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Weekly Horoscope 2016 (May 23 - May 29)

Weekly horoscope from May 23 to May 29, 2016 has brought a lot for you. Read the horoscope predictions for your moon sign and see how is this upcoming for you?

Weekly horoscope for this week is here.


Wait for some time if you are planning to invest somewhere. Take advice from your elders or trusted people as it might be helpful for you. Great time for students and those who are preparing for competitive exams. Your partner might get benefits in his/her job or business. A relaxed and happy weekend with loved ones is assured. 

Love Prediction: Arians, this week is very special to move forward with personal desires in relationship. Moreover, if you are married or likely to tie a knot, good results are expected. The initial days of the week might not be on your side. Thus, someone may desire to harm your personality. So, you need to be careful in every aspect. Midweek is quite cool many enjoyable moments will be gained. 

Remedy/Treatment: Think carefully before taking any major decision.

Ratings: 3.5/5


You will now be a strong personal both emotionally and mentally even though some office work might distract you at times. You might feel pressurised by your seniors but they will be there to support you as well. You might be going on a trip with your family. The middle days will make you feel a little tired due to office work or family time. Just relax at weekend to soothe your mind. 

Love Prediction: Taureans, the week has arrived with many passionate fantasies coming true with spouse. Also, possible chances are there to exchange gifts with each other. This week, you need to have control on your anger. Beginning of the week looks auspicious, although take care of your partner’s emotion and health. Midweek requires you to act calm and patient, when it comes to personal desires. Lastly, the weekend is cool, if you take part in spiritual activities. 

Remedy/Treatment: Stay calm and avoid feeling stressed, you can also try Yoga or meditation for the same.

Ratings: 3/5


There might be an arrangement of auspicious event at your home. even if you are quite busy, you will have to take care of your health. Also you have to keep notice about your valuable items if you do not want to loose them. Your relatives as well as your colleagues will praise you. You will miss the alone time for your personal life as you are busy. Take care of young ones. 

Love Prediction: Geminis, the week will provide you with mixed outcomes. However, keeping your passional dreams at pause for a while will prove to be a good decision. In the starting of this week, some little fights might surround your relation, but not to worry love will not get affected by this. An average mid week is in the offing, whereas weekend is weak. Therefore, avoid doing such things which lead you and your love partner to defamation. 

Remedy/Treatment: Either don’t carry or take care of your essentials while travelling.

Ratings: 4/5


Just be calm and composed to make your life stress free. Things are going good throughout the week if you can ignore getting involved into any dispute. Everything can be handled very nicely if you will have patience. Put in more efforts in your studies to get favorable results. Just keep your anger in control. 

Love Prediction: Cancerians, this week is litlle less favorable for sexual life. You are required to have control on your anger and emotions, otherwise love may lack in relationship. As per predictions, initial days of the week seems to be an average whereas awestrucking results in midweek can be expected. Furthermore, weekend is appeasing, married life will going to be lead in a beautiful manner, but have control on your personal desires.

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid anger and arrogance completely.

Ratings: 3/5


Take care of yourself as taking your health for grant can cause headache or any seasonal illness. Nothing will stop you to move up in life. You need to spend more time with your beloved so that no misunderstandings get a chance to enter. Happiness will come through children as they might surprise you with good performance. 

Love Prediction: Lions, get ready to gain good results, but this week avoid making promises. Also, avoid taking such actions, which affects your image. In the initial days of the week, domestic affairs at family front might lead you to stress whereas midweek is wonderful. There are chances of falling in love with a schoolmate, otherwise you’ll be able to find success in turning your partner’s mood from bad to good. Further, weekend will arrive with auspiciousness in it. 

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati.

Ratings: 3.5/5


Your friend might ask you for help or some old friend might talk to you after a long time. You will be taking right decisions which will impress others. You will now be more courageous. Financial decisions will result in your favor. You can invest in stock market or start a new business. The health of the natives is going to be alright. 

Love Prediction: Virgonians, this week has arrived with a positive aura that will surround yourself. Although, in beginning of the week some weird confusion might felt. In order to make this week better, take your special one on a date and confess your hearty feelings to him/her. Midweek seems to be pleasing, hence avoid troubling your mind with tensions and celebrate love. Lastly, weekend is good with a possibility of arriving little tiifs.

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Maa Lakshmi for better financial situation.

Ratings: 4/5


Your attractive personality will spread its charm. Your wit is at its most during this week. Job seekers will get the job of their desire. You have been ignoring your health till now, so it is time to take care of yourself. You will be busy at your home in the ending days of the week as some unexpected guests might surprise you. 

Love Prediction: Librans, you’ll gain an amalgamation of results in love life. However, avoid being stubborn and maintain your moralistic values when it comes to sexual life, to fetch good results. In the beginning of the week, you are required to control your harsh speech while conversing with love partner. Mid week contains many good result as love and entertainment both will be celebrated. Lastly, weekend is auspicious to convey your love feelings.

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid heavy and junk food, also drink a lot of water.

Ratings: 3/5


Throughout the week, the intelligence you have will be great. You can make plans regarding your future as you will succeed in it. The predictions say that your colleagues and juniors will find your company very cooperative. Some of you might get marriage proposals and those who want to confess their love to parents should move ahead. Drive carefully. 

Love Prediction: Scorpions, week has arrived giving great results that will provide your heart with great feelings. However, you need to focus on balancing your love and work. As per your horoscope, a suggestion for you in the beginning of week is; avoid doing anything, which is impracticable. Midweek provides nice result, especially if you fall in love with neighbour. And, weekend is average. 

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid driving alone at night.

Ratings: 3.5/5


Outer appearance of a person is very important to make his/her on others. You will be concerned about your looks and the way you carry yourself. You will spread happiness around you. You will definitely use your mind in things that demand it. Happiness is prevailing at home as a new member might come. Use this time to enjoy your life. 

Love Prediction: Sagittarians, this week you’ll feel some sort of rush of energy while doing things. In this situation, love also deserve to be a part of your precious time, thereby try to maintain balance. Midweek will provide you many chances to meet your love partner. Although, restrict yourself of using harsh words to maintain a harmonious relation. Overall, the week is average with a beautiful weekend ahead. 

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Shiva

Ratings: 3/5


There are possibilities that your income will increase during this week. Maybe you will get new source of income but avoid taking any kind of risk. The personal life of the natives will be peaceful. You will be able to give proper time to your family as well as your partner. Children might ask you for something, so be polite with them. 

Love Prediction: Capricorns, the week is wonderful for you love birds. However, prevent passionate feelings & thoughts for a while. The beginning of the week will offer you positive results. If you are ready to propose him/her, the time is perfect go for it. Since, midweek is weak you may get less chance to meet your love whereas weekend is perfect with possible dinner dates.

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t lose your patience in any situation.

Ratings: 3.5/5


You have an amazing quality to forget everything and stand up with full courage. You are a hero of your life and throughout the week, you will succeed in dealing with everythings with full confidence. You might have to stay away from home due to work. There are chances that you will buy a vehicle or your own house. 

Love Prediction: Aquarians, this week is full of love celebrations. If you are thinking to spend rest of your life with love partner, confess your feelings to him/her, positive results will be achieved. In the initial day, good feelings will be created due to a colleague at office. While, in midweek partner will going to value every emotions of yours. Lastly, in weekend; be happy even if you don’t get a chance to meet your soulmate. 

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t take any decision in a hurry.

Ratings: 3.5/5


You will be more religious and spiritually active during this week. There are chances that you might go to a pilgrimage. You will spend a lot of time on internet. Those who are working in research or investigation field will get great benefits. You might feel a little tired during the middle days but the ending to this week is good with your partner. 

Love Prediction: The week will going to give fruitful results, Pisceans. Now, your long pending trips or pilgrimages is likely to get accomplish, resulting in fresh waves of love. In the mid time of this week, you may get less chance to meet due to a heavy workload. While, weekend will fulfill all your feelings of desirous love. 

Remedy/Treatment: Worshiping Lord Ganesh will bring auspiciousness.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Love predictions are exclusively prepared by love & marriage expert astrologer Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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