances are there to fall in love with a companion from your coaching class or school. Moreover, little fights are possible but love keeps drizzling throughout. Lastly, mix results will be gained at the end. 

Remedy/Treatment: It would be important to control your desires. 

Ratings: 3.5/5


Amazing time for the professional life of the natives is assured as per predictions. You might get a transfer via job. There are chances that your partner will have promotion or get increment. Some people might try to disturb you but will fail in doing so. Things will settle in your favor. Guests might visit your home making the environment more joyful. 

Love Predictions: Love will keep blossoming this week, for Scorpions. It is advisable to be careful while fulfilling your passionate desires with girlfriend/boyfriend as someone might suspect you, resulting defamation of character. In the beginning of the week, you are required not only to be careful but also you have to enjoy love life stress free. Lastly, midweek and weekend contains lots of auspiciousness. 

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Shiva for increasing the auspiciousness of time.

Ratings: 4/5 


God might bless your family with a new born baby. Those who are not living with their parents will go home or the family will come to meet them. Students who are preparing for competitive exams have to work a little harder. Taking care of your health is also important especially if you are not feeling well. A friend will help you when you need. 

Love Predictions: Sagittarians, it seems this week is not favorable to experience passionate love. In this situation unfavorable situations can be made better by doing necessary efforts. Moreover, if you are thinking to stay together for life long, time is best to think about it. Initial days of the week will be spent doing entertainment activities. Lastly, midweek is okay and weekend will be more fun. 

Remedy/Treatment: Charity of products like clothes, milk and curd will create some great benefits.

Ratings: 3/5 


You will plan a journey as your good mood wants you to go out and enjoy life. The professional life of the natives is a little busy and you might want to give yourself a break and relax. This good time might make you a little egoistic which is not good. So, avoid this overconfident attitude as it might hurt others and create problems for you in future. 

Love Predictions: The week will going to be auspicious for Capricorns, but delay your plans regarding passionate desires. Most significantly, if the relationship has just begun, avoid using indecent and vulgar words. In the middle of the week good results can be expected while you will going to have fun. Weekend is also cool, your heart may skip a beat and fall for new colleague or classmate.

Remedy/Treatment: Performing meditation will help feeling relaxed and energised.

Ratings: 4/5


Family life of the natives and there are chances that you will have an auspicious event might take place at your home. You might visit a pilgrimage or any religious place. This week is really supporting your luck. Things will be exactly the way you want. Your reputation will be enhanced and people will enjoy being with you. 

Love Predictions: Aquarians, love life will going to be flourished this week. However, do not say anything harsh in flow of emotion for which you have to regret later. In the midweek, you will be spending your time watching movie or in an outing. Weekend is beautiful while weekend is best suitable to make love confessions. 

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid wearing black color clothes this time.

Ratings: 3.5/5


This week is going to be quite hectic for you. Your colleagues and seniors will be impressed by your work. You will be having high confidence level and will succeed in defeating everyone. People will be proud of your success but you have to make sure you do not say anything offensive to anyone. 

Love Predictions: Pisceans, this week you will be able to achieve success in making your love life blissful. The beginning of the week might be less favorable for you. You might observe less opportunities to meet your love. Also, small tiffs might take place in a relationship. While midweek is quiet better than early days of the week. You may go on a lunch date as well. Lastly, at weekend love will reborn in your relationship with a fresh breeze.

Remedy/Treatment: Serve cows and offer food to needy.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Love predictions are exclusively prepared by love & marriage expert Astrologer Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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