Monday, January 28, 2013

Rajnath Singh - The Story of New BJP President

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra

Rajnath Singh is elected as the president of BJP the second time
Rajnath Singh : The New President of BJP - Life & Planetary Implications

Appointed as the President of BJP, Rajnath Singh is expected to take the party to new level under his guidance. This is his second term as the BJP President. Let us know more about him in this article.

Born in the Scorpio ascendant and Scorpio sign, the birth constellation of Rajnath Singh is Jyeshtha. However, this is a Mool Sangyak Constellation. The Lord of this constellation is Mercury, which is the significator of powerful orator and teacher. This is the reason that Rajnath Singh was a professor before entering into politics. Rajnath Singh got his Post Graduation Degree in Physics from Gorakhpur University and in 1971 he was appointed as a professor in K.B. Degree College. While he was been appointed as a professor, he was influenced by planet Rahu in Venus. Venus, being in the seventh and second house is situated in the third house along with Mercury and Jupiter. The seventh house is the indicator of employment and other planets also contribute to the same. On top of that, seventh house Venus is influenced by tenth house Sun and this also indicates toward job and employment. The period of Venus is of 20 years and hence a question arises that why in this period he was appointed as a professor? The answer is in that duration Rahu was influenced by Venus. Rahu is situated in the fifth house in the zodiac of Jupiter and in the constellation of Mercury. The fifth house also indicates toward education and teaching. Mercury and Jupiter are considered to be the symbol of education and teaching, therefore it was obvious that Rajnath Singh will get in the field of teaching in that period. Mercury is Lord of the eleventh house in his birth chart. Therefore, the sub period of Rahu in the main period of Venus made him receive employment and that too in the field of teaching.

The attachment of Rajnath Singh with RSS, the mother of organization of BJP is known to all. His relations with RSS were so deep that after Advani - Jinna issue, he was the one to be appointed as the President of RSS. Rajnath Singh joined RSS in 1964. At that time, he was influenced by the sub period of Venus. Venus is soft planet and it is posited with Mercury and Jupiter. The place of religion is being aspected by Venus. However, Venus is present along with Sun and therefore it is obvious to join any leading organization. RSS is also sometimes accused of having relations with terrorists and indulging into anti-national activities. However, all these allegations are baseless as if this was true, then Rajnath Singh would have not been influenced by any softplanet, but a planet with demonic and sinful attributes.

At the time of emergency, Rajnath Singh was behind the bars for many months. In 1975 he was made the chairman of Mirzapur district by Jan Sangh. It was the period of Saturn in Venus. Saturn is in the tenth house and the indicator of name and fame, public support and social service. This is the reason that he was chosen as the member of Vidhan Sabha in 1977.

As an Education Minister in Uttar Pradesh, the work of Rajnath Singh is appreciated till date. In 1991 as an education minister he enacted the Anti-Copying law. Vedic mathematics was also included in the syllabus. At that time he was influenced by the period of Jupiter in Moon. Jupiter is the symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Therefore, in that duration he did such appreciable work.

Delivering all his speeches in Hindi, Rajnath Singh was made Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on 20th October, 2000. It was the period of Mars and Saturn. Saturn is in the tenth house, from where the Karma and power are calculated. Therefore, this period made him the Chief Minister of the state. But the conjoining of Mars and Saturn is not considered to be very fruitful. Over that, Mars and Saturn are twelfth each other. This is the reason that the serving period of Rajnath Singh as the Chief Minister was even less than 2 years.

For the first time when he was appointed as the President of BJP in December 2005, Rajnath Singh was under the influence of the period and sub period of Rahu. From October 2007, he was influenced by the sub period of Jupiter that started in the main period of Rahu. The scholars of astrology believe that the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter and the conjunction of the period of Rahu and Jupiter are not good. This was the reason that his enthusiasm and energy was seen to be low and in his Presidentship BJP could not return in power. In this duration he had to resign from his Presidentship. In February 2010, the sub period of Saturn started in the main period of Rahu. Both are inimical planets and posited next to each other. In this period he was not able to do anything new in spite of trying for the same. This brought for him a bunch of positive results. Therefore, this period gave him positive results and also gave him back his lost position in politics and BJP.

Rajnath Singh is known to perform any given task with utmost devotion. BJP is also expecting him to bloom the lotus not only in the hoardings but also in the hearts of common masses. The sub period of Mercury will definitely help him to sail through any difficulty and will also empower BJP under his guidance and leadership. He may also be nominated in the race of Prime Minister due to the sub period of Mercury.


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