Saturday, July 25, 2015

Venus Retrograde Into Leo - Effect On Your Zodiac Sign

Venus will retrograde in Leo on July 25, 2015. On September 06, 2015, it will turn direct. Venus controls one’s materialistic pleasures, desire of looking good and comforts. Sun, which is lord of Leo, is not friendly with Venus; hence, skin troubles are possible. Other kind of physical troubles are also possible.

Venus retrograde in Leo will affect your life in one or the other way.

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Spending money is not bad, but spending it with eyes closed is defintely a thing to avoid in this phase. Read more


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Spending time in worshiping almighty and going religious will do wonders. Discard ego and selfish attitude. Read more


Ups & downs are normal, be it in personal life or anything. Don’t get disappointed, you can handle all with confidence. Read more


You might turn short tempered, which you should not. Be cool and calm, as these are the tools to win every battle. Read more


Venus might pose a threat for your reputation. You can safeguard it with a peaceful and calm mind. Read more


Financial life looks rocking, but love life will face ups & downs. Plans of marriage need to be delayed. Read more


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Though some troubles might pop up, but your faith in almighty will help in eliminating them all. Read more


Expenses are possible on your vehicle. This is the time to be loving and polite with all. Read more

By Acharya Raman

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