Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mercury Transit Into Virgo Today - Know Your Future

Mercury will transit in Virgo on August 23. Mercury gives positive results here, as it is its own sign. Natives will freely express their thoughts, will talk confidently and will feel rejuvenated. Decision taking ability will improve and they will accomplish tasks before others. Sense of humor will also increase.

 Mercury transit in Virgo will affect bring changes in your life.

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Your peace of mind might decline. It would be good to focus on yourself rather than finding flaws in others. Read more


Mercury might make you think about switching your current job. Beginning of a new love affair is also foreseen for you. Read more


You are going to socialize and impress everyone with your charismatic personality. Friends and seniors will bring profits. Read more


You will spend time in company of your friends. An excellent phase to enjoy fun, joy, and laughter. Read more


Your focus will be on improving your working abilities. Fruitful journeys are on your cards. Get ready to enjoy success. Read more


Mercury will turn you into a chatter box and you will remain busy in conversations. Expenses are likely to rise up. Read more


Don’t hide anything from your friends, as it might trouble later. Thoughts of spending alone time with your sweetheart will strike your mind. Read more


Rather than doing wrong of others, think ways to get close to those who can bring profits to you in future. Don’t let this time go wasted.Read more


You are going to make new friends and that too of opposite gender. You will feel like spending maximum time at home. Read more


Plans of going on distant journeys are possible. Weigh your words before speaking, else serious consequences are possible. Read more


Love life might go through some issues. In this phase, you will meet someone who will prove helpful in future. Read more


You might face lack of sleep in this time period. Spend this time in getting close to your family members. Talk in limit. Read more

By Acharya Raman

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