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Weekly Horoscope (July 27 - August 2)

Take a peek into the upcoming time with us. We present you the exclusive predictions of weekly horoscope and weekly love horoscope written by our expert astrologers. Read them and take a step forward toward success.

Know the future of your upcoming week with weekly horoscopes.

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(July 27 - August 2) Week At A Glance:

July 27, 2015: Devshayani Ekadashi
July 31, 2015: Guru Purnima
August 1, 2015: Sawan begins (South India)

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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This week, you will get special recognition at workplace and in office. Your work will fetch immense respect. You will get appreciation from people. But, you are advised to avoid ego and arrogance completely this time, otherwise defamation is possible. You are advised to stay cautious from fire and electrical equipments. Don’t drink and drive.

Love Predictions

You might feel uncontented regarding your love life. However, avoid this and act calm. Don’t let disappointment affect you in the beginning of this week. Middle of the week is comparatively better. You will enjoy this phase. Weekend is fabulous.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Be careful from fire or electrical appliances.

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Your courage and might will increase. You will handle every situation with calm and patience. Your influence will increase among others. Seniors will appreciate and colleagues will support you at workplace. You may feel emotional this week. Your emotions will increase toward your life-partner and children. You may plan an outing or trip with them.

Love Predictions

You might feel upset due to lack of unfavorable results. However, you can keep things normal by keeping transparency in your love life. Problems are possible in the beginning of this week. Health of partner might get disturbed. Mid of the week is not favorable. Expect goodness in the weekend.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid being over-emotional, otherwise it will affect your efficiency.

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This week will give you mixed results. Some emotional ups and downs are possible in relationship with sweetheart or life-partner. Your passion is likely to increase for other things like music, dancing etc. You may also feel romantic. You would love to experiment something new in office. You are advised not to trust anyone blindly this time, otherwise losses are possible.

Love Predictions

Venus, lord of fifth house, is not favorable this week; hence, you might feel unsatisfied regarding love life. Being calm will bring better results. Any competitor might try to affect you, but things will improve in the weekend. Any problem or issue might leave you with no time for love and romance.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Think carefully before following others suggestions.

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Your health may create some problems this week. You are advised to visit a doctor if necessary. Take care of eyes and stomach. You may buy some new things this week for changing the decor of home. You may want to change the color of walls. Expenses are possible on vehicle. People may feel jealous from your success and achievements, so stay cautious.

Love Predictions

This week looks good for your love life. But, you might feel upset in the initial days or argument is also possible. Mid of the week is comparatively better. Love life will intensify. Some problems are possible in the weekend. It would be good to act calm and cool.

Fortune Star
: 4.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t waste money on anything.

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Your presence of mind will remain great, people will appreciate your eloquence and personality. Enemies will not be able to stand in front of you. You will make some new friends this week who will stay with your for lifetime. This is a good time for searching a new job. You may also ask your friends for vacancies in their companies. Some work related journeys are possible and you will get the desired results from them.

Love Predictions

Mixed results will come this week. Domestic issues might irritate you in the starting days. Try to resolve all the differences with love and affection. Keep personal and professional life separate. You will support your sweetheart during the weekend. This action of your will shower immense love on you.

Fortune Star
: 3.5/5

Worship Lord Shiva for increasing luck in life.

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This week, your interest will increase in occult and supernatural things. You would love to research and read about these subjects. Some financial benefits are likely to come your way. Either your income will increase or some new sources of income will develop. Your fame and respect will also increase in society. People related to defence, journalism, media and fashion will gain some special benefits. Overall, time is in your favor.

Love Predictions

This week is quite favorable for you. However, you might miss the usual charm of your love life. Use the initial days and plan outing or time together. Middle of the week looks stressful. Your bond will intensify and grow deeper in the weekend; however, don’t let useless issues affect your relation.

Fortune Star:

Remedy/Treatment: Perform charity as much as you can.

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Your personality will impress others. You will perform your work with full dedication and devotion. Minor health problems like headache or stomachache are possible, take care of yourself. Chances of injuries are there, drive carefully. and maintain a safe distance from electrical appliances & fire. Any auspicious event is also possible at home, which will keep you busy.

Love Predictions

Average results are on your cards. Don’t create useless mess in the starting days of the week. Make sure not to fight over financial issues. Betterment will be felt in the mid of the week. A sense of rejuvenation will come during the weekend.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Take care of your daily routine and eating habits.

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Your efficiency will increase at workplace. Seniors will appreciate your performance. You may get a promotion or salary increment. This time is good for your present job and for job change also. Those who are looking for a new job can try this time, it is very likely that they may get the favorable results. You may fall for someone in office, but avoid this attraction if you are married.

Love Predictions

Though this week is blissful for your love life, but transparency is also important. Don’t go over emotional in the initial days. Express yourself in the right way during the mid phase of this week. Weekend will blossom and you will enjoy beautiful moments with your love interest.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Hanuman.

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This week will give you favorable results. You will get success in competition, appreciation at workplace and respect in society. Family members will support you and enjoy your company. You may buy some gifts for your near and dear ones. A prosperous atmosphere will prevail at home. You will also feel happy at workplace, your performance will remain great. Your smile will attract everyone.

Love Predictions

You might discuss spirituality with your partner, this week. Both of you might have to stay away in the beginning of this week, which might upset you. You will be full of emotions in the mid of the week and your partner will appreciate this side of yours. Go out for a movie together in the weekend.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Offer gifts to your servants or juniors.

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Your relations will improve with business partner and life-partner. You will speak sweet and your anger will also reduce. People will love talking to you and will trust you. Recovery is possible, if any chronic illness is there. If you are allergic to something, you may get a problem from that. Avoid going out alone at night.

Love Predictions

This week is not that good for love life; hence, be careful. Beginning of the week is beautiful. Discord is possible during the mid phase of this week. You might have to stay away from your sweetheart. These seven days will keep you extremely emotional. However, happiness will come back in the weekend.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Perform charity as per your abilities.

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Your might and courage will remain high. You will surpass all your enemies. You may experiment with your dressing style or hairstyle. You will do something favorable for the society and this will let you gain appreciation from people. Your personality will improve and confidence will increase. You may make some new friends this time, who will help you in future. Weekend will give you chances of entertainment, either you will go for a movie or short trip.

Love Predictions

Love life looks average this week. However, make sure not to ignore love life due to professional life. The art of managing personal and professional life is what you need to learn this week. Mid if the week is the time when you and your beloved might plan to meet. This phase is going to be extremely romantic. Weekend looks a bit weak.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid ego and arrogance.

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All the things are in your favor this time. You will get the desired results in whatever you do. Your life-partner will support and a prosperous atmosphere will prevail at home. Any auspicious event is also likely to take place. Some guests may visit your place and you will enjoy with them. A not so good thing about this week is your health may trouble you a bit, so take care of your daily routine and eating habits.

Love Predictions

Most part of this week will be favorable you. Sweet & sour moments will be experienced in the initial days. Plan going on pilgrimage with your sweetheart. Hectic work schedule will give less time for love life in the mid of the week. Things will intensify again in the weekend; however, work reasons or any other reason might keep you both away.

Fortune Star: 4.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid eating junk-food.

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Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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