Monday, June 15, 2015

Sun Transit Into Gemini Today - Fortunate Or Unfortunate?

Sun, the King of planets will move into Gemini on June 15, 2015. Read this horoscope article to unveil the impact of this transit on your destiny. Be very careful, if going through Pratyantar Dasha of Sun.

Sun transit in Gemini will change your fate in one or the other way.

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Fame will increase and so will your social net. Energetic feeling will help you in delivering your best at workfront. Read more


Trip to abroad is possible in this time. Some sort of purchases will become the reason behind expenses. Read more

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Workfront will remain smooth. Not much, but yes, you can expect success to some extent in competitive exams. Read more


In this phase, married life will give you maximum satisfaction. Talking about other things, average time is foreseen. Read more


Profits related to wealth will make this period excellent. New bondings will bring betterment in every aspect. Read more


This phase is neither favorable nor unfavorable. Though your colleagues will support, but you might feel unsatisfied. Read more


Work hard and there you will emerge out as a winner. Religious thoughts will swirl around your mind. Read more


Get ready to collect some really serious profits, if you belong to income tax or research. Try to turn punctual. Read more


Finances will remain the way they are. Coming to your married life, you need to act extremely calm to enjoy this phase. Read more


Sincere efforts will bless you with everything you desire. Concentrate on health will let you enjoy life. Read more


Your friends will be your supporters and the source of benefits. Outing to any nearby place is on your cards. Read more


Spend time with family, talk to them, listen to them and grow your bonding with them. Work will remain great. Read more

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