Saturday, November 24, 2012

Harishayani Ekadashi - Devothni Ekadashi - Deva Prabodhini Ekadashi

As per Vishnu Puran, on the day of Ashadh Shukla Ekadashi, which is also known as Harishayani Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu goes to sleep for four months in Ksheer-sagar (ocean of milk). After four months, Lord Vishnu wakes up on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. That is why Kartik Ekadashi is being celebrated since ancient times, as it is the time of Deva-uthni, which means the time for the awakening of Gods. This Ekadashi is also known as Tulsi Ekadashi. Tulsi Vivah is also arranged on this day. On this day, Tulsi gets married to Shaligram. It is believed that this type of arrangement fetches blessings of good luck. There is a belief that performing marriage ceremony of Tulsi Vivah fetches the equal boons to the devotee that he gets while doing Kanyadaan (donating daughter by getting her married). This year, this Ekadashi is going to be celebrated on 24th of November 2012.

As per an ancient legend, Lord Vishnu assassinated a powerful demon named Shankhasur after a long battle and then being tired, went to a long sleep of four months. After that when he woke up, the day got name as Devothni Ekadashi and since then it is being celebrated. On this day, Lord Vishnu should be worshipped along with his better halves with proper rituals. There is a special significance for keeping fast on this day. As per Agni Puran, this fast can bless the believer intelligence, peace and child. Vishnu Puran states that by any means or for any reason, if people worship Lord Vishnu on this day, they get free from the life cycle. Whereas, Sanat Kumar has written that the person who does not keep Ekadashi fast or recite the Stuti, becomes the part of hell. According to Maharishi Katyayan, person who desires child, prosperity, luxury and salvation should recite Vishnu Stuti as well as Tulsi Mahima, worship Shaligram and keep fast on this day.

As per Bhagwat Puran, during the nap period of Lord Vishnu, all auspicious ceremonies are banned. As per Hindu Shastras, Shri-hari Vishnu is in sleep during this time, whereas Earth goes through the menstrual cycle within these days. As per spiritual and religious beliefs, no woman can become the part of any auspicious occasion during this time. Earth is amongst the five wives of Lord Vishnu. In all auspicious occasions, Lord Vishnu is welcomed along with his wives. During this four month period, Earth goes through the raining period and water content rises. Therefore, no auspicious occasion is planned during these days. But after Devothni (Deva-uthni) Ekadashi, time for all auspicious ceremonies like marriage begins. This year, there are only 20 Muhurats of marriage in the time period of 24th November 2012 to 6th February 2012 that are too less. It is because there is a Dosha of Madhya Paush Dhanu Sankranti from 15th December 2012 to 31st January 2013, whereas after 11th February 2013 old age time of Venus will begin. On the other hand, from 14th February 2013 to 22nd April 2013, Venus will be debilitated. That is why marriage Muhurats (auspicious times) are not much this year.

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