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Know Which Color Rakhi Suits Your Brother Best This Raksha Bandhan

Do you know which color Rakhi is more auspicious for your brother? Do you know why this pious thread of Rakhi is tied on hands only? What does medical science suggest about Rakhi? Find answers to all these questions here.Take a look..

Rakshabandhan is celebrated with much prompt and gaiety every year. In a continous search to bring something new, AstroSage is here to make this festival special for you and your brother. Do you know which color Rakhi you should tie on your brother’s wrist? Take a look and know which Rakhi is more auspicious for him.

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Which Color Rakhi Will Suit These Signs?

  1. Aries: Red, pink or yellow Rakhi will add charm on your brother’s wrist.
  2. Taurus: White, blue, silk and silver Rakhi will help your brother in enduring success in life. 
  3. Gemini: Pink, blue and green Rakhi will help him in prospering.
  4. Cancer: Yellow, white or silk Rakhi will benefit him the most.
  5. Leo: Red, pink or yellow Rakhi will make him more passionate.
  6. Virgo: White, green or pink Rakhi will provide strength to your brother.
  7. Libra: White, blue or bright colored Rakhi will make your brother a star in every field.
  8. Scorpio: Blood-red, pink or yellow Rakhi will help in warding off problems from your brother’s life.
  9. Sagittarius: Red, yellow or pink Rakhi will help in strengthening your bond with your brother. 
  10. Capricorn: Blue, white and other bright colored Rakhi will help in waving off negativity from your brother and make him shrewd.
  11. Aquarius: Tieng white or blue Rakhi will make your brother more patient and benevolent. 
  12. Pisces: Yellow and pink colored Rakhi will increase his creativity.

Muhurat For Rakshabandhan:

                   Auspicious time
1:50 PM to 9:03 PM
Inauspicious Time or Bhadrakal Period
10:50 AM to 1:50 PM

Why Rakhi Is Tied Only On Wrists?

Do you know Rakhi can help in saving your brother from diseases? It might not be uncommon to say how just a piece of thread tied on wrist can help in curbing illnesses. Take a look and know how.
Rakhi is tied on wrists due to the following three reasons

  1. Spiritual Cause
  2. Ayurvedic Cause and
  3. Psychological cause

  • Spiritual Cause: Tieing Rakhi on your brother’s wrist will help him in gaining blessings from the holy Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga. Brahma is known for gracing with fame, Vishnu for security and Mahesh for destroying all the negativities of a person. Laxmi will bless your brother with prosperity and wealth, Saraswati with intellect & Durga with power.
  • Ayurvedic Cause: According to Ayurveda, many of the significant veins in human body passes from the wrist and are also controlled by it. This will help your brother in getting relieved from Tridoshas, i.e.Vatt, Pitt and Kaph. It will also protect you from diseases like paralysis, diabetes and blood pressure.
  • Psychological Causes: Tieing Rakhi helps in averting phobias and fears. It also provides mental strength. It is responsible for maintaining peace and sanctity in oneself. 

How The Tradition Of Rakhi Started?

In Hindu tradition, Molly is tied before starting any auspicious work. It is also known as Kalawa, Raksha Sutra or Manibandh in different parts of India. It is believed that Brahmans of the earlier time used to tie Raksha Sutra to people, now it is adopted as Raksha Bandhan in the entire country. Till date, Brahmans tie Rakhi to their disciples.

Unity In Diversity While Celebrating Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is a bond of love between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated differently in different parts of the country. On the other hand, girls in Rajasthan tie ‘Lumba Rakhi’ to their sister-in-laws. It is a unique type of Rakhi which has a one sided thread. It is not tied on wrist insted hunged to sister-in-law’s bangle. 

So, this was all for Raksha Bandhan. We hope you have a prosperous festival this weekend!

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