Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lal Kitab – Scattered Pearls

By Jagmohan Mahajan
“Everything was going good, but somebody’s evil eye ruined everything!”

Sharma Ji was complaining this to his wife.

His wife answered, “You used to say that if we got some money everything will be fine! Now, you have also invested the money collected by our daughter from her salary. But, again you started yelling at poverty!”

These were the details of the conversations had in a house.

Let’s now move toward another.

Chopra Ji’s daughter got divorced. They got approximately Rs. 75 Lakhs after divorce. He invested the entire amount in business and planned to return the money to his daughter at the time of her marriage or give her back.

He invested the money and goods came from abroad sold out with good profits. (Mr. Chopra has a business of Import & Export!)

But, when the goods came next time, Government (custom) ceased it and after many months he got it back paying hefty penalty. In the mean time, the market price of goods also fell down and even after selling those goods he came in the loss of around Rs. 50 Lakhs, including the penalty amount.

Third time too, something happened like this and he lost a lot. Position of Mr. Chopra also started depleting in the market.

When he went to see an astrologer, they said that he has an amazing Kundali. He had a Gaj Kesari Yoga, that too in ninth house!

Gaj Kesari Yoga, conjunction of Jupiter and Moon in one’s chart matters a lot. And, its result has been considered incredible.

On the contrary, Lal Kitab has its own rules that are as follows:

There is a directive for the ones’ who have Jupiter + Moon (Gaj Kesari) in ninth house –

If you ever consume your daughter’s wealth, Moon and Jupiter will give poisonous results.

Now, the above mentioned natives had the same trouble that they wanted to expand their business and earn using their daughter’s money. Their intentions were not wrong, but the subject that gave them money was their daughter. And, this took them toward depletion giving poisonous results. People who knows about their Kundali and have the conjunction of Jupiter and Moon should keep a distance from their daughter’s money. Keep the daughter’s salary in other account only. Even ask your daughter not to spend her money in home as much as possible. This will help you to take the proper benefit of this conjunction. If the above mentioned situations are being suffered by anyone then there is just one suggestion – return the daughter’s money as soon as possible, so that business can catch its speed again. Astrologers should make their followers aware of this fact in advance, so that they do not suffer from the bad effects of this conjunction.


Richa Dewan said...

Now conjugation and aspects is different?
What if jup is aspecting moon in chart?

Unknown said...

agar jupiter dekhe moon ko to jupiter apna asar daal dega moon pe . aur agar moon dekhe jupiter ko tab moon apna asar jupiter par daale phal us ghar ka milega jo baad mein ho.